5 Best Indoor Basketballs: Top Picks 2022

Best Indoor Basketball
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Key Takeaway: To enhance your basketball skills, invest in an indoor basketball and consider factors such as material quality, air retention capability, grip, and bounce. The Wilson Evolution is a top pick for its affordable price, soft composite leather, and superior grip, making it ideal for indoor play.

Basketball is indeed a game that can help you to experience the real adrenaline rush. It exhibits the beauty of teamwork where you will see five people working as one with zero percentage of selfishness. It is a sphere where one can shine and display their talent to other aspiring sportsman.

Despite that, sometimes, it becomes necessary for a basketball player to determine some advancement in their practice routine so as to lead the way of refinement. Among these, the foremost decision is to invest more time in an indoor court as it adds more to a players’ advancement.

Indoor basketball game is considered as flush of excitement because you don’t need to worry about dust and gravel and play with utmost enjoyment. Usually when you play in an outdoor court you have to worry about the craggy court which make you lose the grip of the game, but the indoor court surface are made out of wood and are polished ample number of times which makes an even surface. Proper grip both on ball and the game serves a great level of proficiency in return.

But there is a cache which leads hindrance in the advancement of the game and that is selecting the right basketball. Selection of a wrong one is something many players encounter, so you need to be very cautious choosing righteous.

There is an immense variety of products available in the market and choosing the right one among them might leave you in dire straits. It requires a deep dive research which we have accomplished and reviewed all the basketball and shortlisted top 5 best indoor basketball. We have diminished the hassle for you and once you go through this article, you will surely bring the best one home!!

Best Indoor Basketball: What to Consider?

Quality is a subject which comes up in all of our minds while making a purchase, be it miniature or a jumbo buy. Similarly a factor to be taken under consideration while purchasing an indoor basket ball is the quality of the product. The components which help decide standards of quality are the Material used, Air retention capability, Grip of the ball, bouncy nature of the ball.


Various materials are used to meet different quality aspects as per usage of balls among outdoor and indoor. Depending on the nature of the court, materials are selected and developed accordingly.

For example, cheap rubber is used in the outdoor balls, which gives long lasting durability but doesn’t provide ample grip to the player. One the other hand, material of the indoor basketball is softer compared to the outdoor ones as it’s made of composite leather.

This material is soft in nature, enhances dribbling and shooting thus delivering a great experience to players. Alas there’s a lack in durability and when played with sweaty hands it would tend to slip out.

Genuine leather is mostly preferred material in basketballs and is the first preference for pro players. Real leather can charge more compared to the composite one, the reason behind is simply justified as original leather is used. Authentic leather demands season, after that it gives best durability and grip compared to the other leather material.

Air Retention Capability

According to National Basketball Association, standard Air Pressure of a basketball should be around 7.5-8.5 pounds per square inch. Air pressure can fluctuate a bit, but constantly losing air would seem annoying. In very rare cases you may need to inflate the indoor basketball.

You might be familiar with the science behind impulsion and contraction, similarly this concept works on basketballs too, in winter you need to inflate the ball as drop in temperature results to contraction of the balls.

Grip Of The Ball

While playing a player should have strong grip on the ball, and it’s one of the major factor to have a victorious end. A game played with sweaty hand can give rise to lose the grip on the basketball.

Some basketballs are designed in such a way that can reduce the moisture from the surface thus giving a relief to players from the fear of loose grip. The material of such basketballs can easily absorb the sweat and helps to keep the grip in control.

The depth of the groove and width of the channel can make a huge difference when trying to basket or hold the ball. This channel give extra grip to the finger and helps you to basket one after the other.


The reverberation of the ball is important in the game, so as a player consistent and reliable bounce can construct your moves trouble-free. Smoother the surface better the bounce is the key saying for a great basketball. Deeper groove may be beneficial in terms of dripping but at the same time it’s a drawback concerning uncertain bounce.

The above mentioned attribute should be considered to buy the best basket ball. As mentioned above we have shortlisted top 5 best indoor basketballs. Let’s have glance on the comparison table.  Now have glance on description and boon and bane in details!

