Goalrilla vs Spalding Basketball Hoop: Which One Is Better?

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Key takeaway: When it comes to choosing between Goalrilla vs Spalding basketball hoops, Goalrilla stands out for its top-quality construction, including thick poles, a durable rim, and tempered glass backboard. While Spalding offers versatility in design and budget-friendly options, Goalrilla excels in overall quality and durability.

Basketball is a game with a large number of followers. Both kids and adults, find playing the game physically and mentally rewarding.

However to enjoy the game you’ve got to choose the right quality equipment offered by outstanding brands. And that brings us to the comparison between Goalrilla vs Spalding basketball hoops.

Therefore we wish to let you know the brand that matches your preference. Here is the core information you need to know about the two reputable basketball hoop brands.

Goalrilla Basketball Hoop

Here are the core features that describe the brand:

Tempered Glass Board

The Goalrilla type of basketball hoop employs the tempered glass backboard reinforced with a steel frame. And owing to that combination, it provides an outstanding rebound of the ball.

Besides the superior rebound effect, the hoop also gives a longer life compared to polycarbonate or acrylic backboards. So when you use it outdoors, the steel frame and tempered glass promise a longer life.

The Golarilla Ft series basketball hoops is a good example to consider.

Durable One-Piece Steel Pole

It also features a durable one-piece pole that’s an inch thicker than the Spalding type. Furthermore, the sturdy steel pole has a powder coating finish.

For that reason, it’s rustproof and can last a long time in harsh outdoor weather. The pole thus boosts the strength of the hoop significantly.

Sturdy and High-Quality Rim

The Goalrilla type of hoop boasts a sturdy and high-quality rim. And owing to its strength, the rim can withstand a high weight capacity and dunking of players without bending or breaking. That gives you a glimpse of its quality.

Add-On Attachments

The actual Goalrilla hoop usually comes with vital attachments such as the easy to attach hoop lights and rebound netting. Such accessories make it trouble-free to play a basketball game in a low lit environment or in a small yard.

Easy Installation

Right from the package, the hoop comes in easy assemble parts. For instance, the single-pole piece contributes to a trouble-free assembly process. You don’t need any special expertise to put it together.

Adjustable Height

One of its admirable features is the height adjustability. The hoop makes use of a heavy-duty actuator that’s easy to adjust by even a 6-year-old kid in seconds.

Interestingly the adjustable actuator has a removable handle that you can easily detach once you have attained your desired height level.

That means it’s a basketball hoop that can grow along with your kid. The adaptable height ranges from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. So kids and adults can use the hoop happily despite the diversity of their heights.

In-Ground Anchor System

By tapping on the in-ground anchor system, the Goalrilla basketball hoop gives more stability. And to crown its firmness you can cure it with concrete material.

But though it features an in-ground anchor, you can unbolt and relocate the hoop to another location. The feature comes in handy when moving to a new home. However, you will have to purchase an anchoring kit to finish the installation process.

The in-ground system also ensures that it occupies minimal space and thus cutting down chances of becoming a tripping hazard like the molded bases.

High Price

The hoop employs high-quality materials and so attracts a high price tag. That makes the chief drawback of the Goalrilla basketball hoop.

Spalding Basketball Hoop

Versatile Hoops

One feature that sets apart Spalding from the Goalrilla basketball hoop is its versatility. The brand features hoops of varying designs. Thus it stocks both in-ground and portable hoop types.

For those with spacious backyards, the built-in hoop type is ideal but where space is limited, the portable hoop design comes in handy.

Different Backboard Materials

The Spalding brand presents hoops with various backboard materials. The range of materials includes acrylic, glass, and polycarbonate.

For that reason, players with diverse interests are more likely to find satisfaction in the brand.

For example, Spalding U turn basketball hoop’s acrylic backboard and its accompanying support system allow you to play the outdoor sport all year round.

Sturdy Mounting Bracket

It uses a sturdy mounting bracket system around the rim. The rim is sturdy to the extent that it can take on shots for several years.

Nevertheless, it isn’t as sturdy as the mounting bracket you’ll find in the Goalrilla type. Thus it can’t take on heavyweights and dunking.

 4 x 4-Inch Poles

Unlike the Goalrilla which uses a minimum of 5 x 5-inch size poles, the Spalding poles are of 4 x 4-inch size. Despite the reduced thickness, they have a powder coating finish to boost their lifespan.

Wide Price Variations

Unlike the Goalrilla which attracts a high price tag, the Spalding basketball hoops come in wide price ranges. That means it accommodates even those under a tight budget.

Adjustable Height

The brand offers basketball hoops with adjustable height; just like other famous brands from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. But it goes the extra mile to provide numerous height adjustments.

For instance, some Spalding hoops provide as many as 6-inch height increments that result in 5 different height options.

That makes it more convenient than Goalrilla which provides mostly three height options. But regarding ease of installation, Spalding is slightly demanding.

So Which One Should You Choose Between Goalrilla vs. Spalding Hoop?

In the comparison between Goalrilla vs Spalding basketball hoops, one thing stands out; all are major brands.

However, when considering overall quality and durability, Goalrilla wins hands down. That’s because it stocks thick poles (at least 5 inches), a rim that allows players to dunk, easy installation, and tempered glass backboard.

On the other hand, Spalding also has commendable quality, even though it can’t match Goalrilla type. But when you need the basketball brand with versatility (in design and adaptable heights), Spalding wins.

If you need the utmost quality, go for Goalrilla basketball. Though it has a high price tag, its quality is commendable. But if you want the budget option basketball hoop Spalding won’t let you down.


Goalrilla and Spalding basketball hoops have clear cut differences in features. If your budget allows, go for the Goalrilla basketball hoop. Its top quality and durability is matchless.

But if you aren’t a regular basketball player and needs just the standard quality hoop, Spalding fits the bill. Besides it’s also the better option for those under tight budget.

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