9 Awesome Basketball Shoes for Point Guards

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The point guard holds down the center of the court for their team. They are agile, nimble, and are typically looking for a pass. The point guard is possibly the most specialized role of any position in basketball and requires a certain type of athlete.

When playing point guard, you want a nice tight, lightweight, and bouncy shoe. You are constantly on the move, and you need a shoe that is perfect for being able to stop and move on a dime.

This player needs a special type of shoe and here we are going to recommend some of the best on the market.

Best rated Basketball Shoes for Point Guards

Puma Clyde All-Pro Team Athletic Basketball Shoes

Puma Mens Clyde All-Pro Team White Athletic Basketball Shoes 7 Puma makes some of the best athletic shoes on the market, and with names such as Nike and Adidas out there, they kind of slip under the radar. Puma is constantly looking for a way to make their shoes comfortable, creative, and clean for the environment.

These shoes come with padded insoles that not only make these shoes great for on the court, but everyday wear as well. The main color is white with soft accents of black and white, they are just really easy on the eyes. The sole is rubber as well, allowing for peak on court performance.

Nike Men’s Shoes KD 14 Black White CW3935-001 Nike Men's Shoes KD 14 Black White CW3935-001 (Numeric_8) These shoes are super interesting. Everyone knows that Nike makes some of the basketball shoes on the planet, and also dominate every sport they are active in. Getting its name from Kevin Durante, the KD 14 is perfect for a player to perform.

These shoes work for all players on the court, but work specifically well for point guards on the move. The design is bold as well, with camo top, white sole, black laces, and a white strap with the Nike logo on it. They are pretty well rated on Amazon as well.

These shoes are perfect for the point guard looking for a little pop on their feet. I love the lace strap particularly on this shoe, providing the shoe with ample support when moving at speed.

PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes Lou Williams Streetball Master Breathable Non-Slip Outdoor Sneakers Cushioning Workout Shoes for Fitness

Peak High Top Mens Basketball Shoes Streetball Master Breathable Non Slip Outdoor Sneakers Cushioning Workout Shoes for Fitness If you are looking for a great shoe for outdoor play, look no further than the Peak High Top. These shoes come with an outdoor, upgraded rubber on the sole allows for the greatest wear resistance outdoors.

They also come with a superior support with Peak Sta Stabilization. As the name implies, these are for a true Streetball Master. These shoes come in 13 different colors, but my favorite has to be the bright blue and pink with the black bottom. These shoes come highly recommend on Amazon, with thousands of testimonials to back it up.

Nike PG5 Bred CW3143-002

Nike Mens PG 5 CW3143 002 - Size 8 Another great shoe from the engineers at Nike. These ankle high shoes are perfect for the point guard constantly on the move. The style of them are great as well, with a red and white sole and black main color. These shoes just look so sleek. The PG 4’s were a very complete shoe, but the PG 5 far surpassed all expectations.

These shoes are great for players who prefer a lightweight shoe that is very responsive. They are great for all positions and are lightweight as well. This is the shoe of choice for Paul George, and allows him to cut the lane and put himself in prime position for a pass.

Nike Lebron Witness IV

Nike Lebron Witness IV Black/Black/Iron Grey/Anthracite 7 These shoes look great in all black, but if you want my opinion, you have to get these in the black, purple, and gold. These shoes just look fast, they also come with a rigid heel that allow for support.

The cushioning on these shoes are also next level as well. The padded collar on these as well are great for ankle support. There are also two Zoom Air units underneath the foot that allows you to spring back after sharp movements.

The rubber sole is also specially designed as well, great for shock on the feet when coming off a hard step or jump. These shoes do run small, so keep that in mind while ordering. It says in multiple reviews to keep an out for this. Those who do get the right size say it is one of the best shoes they have ever played in.

Under Amour Men’s Curry 8 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Kid's Curry 8 (GS) Basketball Shoe, White/Black 111, 7 Big Kid With a name like Steph Curry attached to them, you know its going to be a great pair of shoes for basketball. Alright, maybe that is just a marketing thing, but these shoes are clean. These shoes are made with maximum traction in mind and are completely stable.

This comes from the carbon fine shank and knit construction. These shoes offer out of this league protection in support for your feet while playing point guard. These shoes have some of the best ankle support in the market for ankle support, ensuring your jumps and sharp movements aren’t dangerous.

These shoes are great right out of the box and only get better once broken in. There are some consumer reviews saying that the break in phase of these shoes may be a little painful. One reviewer said that he even went 8 for 12 from the arc. Not bad at all Sir.

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe (11 M US, Black/Anthracite/White) Paying homage to one of the greatest players to ever play the game, and an even greater person, Nike really knocked it out of the park with these shoes.

The design of these shoes is sleek, modern, and eye catching. They come in a plethora of colors, but the red and black color variation has to be my favorite. The two-color classic design on shoes is just great, and they really shine here.

They also come in a black variety where only the Nike logo is white. These shoes are a little heavier than some of the other shoes on the market, but the support and cushion are unparalleled to lighter shoes. I have looked at so many shoes for basketball, and this shoe has the best ratings on Amazon I have ever seen. Consumers love the Mamba Mentality that comes from wearing these shoes.

Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball Shoes, Black/Metallic-Cool Grey, 7.5 I know that brands will change their logos to make their shows more appealing, but the variation of this Nike logo is perfection. The black and white shoe is the best color combination for these shoes, as the other are too subtle.

These shoes are the perfect high top with a rubber sole and barely weight two pounds. These shoes are great guards as they provide great ankle support that doesn’t sacrifice quickness or lateral mobility on the court.

These shoes also provide a fantastic second layer of protection for guards who often come down from a jump hard. They are snuggly fitting as well, my favorite. The only bad review is from a design aspect of it, as they have an all-seeing eye on the back, some people don’t like that.

Adidas Men’s Crazy Light Boost 2018 Men’s Basketball Sneakers

adidas Men's Crazylight Boost Low Basketball Shoes, Black/White/Black, (7 M US) Best designed shoe on this list aesthetically, hands down. Adidas always does a great job at designing their shoes, but this one is so clean and modern. These shoes are highly rated for responsiveness, ideal for a point guard.

These shoes are super lightweight as well, just shy of a pound. These shoes come with a ready to go springy rubber sole and don’t kill any of your energy on the return, allowing for added momentum. These shoes also come with a very strong support on the ankle but do tend to run a little large.

You definitely want to give these a good test and tie before you go all out in these. While they have extreme grip and superb padding, They run larger and can still feel heavy on the feet, according to those who have reviewed them. Most reviewers are specific to point out that the spring on these shoes is unmatched by anything their competitors offer.


If you are playing point guard, you want a tight, light shoe. You can always get this from a shoe made by Nike, they can be the Swiss Army Knife of basketball shoes.

The one thing I noticed while compiling this list, some of these shoes to tend to run a little larger. That is a problem when you don’t want to feel like you have boat anchors on your feet.

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