Best Basketball Shoes for Tennis: Our Top 6 Picks

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Basketball shoes can be a viable alternative for tennis, offering mobility and cushion, but may not be specifically designed for tennis movements. Some recommended options with supportive features and durability include the Puma Legacy '68, Nike KD Trey 5 VIII, and PEAK Streetball Master shoes available on Amazon.

Basketball shoes for tennis?

In a world where prices keep going up, you are definitely looking for ways to cut some costs. One good place to start would be in your clothing choices. Me personally, I have way too many t shirts, some people it is hats.

But for many, including my beloved, it is shoes. So, the place I would start is trying to see where you can get some cross functionality out of your shoes. I use my hiking boots for yard work all the time.

Basketball shoes aren’t exactly great alternatives for tennis shoes, as they really are not designed specifically for it. That being said, they do have the same mobility and cushion for it.

Tennis and basketball have sort of the same movement, hard stops and starts. The real difference is in the surface of the playing ground.

Here are some of the best basketball shoes you could cross utilize for tennis:

Basketball Shoes You Can Use For Tennis On Amazon

Puma Men’s Legacy ’68 Basketball Shoe

One of the most popular basketball shoes on Amazon, these shoes are perfect for a good exercise outdoor on either court and they are very affordable. The real kicker for these shoes is their hybrid foam cushion that is very forgiving for rookies of either sport. They also come with ankle webbing and very stable lacing system.

Finally, they also have hybrid form midsole. They currently have a 75% rating, but there are a few low ratings saying they caused knee pain. The majority of users report satisfaction on their comfiness and durability outdoors.

Nike Kd Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoe Men’s Ck2090-002

This is of course another very highly rated basketball shoe currently available on Amazon that would be ideal for cross use on the tennis course, with a very flashy and eye-catching design. Everyone knows that Nike makes one hell of a shoe that’s dependable and this one is no different. It is currently #11 for basketball shoe on Amazon.

Designed with a mixed pattern of knit on the forefoot and a textile heel, and a dual density underfoot. The ankle support is unmatched, and the rubber soul is very comfortable. I would recommended this shoe as it is praised by customers with for how comfortable and therapeutic they are.

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI Basketball Shoe

Another absolute banger by Nike, this shoe is self-described as multifaceted shoe for a versatile player on the court. They are produced with synthetic and leather for extreme durability. They also come with Nike Air bag for superb soul protection. They are also great for quick and sharp movements with dynamic flex grooves and a multi-direction herringbone, as described by Nike.

The high tops on these shoes are praised as being very supportive and comfortable. They also are very durable and last longer than most shoes according to users. Despite the Nike name, they are barely over $100 for a pair. These shoes would be great for using on a tennis court.

PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes Lou Williams Streetball Master Breathable Non-Slip Outdoor Sneakers for Fitness

That title is an absolute mouthful and is the actual name of the shoe which is kind of insane to me. Despite its extremely long name this shoe might be the Swiss Army Knife of outdoor exercise shoe. Designed for basketball, this shoe is perfect for running and tennis as well.

These shoes from PEAK come with a synthetic sole and outdoor upgraded wear resistant bottoms, that way the rain or early morning dew won’t stop you from being able to get your game on.

These shoes also provide superior ankle support, along with soft footwalls. In price and designed these shoes can’t be beat. You will see these things from across the street depending on the pattern you choose.

AND1 Take Off 3.0 Men’s Basketball Shoes, Indoor or Outdoor, Street or Court

This is one of the most budget friendly shoes on our list, just about $60 for a pair. AND1 used to be a fairly large name but has fallen off in recent years. This is still a pretty great set of shoes that are specifically designed for both on and off the court play, and perfect for a tennis court as well for cross use.

These AND1’s are lightweight, breathable, with a loaded rear for ample support. The traction is designed for sharp movements, making them great as a substitute for tennis shoes. Due to its specific design of being on and off court, I could not find or pick out a more budget friendly utilitarian shoe.

Nike Lebron 18 Low Space Jam 2 Wile E. vs Roadrunner Men’s Basketball

These absolute gems are just here as an honorable mention just because they are so out there, I could not resist putting them on the list. They are about as good as any other shoe that Nike makes for basketball, but the shoes don’t actually match.

If not made clear enough from the title, these were released to promote the Space Jam 2 movie with Lebron James. While the shoes are probably great, they are more of a collector piece and felt they were worthy to point out.

Tips For Buying Basketball Shoes For Tennis

When buying a basketball shoe that you may use for tennis you have to keep in mind the arch support and ankle support.

You also have to make sure that the traction can handle a tennis court, a surface that is similar to an outdoor basketball court that is not pavement.

In my opinion you may want to keep an eye on price as they may wear quicker as they are used for non-basketball conditions.

I am also a little bit of a penny pincher as well, and while amazon is great, they are not always the best deal!

These basketball shoes would make a great substitute for tennis shoes or even just tennis shoes that look way better than most tennis shoes!

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