How To Improve Basketball IQ?

How To Improve Basketball IQ

Key takeaway: Developing a high basketball IQ is essential for success on the court, as it allows players to anticipate plays, react strategically, and be in the right place at the right time. To improve basketball IQ, focus on attentiveness, understanding game conditions, gaining experience, and utilizing valuable resources for continuous learning.

Do you wish to become an ideal basketball player? Then you probably might be thinking to acquire traits such as precise shooting, powerful ball handling, great rebounding and many more. It is not only about how high you are able to jump or how pleasant your jump shot actually is.

Although such attributes will be helping and making you highly precious to your coach as well as teammates. But having a high basketball IQ is the most vital trait to become a successful player.

Moreover there are many NBA players who will not be highly talented when it comes to skills and natural size. However, can easily compensate for it with a remarkable unreasonable IQ.

Some famous players such as Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan are still able to dominate, even when they are actually running against time. Also, Steve Nash knows the correct play that he should make whenever the time asks for it.

So all these players prove that a basketball IQ is identically important as other parts of a basketball game.

How To Improve Basketball IQ: What is basketball IQ?

How To Improve Basketball IQ

The ability to pick up little cues while playing will let players anticipate what is going to take place next with a greater probability is known as basketball IQ. It needs profound game knowledge and a keen eye for each detail.

For instance, if a player can slide across the key consistently just in time for plating his feet as well as draw or maybe charge, or a player who consistently is in position for grabbing offensive rebounds.

Both the players are actually studying the game, selecting the small cues such as analyzing the opponent’s eyes, the arc of a shot, and so on. Then they are instinctively and instantly reacting to whatever they are seeing.

Basically the general idea is that the best basketball players worldwide who have a high IQ will be able to have an idea of what will occur on the court before anyone else does. So they will not react to what will happen immediately. Rather they will react to what will happen sometime later in 4-5 seconds. 

It is almost like chess, where a player is thinking four, five moves ahead. This is the reason why basketball players with high IQs are always in the perfect place at the perfect time.

While most basketball players realize that it is important to have a high basketball IQ, they never spend the required time or energy to boost it for their game.  Here are some tips on how to improve basketball IQ. These will help you to become a perfect player who is always aware of his best move to assist his team.

How To Improve Basketball IQ: Tips and Tricks

How To Improve Basketball IQ

1. Stay more attentive

If you wish to know how to improve basketball IQ, then you need to engage a lot of attention on the small details that happen on the court. An average fan will only consider the fame to be 5 guys from two teams running to and fro in an attempt to place the ball in the opponent’s basket.

But any knowledgeable basketball player knows that the game is moreover similar to a chess match. Every move, each player, and all elements that come into a single possession are an opportunity of taking your opponent’s advantage.

You can develop a high basketball IQ by becoming attentive in the following ways:

  • Become familiar with the game.
  • Pay attention to each and every detail in the training as well as practice.
  • Work on all basketball basics.
  • Love the sport.
  • Aim to learn as much as you can.

When learning something that you love is actually a passion, it will certainly seem to be less likely as work and mostly like pleasure. Always enjoy your game. Then only you will be able to pay great attention to everything that will make you practice and game perfect.

2. Have knowledge of game conditions

Consider a situation. Your opponent is ahead by two, your team is in the penalty, and one-minutes is left.

While you are on the court, you will definitely come across such game situations. But the difference that will be setting you apart from those cheering for you on the bench is your ability to be aware of what you must do in such a situation.

For improving your game situation understanding, study what the greatest player does. Grasp when it is time for passing or when taking the ball to the basket. Realize if you are having a bad day, passing the responsibility to your teammate will be helping all of you. The more you become aware of the game situations, the more your coach will be trusting you on the court when it actually matters.

3. Become experienced

Regardless of the number of online videos or live games you watch, it is crucial to acquire the in-game knowledge. The best way to do so is by not only watching it happen but getting on the court and get involved in all those situations.

So go out there and start to practice. Start playing pickup games, do anything you need to do for learning in-game situations and ways of dealing with them. All these chances will be allowing you to practice as well as learn from all every mistake of yours so that you never make them when they will actually count much more.

4. Get hold of wonderful resources

You will find it challenging to collect information on basketball. The information available online is excellent. So try to take its advantage. You can follow many top trainers, coaches as well as analysts on various social media platforms. Start with these three Twitter accounts such as:

  • @BballCoachMac– Junior basketball coach committed to boosting basketball IQ as well as skills of young players along with individuals who actually coach them.
  • @bballbreakdown– The account breaks down basics or shortfalls by making use of different clips from NBA games.
  • @PureSweat– Coach of strategic skills for many first-class NBA players.

 So follow these experts and spend time on social media.  You will gradually be able to increase your basketball IQ.

How To Improve Basketball IQ: Final Words

Stay attentive inside and outside the court. Try to focus on small details while you practice and play the game. Enhance your basics. Once you are able to trust your game as well as your skills are good enough. You can make decisions fast.

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