Best Basketball Towels

Basketball Towels
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Key Takeaway: A good basketball towel is crucial to absorb sweat and enhance gameplay by preventing slippery hands, so choose one that is absorbent, lightweight, durable, and made from a soft fabric to ensure optimal performance and comfort on the court.

If you are the “crazy-basketball” fan and have a huge portrait of Michael Jordan dunking in your room and have a separate closet that contains all your “I am a Basketball fanatic” equipment, then this post is for you. You must be an avid player, and you would know how hard the basketball’s practice and game grind you. Today we are going to talk about the best basketball towels

So, you need a decent towel to soak up all that sweat and prepare you for the next game. You would know how deadly slippery, sweaty hands, and arms can be for the ball; it can either make or break your game plan.

Imagine you are just a few feet away from taking the most legendary jumper in history, but that sweat in your eyes is just compromising your vision. Or just as you are dunking the ball, the sweat in your hands eliminates any impact of friction and ball slips right out of your hands like butter. So, you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your gameplay just because you purchased a lousy towel, right?

So, leave all your bathroom and beach towels at home; bring your sporty basketball towels and leave it on the court bench. This way, you can keep yourself dry and sharp on the main game day!

Why Do You Need A Basketball Towel?

A towel is a vital item and part of your hygiene essentials. And like a responsible and disciplined player, take your towel to the bench and the locker room. Don’t wipe yourself with someone’s personal item. It would be better if you purchase towels in bulk for the entire team, so no one is left without a basketball towels.

Not enough emphasis can be laid on the fact that YOU SHOULD NOT SHARE YOUR basketball towel. Neither should one be put in an awkward situation where one has to wipe himself with another man’s sweat-drenched towel.

Without a good basketball towel, you will be walking on the court, sweating profusely, and make yourself vulnerable to a strong defense or offense. Your sweaty hands won’t be able to clutch the ball properly and with a slight jerk, it will slip right out.

If you are playing on the court, you will sweat like you are adjacent to the sun, and no matter what you can’t control it. Once the coach subs you in, you have to get prepared until you called up next.

During that break, you have to make yourself ready like you are a new player. Dry up, stay hydrated, and keep yourself warm. These three actions will suck up all your tiredness, exhaustion, and fatigue. To stay dry and warm, you will need a towel. So, make sure you invest in a good one.

Best Basketball Towels: What To Consider?

When you are choosing the right towel, make sure you look into these specifications and get the ideal one.


You should be looking for a fabric that absorbs your sweat well and keeps you dry as a bone. The towel should be highly absorbent, but make sure it doesn’t retain water.

The most water it retains, the greater amount of time it will consume to dry out completely. You will be using the towel a lot. Possibly in every free minute, you get. So, make sure the towel soaks up all your sweat but dries even faster.


This heading may be deceiving because you should never get a towel that leaves a cooling effect. You may be conflicted by right now because after you dry yourself up, you always feel this cool breeze brush against your skin and keeping you cool. But if you watch the NBA a lot and capture all the minute little details, then you must have seen how players cover themselves up with the towel or wear a pair of sweatpants even for a brief time.

Medically this is recommended because, after a strenuous exercise, your muscles arm up. And instantly introducing a cooling effect on the muscles would make them prone to cramping. And you wouldn’t want to run around with this risk as it could ruin your entire game.

Fabric Type

Imagine you are rubbing your face and your body with a towel with a texture like that of gravels and or sandpaper. Doesn’t this completely contradict the purpose of the conventional quality of a towel? You can’t even think of something like that, correct? So, included in all the mandatory characteristics that it must attain, the fabric type is a major attribute.

Make sure that the fabric is soft, and it ties all other qualities together like how it shall be warm and absorbent. You can get a different towel for each property. So, find one that is an amalgamation of all—no compromises when it comes to basketball.

Strength and Durability

Once the games begin, it feels like it will go for eons. And you may not have enough time, or you wouldn’t be able to focus your undivided attention on purchasing a new basketball towel every week. Make your one and only investment a wise one and make it count.

You might have to transition in the role of a seamstress and carefully inspect the fabric. Make sure it is well stitched, the material is sturdy and durable. It must be resistant to a little harsh use as you can use it as a delicate towel at the crucial time of the game. 

Weight and Size

You won’t be using this towel to dry yourself after a long, relaxing bath. You don’t need a huge, long towel that could embrace your whole self. Get a rectangular towel that is lightweight and approximately 4 feet in length. Make sure the fabric is breathable, so you don’t feel suffocated under it but thick enough that you stay warm.

Four Best Basketball Towels: Our Picks

1. Fitness Gym Towels- Desired Body

If you are in search of a towel that is highly breathable and light, then you don’t have to look anywhere else. Many trainers and gym members recommend this fitness gym towel. It is popular among daily use as it soaks all the sweat and keeps the athletes dry and satisfied. Its silky white border makes it more efficient and convenient in its use and handling.


