5 Reasons Why Basketball Players Wear Tights

why basketball players wear tights

Key Takeaway: NBA players wear compression tights during basketball games to improve blood flow, reduce the risk of injuries, absorb sweat, provide warmth in cold conditions, and for fashion purposes. These benefits enhance performance and overall comfort on the court.

Jersey and basketball shoes are the two most important things to wear during a basketball game, but there are tons of other pieces of gear many players like to wear. Every player likes to wear headbands, shooting sleeves, cool basketball socks, and even ankle braces. You can combine any gears you can wear in every game. 

You will see in every NBA game that some players wear tights under their shorts and you’re wondering why? Do they think they look cool wearing this gear? Do they have some physical health problems? What are the reasons why NBA players wear tights? Today we are going to break down each reason why NBA players wear tights.

1. They Can Increase Blood Flow And Circulation

The University of Regensburg in Germany concluded one study that there were major increases in blood flow to the arteries when using compression tights during sporting activities.

This study proves that the huge benefits of wearing tights during a basketball game are it helps your blood circulation flow. Having good blood flow is incredibly important for athletes because increasing blood flow can get more oxygen to the muscles. If you want your muscles to perform well then you need a sufficient amount of oxygen, so the more oxygen your muscles have the better you’ll likely perform.

Having a good blood circulation also helps your cells to grow much healthier and it improves your internal organs from functioning. Muscles also get cold after sitting on the bench for a long period, and tights can keep your muscles engaged and ensure you are always ready for action. It will help the effect of stretching last longer as well.

2. Reduce The Chance Of Getting Injured 

Wearing compression tights will help you to reduce the chance of getting injured. From the word “tight”, compression tight is made tight to keep your muscles exactly where they should be. It will help you to avoid sprains, strains, and other muscle injuries. 

Compression tights can also protect you from some impact injuries. It also provides protts have padding that can protect your hips, knees, and other sensitive body parts that are proneection for your skin that can save you from a lot of painful burns and rubs. Some compression tigh to injury, it is also a lifesaver during hard falls.

Injuries can still occur even if you are wearing compression tights, but wearing one can help you to reduce the chances of suffering from any injuries.

3. Absorb Sweat

When you play basketball you will surely have sweat all over your body. Even if you are just practicing shooting alone, you are going to sweat a little bit. It is also a bit annoying when you have sweat, it is also hard to wipe your sweat while playing. 

Compression tights absorb the sweats on your legs, it can reduce the bad smell caused by your sweat. Every compression tights are made out of breathable material so that every player will feel comfortable if they wear one. 

4. It Gives Warmth

If you are not from a country that has snow then maybe you don’t know why compression tights are essential for players that are living from a country that snows. Compression tights can keep your legs warm and it is also a reason why wearing tights can give you better blood flow. 

Players that play in cold countries will usually use compression tights because it gives warmth to your legs and having a warm temperature on your legs can reduce your chances of getting cramps. 

5. Fashion

Not every player wears compression tights solely for the health benefits. Some players wear them simply because they look good. NBA players wear compression tights because they look cool and every basketball player wants to look cool on the court. 

There are good compression tights that you can wear that can help you to match or even contrast your uniform colors. Looking good inside the court can give you confidence, and confidence is important during sports because being confident can help you play better.


Whatever the reason why basketball players wear compression tights, there is no doubt that compression tights can help a player to perform better. Hopefully, you now understand why basketball players wear tights and the benefits of wearing compression tights. Consider this gear to your list because I guarantee you that this gear will surely benefit you.

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