Are Basketball Shoes Multifunctional? Or Do We Just Keep Them on the Court?

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Basketball shoes are essential for the court and powerlifting, offer good ankle support and traction, but are not suitable for long-distance running or treadmills. They can be worn for everyday use with care to maintain their longevity, providing a comfortable and stylish option for casual events.

The iconic sounds from a basketball court are something that many people love. Unmistakable in tones and pitches, possibly the only form of squeaks and chirps that isn’t infuriating. We know basketball shoes are great on the court, that’s more than obvious.

They have also changed over the last 80 years and that is for certain. Older basketball shoes felt like cinderblocks on your feet, but now are lighter than air itself. They have also become something of a collectors piece, with brands like Nike emulating the classic look.

But the question needs to be asked about the basketball shoes and their functionality. Basketball shoes cost somewhere between $110 to $145 for a good pair, so can you only wear them on the court, or can you use them for walking?

Are basketball shoes good for running?

The sport itself requires a massive amount of running, but it is a different kind of running as opposed to say track running (sprints or cross country).

Running shoes are specifically designed for running, long distance, short distance, it doesn’t matter. The arches and structures were specifically designed with basketball game running in mind. Basketball shoes on the other hand are made for the court itself.

They are lightweight, made with flexibility and are designed in mind that players are going to need to stop on a dime and start the other way. The short answer is that they aren’t good for any sort of distance running, but obviously are great for the type of movement that comes with playing basketball.

Running shoes also do not have the proper ankle support that basketball shoes do. Simply run on a track with running shoes and sink threes in basketball shoes.

Are basketball shoes good for walking?

While they aren’t good for running, basketball shoes do make pretty decent walking shoes. While basketball shoes can be heavier due to the materials they are made with, they do offer pretty decent ankle support.

Basketball shoes also have great cushioning, because of basketball players having to jump often during a game. Basketball shoes are also non-slip, another factor that is great about walking in these shoes.

Basketball shoes are also a little more comfortable to walk in as the heel is lower than they are in walking shoes but walking shoes do offer better heel support. Basketball shoes are good for walking, but not for running.

Are basketball shoes good to use at the gym?

Basketball shoes are absolutely okay to wear to the gym while you work out. They are particularly useful for those who body build or powerlift. Bodybuilders typically want shoes with a flat bottom and ankle support, which are two factors that basketball shoes have going for them.

It’s also very important for weightlifters to know their feet are firmly planted on the ground and that their feet won’t come out from under them. Basketball shoes have a rubber bottom, designed with specific treads to offer as much traction as they can.

Should you wear basketball shoes on a treadmill?

No, you should not wear basketball shoes while running on a treadmill. Basketball shoes sadly are not designed for continued nonstop running.

Running in the capacity you would during a game is totally fine, that is what they are designed for. But, wearing them on a treadmill is not the way to go and you’ll have to find better footwear.

They don’t provide proper cushioning or anywhere close to the proper stability for treadmill running. They are designed for quick movements, starting, and stopping, and are nowhere near as flexible as running shoes.

Are basketball shoes good for everyday use?

Absolutely. Basketball shoes can be used for everyday use, and they over a certain type of fashion that you can’t find in any other shoes. They are slick, flashy, and totally fine to wear to the mall or school. It could lessen the lifespan of the shoe if they aren’t used for what they are designed for but would be fine using them for casual events.

Basketball shoes typically have a high cut , so typically they are not worn with long pants such as jeans or clothing like that. The best part of the shoes design is above the ankle area, so why cover it up? Basketball shoes are totally fine to wear in everyday settings.

How long should you wear basketball shoes?

Well, it really depends on how long you want them to last. Just like any other shoe ever made, the more you wear them, the more they wear out. Typically, for basketball you should wear the show at most three times a week.

Most players have shoes for both games and practices. If you wear indoor basketball shoes everyday for casual use, the shoes can last anywhere up to six months. If you wear basketball shoes made for outdoors off the court, they typically last much longer.

It is also recommended that you properly air out basketball shoes and apply proper disinfectants to extend the life of the shoes.

Best ways to break in basketball shoes?

Once you find a nice pair of basketball shoes that fit well, what’s the best way to break them in? When you first wear your shoes, you should limit yourself to easy activities, don’t 3v3 an all-star team before your shoes are broken in.

Walk around the house, do some stretches and light drills before you ever wear them in a practice or game. New basketball shoes are very stiff, and you may even need to condition your feet, do not try to break in any basketball shoes quickly. Just take your time breaking them in to avoid blisters.


Basketball shoes are very strong and versatile shoes. It goes without saying they are the ideal choice to wear for a basketball game. They are also great for power lifting and even going on a long walk.

They are not good for continuous running, and it is recommended that you not where them on a treadmill. Basketball shoes have great ankle support and cushion, and the bottom tread is perfect for power lifting. They are also totally find to wear for casual everyday use and some even prefer them.

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