  • Premium Towel
  • Waffle design
  • Soft texture
  • Light in weight
  • Odor-free
  • Made from microfiber
  • Highly elastic
  • Comes with a refund guarantee


  • Highly absorbent and dries faster
  • Very comfortable and has a soft touch
  • Lightweight, and it doesn’t quickly stink
  • It does not cause any irritation on skin or neck


  • May not be quite durable

2. Locker Room On-Court Towel- Win Craft 

As a dedicated and crazy basketball fan, you will fall head over heels for this basketball towel. If NBA trusts it and uses this in their games, on the court, and distributes it among the prestigious NBA players, then you most definitely buy one for yourself. The fact that the NBA purchases it is compelling enough to make you buy one.


  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Sublimated logos
  • The towel is easily dyed
  • Official on-court and locker-room towel
  • Soft and lightweight


  • Exclusively used by NBA players
  • Made from high-quality fabric
  • Made from double stitched towels
  • Licensed and approved by NBA league
  • Available in mellow and vivid colors
  • Can be customized with favorite teams’ logo


  • No apparent flaw

3. Gatorade Towel

Gatorade is a known name in the market, and it has bought customer loyalty by producing top quality products. They expanded their business from manufacturing bottles and jugs to towels, and they haven’t disappointed their customers. You can use this towel and wrap it around our neck after a tough and grinding game and it will absorb all the sweat and prepare you for the next round.


  • Fabric made purely from cotton
  • Machine Friendly
  • Small in size
  • Highly absorbent
  • Sturdy


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Durable and well-manufactured
  • Keeps the players warm
  • Absorbs faster over neck or head
  • Lightweight
  • Dimensions are perfect for draining it around the neck


  • Marketing and branding approach of this company is too aggressive

4. Microfiber Gym Towels-SINLAND

If you don’t want a flashy towel that turns a lot of heads but performs its function well, then this basketball towel may be an obvious choice for you. The amazing reviews and ratings suggest that this towel is widely used by athletes, fitness trainers, and gym freaks. This towel will keep you dry in the whole game and you can put it over yourself to stay warm.


  • Made from Microfiber
  • Ideal for sports use
  • Terry texture design
  • Lighter in weight than other towels
  • Dries very quickly


  • Hight Quality Towel
  • Dries quickly and is more absorbent than traditional towels
  • available in the packet of 3; others can be stored for later use
  • Sturdy and durable; can withstand original state after up to 500 washes


  • Not attractive looking
  • Can be too thick or warm for some player

Best Basketball Towels Guide

Without completely basing the decision on amazon’s rating, we think we can claim we have a winner. *Drumroll please*. It’s WinCraft Golden State Warriors Locker Room On-Court Towel. Was your pick the same as ours? If yes, then kudos, if no, well, that’s okay too. Just make sure that your pick is best suited to your needs.

You may have thought of this as an obvious choice as it is all flash and all function. And that is what matters the most? No matter how cool or stunning the outer appearance is, the towel will be of no use to you if it doesn’t serve its purpose well. All the reviews and five stars granted to this unique towel are quite accurate.

This high quality and durable towel will outlast all of its competitors and keep you bone dry in all of your games. Its thick and dense fibers will keep you warm and ensure that your muscles are not cramped up.

What is a better boast or marketing asset that this towel is used by official NBA players? This basketball towel is popularly known as the locker-room and on-court towel. There is a long list of teams (if we begin listing down, it will take A LOT of space) that have used this great towel on the court, and it is their preferred choice. Isn’t it already the Best Basketball Towels?

Frequently Asked Questions?

How shall I compare the thickness of towels?

Every towel tag has a label of Grams per Meter square. By comparing this constant of a beach towel, you can determine and compare the thickness of towels.

How absorbent must a basketball towel be?

These towels should be 2x or 3x more absorbent than your conventional towels. Test them by soaking a good amount of water at home.

How long should these towels last?

These basketball towels should last for a couple of years, but it wouldn’t hurt to replace them every two years or so.

What is the ideal size for a basketball towel?

It’s better if you choose a smaller size that is about 3-4 feet in length and preferably rectangular. Don’t purchase a wide, large in the size table. The popular and common dimension is 22 x 42.

How often should I wash my basketball towel?

As these towels are used during the game to soak up all your sweat, the statistics would suggest that these will start stinking and smelling right after a few hours. SO, wash it and hang dry it after every game.


Even if you love basketball, you will agree that this game tears your soul apart, and at the end of the game, you feel like every ounce of energy has escaped your body. You are drenched in your own sweat, and you would feel like drowning in it.

But this is the demand of the game; hard work, consistent effort, and oceans worth of sweat. But you will get through this. It’s the heat of passion and love for basketball that will keep you moving.

Just keep your basketball towels with you right on the bench and keep your skin dry and muscles warm and working. Stay dry and keep on rocking the game.

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