How Many Technical Fouls Before A Suspension In NBA?

how many technical fouls before suspension in nba

Key Takeaway: Technical fouls in basketball can result from various unsportsmanlike behaviors, such as excessive timeouts, delaying the game, or fighting. Players should be mindful of their actions to avoid accumulating technical fouls that could lead to fines, suspensions, or ejection from games.

We’ve seen players heated up amid the game, some of the players get angry at basketball referees for some reasons like wrong foul call, no foul call, if they don’t get an and-one, etc. Because of anger some players can’t control their emotions that resulted in shouting or saying swear words with the refs, these actions may result in technical fouls. 

Not only players can commit a technical foul, but even coaches can also commit a technical foul. Some technical fouls can result in an ejection from the ball game, suspension, and the worse is getting fined. But have you ever wondered how many technical fouls should a player commit before they get suspended? This whole article will answer that question, and to give you more information we will get deeper about technical fouls. Let’s do it!

What Is A Technical Foul?

A technical foul is a penalty given to a certain player for unsportsmanlike conduct or for committing a violation, players on-court and on the bench can receive a technical foul, even coaches can commit a technical foul. Basketball players and coaches are responsible for every action they do, doing anything that is against the league’s rule may result in penalization. 

Different Types Of Technical Fouls

1. Excessive Timeouts

When a team doesn’t have any timeouts left and they call a timeout is a violation of the rules. This thing happens when the coaches are too careless. Coaches should always take note of how many timeouts they have left or else they will commit technical fouls for their carelessness. 

2. Delay Of The Game

A delay of the game may occur if a player interferes with the ball after a successful field goal or free throw. Before a coach or player receives a technical foul because of a delay of game, they are given a warning first. If they commit the delay of the game violation again after a warning this call will result in a technical foul.

3. Number Of Players/Substitution

The normal number of players allowed in a court is only five players per team, having too many players on the court when the ball is inbounded by the opposing team may result in a technical foul. Every player is required to sub properly, they should check-in at the scorer’s table located on the sideline. Players are liable for a technical foul if they do not check-in properly.

4. Hanging On The Rim

After a dunk attempt, players are not allowed to hang on the rim or pull themselves up on the rim. Hanging of the rim may result in a technical foul unless they are doing so to avoid injury or to avoid other players getting injured.

5. Conduct

Players and coaches who curse, insults, and shout the referees can pick up a technical foul. The NBA does not condone misconduct attitudes, players, and coaches that have been misconduct may receive a fine or suspension.

6. Fighting

Fighting may occur when a player did not like the hard foul given to him by the opposing player, some players get into a fight for many reasons. The penalty for fighting is a fine of $25,000 and an ejection from the game. The greatest NBA fight occurred last 2004, it was the Pacers vs. Pistons. Ron Artest and Ben Wallace got a suspension and sixty hours of community service as their fine. 

Technical Fouls Penalty In Other Leagues

College Basketball

Back in the day in NCAA when a team commits any technical foul, the opposing team will be granted a two free throw. It changed when the 2015-2016 season started, they classified two technical fouls as “Class B” and “Class A”. Committing a Class B technical, such as hanging on the rim or delay of game will result in one free throw. Class A technical fouls still result in two free throws.


WNBA and NBA have the same regulations in terms of technical fouls.


In high school basketball, the penalty for all technical fouls is the same with the NBA – two free-throw attempts and followed by the possession of the ball.

How Many Technical Fouls Before A Suspension

Some mild technical fouls like hanging on the rim, delaying the game, and having excessive players on the court are considered non-unsportsmanlike and the penalty for these fouls is just mild. On the other hand, insulting an official, taunting, and physical abusing are unsportsmanlike technical fouls, committing such fouls may result in a suspension

Committing one technical foul does not automatically put a player on a suspension. Before getting suspended, a player receives a warning after committing ten technical fouls. A player with 16 unsportsmanlike technical fouls in regular games is suspended from playing one game. If a player commits his 17th technical foul will be fined $5000, and if a player commits another 2 technical fouls after being suspended will get his second suspension

In the playoffs, the penalty of commiting a technical foul is different. Players get a warning if they commit five technical fouls and get suspended after their 7th technical foul. Take note that ejection is different from suspension, a player can be ejected after he commits one or two unsportsmanlike fouls. 

How Much Is The Fine For A Technical Foul In NBA

Did you know that every player who commits a technical foul may result in a fine? A player who commits first and second technical fouls receives a $1000 fine each. Committing five and six technical fouls will increase the fine to $2000 and the player will receive a warning letter. The more technical fouls a player commits, the worse their penalty will be.

Final Verdict

Every player should be disciplined in and out of the court, players should control their emotions to avoid unwanted actions that can result in technical fouls. Some fouls committed because of carelessness should be avoided, unsportsmanlike fouls like fighting should also be avoided. Keep your focus on the game and make sure to be civilized when you enter the court. 

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