Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball? [Read Before Rushing To Buy One]

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Key Takeaway: While basketball shoes can be worn for volleyball due to their similar features and support for dynamic movements, it is crucial to consider the differences in cushioning and weight that may increase the risk of stress-based injuries. Optimal performance and safety are best achieved by wearing volleyball-specific shoes as you advance in the sport.

Do you have spare basketball shoes that you want to wear for volleyball? Do you want to save the bucks needed for purchasing new shoes for volleyball? If so, you are at the right place.

You might have seen many basketball players wearing volleyball shoes. But many volleyball players don’t wear basketball shoes. It might be confusing whether basketball shoes work for volleyball or not.

So, can you wear basketball shoes for volleyball? Yes, you can wear basketball shoes for volleyball since both shoe types share similar features and are allowed to use in volleyball tournaments. Basketball shoes also support jumping, quick directional changes, grip, and cushioning required in volleyball.

Read the post and clear all confusion about wearing basketball shoes for volleyball.

Can You Play Volleyball With Basketball Shoes?

Yes, you can play volleyball with basketball shoes because both sports share many dynamic movements. If you are a newbie and are trying to understand volleyball, you can play with one pair and don’t need to buy a specific pair.

However, you should buy volleyball-specific shoes as you progress in the sport. If you want to enjoy the game and avoid injury, select the right shoes for the specific sport.

What Are the Similarities of Basketball and Volleyball Shoes?

Both basketball and volleyball shoes support basic fundamental dynamic movements. Both shoes are comfortable and allow great traction to help you move in quick directions changes.

These sports shoes have the same features that improve your jumping ability. Also, basketball and volleyball shoes are cool and prevent your feet from sweating.

If you perform two to three practices or matches per week, both basketball and volleyball shoes will last one entire season before needing to be replaced. It means both shoes have the same lifespan.

However, if you notice that soles are losing grip, clean the floor and the sole to prevent debris and dust build-up.

Basketball and volleyball shoes are made to be worn only on hard court flooring. Therefore, don’t wear them outdoors if you want them to last longer.

Is There a Difference Between Basketball Shoes and Volleyball Shoes?

Though basketball and volleyball shoes share many features, they are still different from each other.

Volleyball involves a lot of jumping, while in basketball, jumping is done only to gain possession of the ball or to score. That’s why volleyball shoes are lightweight with proper cushioning. This design reduces weight while jumping.

On the other hand, basketball shoes are made of heavy material to add stability and extra traction and consist of a wrap-around rubber sole. This rubber sole allows the foot to grip no matter where it turns.

Basketball shoes have a high collar for ankle support than volleyball shoes. It provides more protection. That’s why some volleyball player wears these shoes for better protection. Contrarily, volleyball shoes have a rubber sole in specific areas, such as the ball of the feet and toes.

Basketball shoes lack enough cushioning, increasing the risk of shin splints and jumper’s knees while playing volleyball. Therefore, basketball shoes prevent ankle injuries but increase the risk of stress-based injuries from jumping.

Basketball shoes lack the eyelet, as you’ll see in volleyball shoes needed to anchor laces for a tighter fit.

Before you decide to wear basketball shoes for volleyball, ensure to consider these features;

  • The shoes should have a bounce or max air technology to aid jumping.
  • The shoes should have great traction to help you in lateral movements.
  • The shoes should absorb the impact on landing and must have proper cushioning.
  • Always wear comfortable and cool-to-wear shoes.

What Type Of Shoes Should You Wear For Volleyball?

You might wonder about what kind of shoe is best for volleyball. The sports shoes that provide decent cushioning and help in repetitive jumping, quick directional changes, and landing and taking off positions are ideal for volleyball.

A volleyball shoe is designed especially considering all these features. In addition, volleyball shoes are thin and light-weight, having an eyelet to anchor the laces. It provides a tight grip helpful in lateral movements and quick landing and take-off positions during the play. Wearing basketball shoes for volleyball also depends on your personal preference.

It is not uncommon to see professional volleyball players wearing basketball shoes. Most players feel comfortable with basketball shoes on a volleyball court.


Hopefully, the question “Can you wear basketball shoes for volleyball?” is clear now.  Basketball and volleyball have many similar characteristics. Wearing basketball shoes for volleyball is perfectly fine, and many professional players prefer it for extra protection.

However, basketball shoes are not designed for volleyball. It is crucial to consider the safety points. Volleyball requires frequent jumping but basketball shoes offer less cushioning for jumping. Consequently, you may suffer stress-based injuries. Also, basketball shoes are heavier that add extra weight to the foot while jumping.

At the same time, the pros of wearing basketball shoes for volleyball include decent grip and traction and excellent ankle support. At the end of the day, volleyball shoes will be the right choice to wear on the volleyball court. However, you can pick one that is most comfortable for you.

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