Why Do Basketball Players Tape Their Ankles?

Key Takeaway: To excel in basketball, players must go beyond just physical practice by becoming students of the game, improving their mental skills, and taking preventive measures like ankle taping to avoid injuries that commonly occur due to the high-intensity maneuvers in the sport.

A great basketball player needs more than just showing up to practice and putting in the necessary work to become a great player. Additional requirements include becoming a student of the game and learning how to do tasks in the most effective manner possible.

Learning the game and improving your mental game will provide you a competitive advantage and improve your game; it will also enable you to win more games. While participating in sports, it is crucial to remember to take precautions to avoid injury. In the Basketball game, there is a high chance to get injured during the game, because when players play Basketball, they run fast from one point to the main goal point, and during this running, the chances of falling or getting an injury in the ankle are very common.

That is why many basketball players commonly use ankle braces and wrist tape to help them avoid injury over the entire game.

Do professional basketball players tape their ankles?

The answer to the above question is Yes! During the basketball game, players routinely conduct high-intensity maneuvers. Basketball players may change their direction rapidly and multiple times during the game, which may put their ankles in potentially dangerous circumstances, increasing the chances of an injury.

It has been discovered that the ankle joint is involved in 15.9% of all injuries in basketball players, with tissue sprains responsible for more than 80 percent of these injuries. The ankles of those basketball players who want to avoid similar injuries are routinely taped together in order to preserve and support the joint. Due to these reasons, basketball players tape their ankles.

Using ankle tape to provide extra support and replacing shoes after a couple of months of consistent use are two important ways for basketball players to protect themselves against ankle problems.

How do NBA players tape their ankles?

First, make sure that you have everything you need. To tape your ankle correctly, you need all the pieces of equipment because you may get an injury in your ankle without them. The things you need to gather are; Tape Adherent, Heel and Lace Pads, Athletic tape, and Pre-wrap. Then put the foot in the upright position at a 90-degree angle throughout the taping process. Then spray the adhesive spray on foot.

Applying adhesive spray will ensure that your tapping will remain in the same position. Then, at the very top of the pre-wrap, add one to three anchor strips to hold it all together. Each subsequent strip should overlap in the center of the previous one. Wrap one around the foot’s arch, where the portion of the pre-bottom wrap concludes.

Work your way out to the outside of the ankle, starting with three semi-overlapping stirrups on the inside of your ankle and working your way out. In the shape of a U, these stirrups will be utilized. Start taping at the top of the foot, then goes down the heel, under the foot, and then resurfaces on the opposite side.

It comes to a close on the opposite side of the foot from where it started. These link one side of the foot to the opposite side of the foot, looping around the Achilles tendon on the way back to the ankle. The use of horseshoe tape to secure the stirrups adds additional stability. In addition, they provide support for the ankle joint and foot.

Using the tape, create two figure-eight designs in each direction and apply them to the wall. You can begin by tapping from a place on top of your foot that links to your ankle. Make sure to apply a thick layer of tape to the back of the foot as well as up and around the ankle. You should be able to stop the tape just where you started. Wrapped around the heel, and then taped on the other side of the foot from where they were originally attached.

These are meant to totally conceal the pre-wrapping material on the surface. This is useful for keeping numerous pieces of tape together simultaneously. As an extra benefit, it provides additional stability and helps to complete the wrap.

Do NBA players tape both ankles every game?

The Basketball players tape their ankles so that they can not meet with an injury during the basketball game. The answer to the above question is that nowadays, many basketball players do not tape both of their ankles. This ignorance can lead them to serious injury. On the other hand, many basketball players tape both ankles in every game so that they can play their game smoothly without any injury.

Benefits of taping ankles while playing basketball

To avoid sprains and injury in the ankle during Basketball, a significant number of players tape their ankles to promote joint stability and, as a result, improve dynamic balance and, as a result, functional performance. Basketball players’ usage of tapping appears to be an effective technique for improving their state of balance and physical performance, which looks to be beneficial for all basketball players.

Should basketball players tape their ankles?

According to the findings of the study, the ankle tape has been proven to be a good treatment option for healthy basketball players since it restricts joint motion without compromising quickness or activity of the ankle-stabilizing muscles. To avoid any injury during the game, all basketball players should tape their ankles.


After finding out the importance of athletic tape, every basketball player should tape their ankles carefully. If they do not know how to tape their ankles, then they should consult a professional. If you want to become a great player of Basketball, then you need to improve your skills, and this thing will become possible if you take precautions too.

To enjoy your game fully, always tape your ankles before playing a Basketball game. If you ever get hurt during the basketball game, then consult your doctor without wasting any time.

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