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How To Clean Your Basketball Shoes

One of the most pivotal gears for any basketball athlete is the basketball shoes as these foot accessories facilitate the player’s performance in the basketball court. So, these shoes must be very comfortable for any player.  Thus, any basketball player must take enough care while choosing the shoes and maintaining them. It must always be considered great …

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dnp basketball

What Does “DNP” Stand For In Basketball

Peering into the strategic nuances of basketball, the term “DNP” often sparks curiosity about its implications on the court and behind the scenes. Introduction to DNP: Understanding the Basics In the realm of professional basketball, the abbreviation ‘DNP’ stands for Did Not Play. It’s a term that surfaces in box scores and player statistics, indicating …

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how to palm a basketball

How To Palm A Basketball?

While watching a professional basketball match, you’ll notice players grasping a basketball with only one hand. Mostly in an attempt to outplay someone, stage a pass, or slam a deadly dunk on the rival’s net. This ability is known as ‘palming a basketball’. NBA participants frequently use this strategy to gain further command over the ball. But is palming a basketball as easy …

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