What Is An “And One” In Basketball?

and one basketball

If you watch a basketball game, you will hear the phrase “and one” very often, but most fans are still unaware of the literal meaning of this phrase. The “and one” is useful for a team on various occasions, and through and one a team can easily get a boost in terms of points when they lack few points and need an increase in the score to win. The and one includes various plays like a dunk, three-pointer, and four-pointer through which teams can get benefit from the points given through and one.

But the question that hits the minds of everybody is that what is and one? How can teams get extra points through this? Who is the best player of this rule? But do not worry because this article is going to answer all your questions.

And One Definition

The and one phrase is mostly used when a player is fouled during a shot in basketball. The shot is either a jump shot where a player moves farther away from the basket or right at the basket in a dunk or layup. If the referee calls a foul on a defender while the player is making the basket, the basket will count, and a single free throw by the player will results in “and one”.

During the basketball game, you will frequently hear players shouting “and one” while making a shot and get the feeling of doing. This method is the player’s less subtle way of rebuking the basketball referee for missing the call. Shooters sometimes shout “and one” even before knowing if the shot goes in. Irrespective of whether the ref calls a foul, making the basket is essential for and one to occur.

What Is 3-Point Play In Basketball

A three-point play in basketball means to score a field goal of two points, getting a foul while shooting, and through a following free throw, scoring one more point. The teams would have a field goal before the 1960s when the three-point was introduced for professional basketball. Afterward, during the 1980s, three-point was also introduced for basketball at the college level.

On a single possession, three-point is the only way of scoring three points in basketball. Three-point play is sometimes is an old-fashioned to differentiate it from the three-point shot. It is a extra free throw, when a player gets the basket of two-point.

What Is 4-Point Play In Basketball

A four-point play in basketball is an exceptional situation that incurs after an offensive player makes a field goal of three points after a shoot while being fouled by the defensive player simultaneously. This results in a shooting foul and a one attempt of free throw or a field goal of two-point is deliberately fouled on the shot. As a result, the player can get two free throws. In such a case, if the player makes successful free throws, they will score four points on a single possession.

The American Basketball League first introduced the four-point play. Afterward, the American Basketball Association adopted it during its initial season. National Basketball Association (NBA) introduced this rule in 1979, 1984 by FIBA, 1986, and 1987 by NCAA for men and women simultaneously, 1987 by middle and high schools and 1997 by the WNBA.

Most 4-Point Plays In NBA History

In October 1979, the first-ever four-point play was completed by the Chicago Bulls’ player against the Milwaukee Bucks in the history of NBA. On 26 January 1988, Dale Ellis, the first player, completed two four-point plays in a single (same) game in the history of NBA and gave its team victory against Sacramento Kings. While in just eleven seconds, James Jones completed two four-point plays on 29 April 2009.

Jamal Crawford, the former NBA spokesperson, is the king of four-point play. He is the career leader of the league. He had 55 four points in the regular season, excluding post-season play, and if we include post-season play, his score becomes 60.

However, the list of players with the most NBA 4-point play is as follow:

  • Jamal Crawford: 55 (60 including post-season)
  • James Harden: 36
  • J.J. Reddick: 25
  • Reggie Miller: 23
  • Steph Curry: 17
  • Kobe Bryant: 17
  • Kevin Durant: 14
  • Dirk Nowitzki: 14

Greatest 4-Point Play In NBA History

The four-point now occurs frequently in the history of the NBA games. More and more players now shoot threes, and similarly, the number of 4-points has also increased. It occurs because the chances of getting a foul act increases when the teams attempt to play more three-point.

The greatest 4-point play in the history of the NBA was played in 1999 in the playoff game, which was between the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks. This game was played at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks were three points down three when one of the players, Johnson, got a three-pointer foul. Even though Jamal Crawford is the record holder of 4-point play (unofficially), the record holder of the best and the greatest MSG’s 4-point play is Larry Johnson’s.


To conclude, the “and one” is one of the most important rules in basketball, and it always cheers the fans. The crowd in the basketball court shouting “and one” always adds extra spice and excitement to the game and makes the game even more enjoyable.

The and one is not only exciting for the fans, it is also of great enthusiasm for the players and overall the team as well. It adds more to the overall team energy and performance in the game. Especially when a team gets the extra points through “and one” (three-point play or four-point play), it increases the team’s confidence and ultimately encourages players to attempt and get more points through and one.

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