 Top 5 Best Indoor Basketball

Product Price
Wilson Evolution Starts from $64.95
Wilson NCAA Replica Starts from $29
Spalding NBA Official Game Ball Starts from $149
Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball Starts from $54
Molten BGGX Starts from $31

Now as you have acquired plenty of knowledge about the elements associated with selection of right ball to attain the tag of a great player, here are the top five basketballs for indoor basketball court.

Wilson Evolution

The top most basketball in our list is the Wilson Evolution. Prior diving into the review, it will be better to mention that there are number of basketball with much better technicality.

But investing a figure of $100 for basketball is a hard graft for many. Being amateur or occasional player, Wilson Evolution will definitely be your first preference.

Now let’s move into a quick review of the ball!!

You will be astonished to know that this ball has earned the title of most picked up ball for high schools around the country. Wilson Evolution after such achievement is contemplated as the most popular indoor basketball throughout the market.

In our opinion the reason behind its success is the crafting of ball with combination of soft micro fiber composite leather, the process of laying grip in channel and above all, an affordable price.

In terms of grip this basketball deserves to be called grandiose having a merger of composite leather and channels supported with pebbled aqua-grip. As compared to other manufacturers Wilson has undoubtedly made a smart move by replacing the channel with strips of composite leather.

It seemed to be a marketing strategy of the basketball company but the trial made us realize the difference. Players’ hands on a ball can easily determine where the quality stands and the difference lies in. The reverberation of the Wilson in constant and comfortable and you can be rest assured that it can help you upgrade your skills.  

Pros Cons
You can acquire it at a reasonable price. Panels can start coming out after a long use of the ball.
The outer surface is soft and easy to grip because of the composite leather. Will not endure with a singular outdoor session. It is only for indoor court.

 Wilson NCAA Replica

This ball is another example of a terrific product under reasonable price from Wilson. The mechanics that is used to produce the basketball is pretty much same to the Wilson evolution that we mentioned above in this article. But there are some contrasts lying between these two and that’s where we can distinguish.

Foremost, to differentiate we need to undergo the resemblance of these balls.  Both evolution and replica is made from the composite leather and attributes the aqua grip laid in channels. The composite leather is a jot better on the Evolution, but the interchange is not so partial when you appraise that the NCAA Replica can be used in outdoor court without many worn and tear.

In other words it could be said that you can rely on these ball even if you wish to play some outdoor matches. Though it stands better as an indoor ball, but it won’t let you down even if choose bumping it on an outdoor court. Sounds good, isn’t? Indeed it’s a great choice.

Pros Cons
Durability and performance is appreciable both in outdoor and indoor courts. The surface is smooth though there is a lack in gripping at the bar code side of the ball.
It has great absorbing quality and dust control capability adds more to it. The leather needs to get seasoned before it can show its actual potential.

Spalding NBA Official Game Ball

No list can be accomplished without having the name of Spalding NBA among top five. The NBA prefers Spalding NBA Official game Ball in the NBA games. This is the only ball made with the genuine leather.

As a player if you have always preferred to feel the essence of the soft leather then this ball is for you – but there is a P.S. in it, this is one of the costliest balls in our list.  It is hard to get such a genuine leather ball in the market.

Even the NBA started using the composite leather ball but complaint of the player forced the association to change from the composite leather to the genuine leather again. Playing with the Spalding provides a genuine and exclusive experience.  

The ball comes with a number of dedicated attributes:

First, the ball is made up of genuine leather known as the Horween leather. This leather comes with both good and evil virtues. The good part is, it gives feel, durability and grip. The negative part is, it gets hard over time.

Next, it’s quite a light-weight ball. If you are habituated with heavy composite balls, then it might take time to get accustomed with this one.  However, on the other hand when you get accustomed with the same, you will get a better grip and handling and developing good control over the ball will look easier.

Now once you cross the above mentioned barrier you enter a new world, where you get introduced to one of the most superior indoor basketballs on the world. There will be no second thought in the term of ball’s grip, softness, and responsiveness.

Pros Cons
It is available in genuine leather with super grip, feel and durability of color. It is 2- 3 times costlier than the other basketballs available in the market.
It is only ball in the market that is made with genuine and authentic leather. It takes time show it full potential.
This ball is preferred by the NBA as their official game ball.

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball is one of a kind. This ball is approved by NHS, which makes it stand out in the crowd. You get a superior quality moisture hand grip, which aids you to have a great control over the ball.

The structure of the ball is innovative.  It is made up of composite leather that gives the ball a strong grip and it moisture control feature helps to control the ball with added expertise and makes the gameplay convenient for the player.

 This ball comes with innovative cushion control technology that awards the ball with an extra bounce and longer lifespan. The ball is symmetrical, contains smooth edges and comes with advance balancing capability.

Since thirty years, the company has been trying to upgrade the quality of the recent ball compared to the last one, which proves the manufacturer’s zeal towards providing their clients with the best possible game experience.

Pros Cons
There is no lump present in the ball. With this ball, dribbling might often look like a challenging job.
The Baden Elite is available in two sizes.
To reduce the exposed rubber in front the company have used stealth solve valve.

Molten BGGX

Molten BGGX is an x- series ball approved by the FIBA.  It gained its reputation from the international acclamation.  It is the top level ball preferred by the athletes. The composite leather of the ball makes it moisture free.

It has an advanced grip that makes it one of the most ideal choices to play with. You can easily play with it on a rocky hand hard surface. The color contrast has been done in such a way that you can see the ball clearly.

Pros Cons
The ball is designed by a renowned designer When the ball is inflated, some of the place of the ball get plumped which can make it uncomfortable for the player.
It is a light weight ball

The Advanced Guide For The Potential Buyers

Re you still confused about how to choose the best indoor basketball? Well, let’s help you with the same! Here are a number of factors that you need to consider before proceeding with purchase.

Select The Size

The right size of the ball should be the half the diameter of the hoop. However, not all size goes well with the individual requirements. For example, if you are blessed with muscular body built, always go for Spalding. On the other hand, for players with lesser bodyweight, Molten or Elite is the right choice.

The Weight

The weight is the determiner of the ease of handling the ball. The weight of the ball should be directly proportionate to the size of the ball. So, here also, you need to consider your bodyweight and pick up the perfect ball. In case, you are a slim and trim player, go for Molten or Elite.

However, if you’re the hunk of your team, always go for Spalding or Wilson NCAA Replica.


Generally there are two types of material used in manufacturing the ball- one is genuine leather and the other is the synthetic composite leather. Synthetic leather is the mostly used material and the real leather is the rarely used one.

However, before picking up one, again, analyze your requirements well. For dedicated indoor use, Spalding is the best choice. On the other hand, if you are composite aficionado, go for Molten, Elite, Wilson Evolution or NCAA.

The Cost

Budget matters and if course, you won’t break your bank for buying a basketball! For this reason, it’s imperative to consider the price while getting the best indoor basketball.

If you’re running a bit tight on your budget, go for Wilson NCAA or Molten. And if money is no more, from Elite to Spalding- choices are varied! Pick up the one you want!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding getting the best indoor basketball.

Is there any option to choose different basketballs for the children?

Yes there is always an option to select specific basketballs for the children.

 What should be the pebble pattern for the indoor game?

The pebble pattern is vital as it helps the ball to remain in grip. For the indoor court ball should have pebble design all over the body.

What material is best for the basketball?

Both the composite and genuine leather is good. Genuine leather is quite expensive and it only works for the indoor games.  The other one is equally usable in outdoors and its cost effective as well.

Are basketballs expensive?

The price of the ball depends on the material used in the basketball manufacturing.

Final Verdict

After going through this post, you may have got an idea about the attributes that the best basketball should have!  Make sure that you have gone through our reviews to find out the best indoor basketball. Get the best one home today!!

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