Best Basketball Mouthguard

Best Basketball Mouthguard
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Key Takeaway: Mouthguards are essential for basketball players to prevent dental and facial injuries during games. When choosing a basketball mouthguard, consider factors such as size and fit, breathability, protection level, type, and communication ease with teammates.

From local basketball games to NBA finals, you may have noticed your favorite players with some kind of mouthguard on. Yes! Mouthguards aren’t just for MMA fighters or wrestlers. Basketball players, or the players of any sport for that matter, need a mouth guard for safety reasons.

While playing basketball, you never know when you could collide with a fellow member in the air. And since you cannot predict and control a collision, you might as well protect yourself in all possible ways. This is where a mouthguard comes in!

However, you cannot pick any random mouthguard! Not all mouthguards are the same! They come in different shapes, types, and sizes. Thus, you need to consider certain aspects to pick the right one.

What should I look for in a mouthguard? Why do I need it? What is the best mouthguard for basketball? If these questions sound familiar to you, you might want to read on!

In this article, I’ll take you through everything you need to know before getting your hands on a basketball mouthguard. I’ve also reviewed some of my favorite basketball mouthguards out there. You can have a look at all the products and hopefully pick the one that suits you best.

Before anything else,

Why Basketball Mouthguard Is Essential?

Do you remember the 2017 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics? The dramatic fight between Isaiah Thomas and Otto Porter, in which Thomas lost one of his front teeth!

In the HD video footage, you can actually see his tooth flying right out of his mouth on being hit by Porter’s elbow. And this is exactly the kind of situation why you need a basketball mouthguard!

A mouthguard isn’t a guarantee that injuries won’t happen. But it can surely protect your mouth and teeth from possible damages in case of accidents.

Dental injuries are common in basketball courts. Whether you’re playing at an international or a local basketball game, you should always prioritize your safety and take all possible measures to prevent any serious injuries. Mouthguards or mouth protectors are the best way to minimize the risk of dental or facial injuries.

Best Basketball Mouthguard: What To consider?

As said earlier, mouthguards come in all shapes and sizes. Thus, a lot of careful consideration should go into picking the right kind of mouthguard. Here are some aspects you should consider while buying a basketball mouthguard:

Size and Fit

One of the most important things to look out in a mouthguard is the fit. If it doesn’t fit you well, it won’t protect your teeth and mouth. Also, an ill-fitted mouthguard would be uncomfortable.

Thus, always make sure to get a mouthguard that fits right and enjoy a hassle-free experience.


Basketball is an intense game that requires a lot of running. This means you need a mouthguard that doesn’t affect your breathability. Make sure to get a mouthguard that allows you to breathe like you naturally would.


Try on the mouthguard before hitting the court. Make sure it gives you the best possible protection from all sides. Remember, you need a mouthguard to protect your mouth at all times! If it doesn’t do the job well, you’re better off without it. Thus, do not compromise when it comes to this aspect, and get only the mouthguard that feels right and fits right!


Mouthguards are available in two primary types – moldable and pre-molded. Both of these types are ideal for basketball players. And choosing one between the two completely depends on you and your preference. If you can get a pre-molded mouthguard that fits right, you can stick to it. If not, you can always go for a moldable one and mold it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


You already know the importance of communicating with your team members while playing a game of basketball. Whether you’re calling out your teammates, yelling, or picking up your defensive move, communication is key. Thus, make sure to go for a mouthguard that does not affect your ability to talk with your team.

Top 5 Best Basketball Mouthguard

1. OPRO Gold Level Mouth Guard

This mouthguard comes in seven color options. If you have any favorites, you can pick a color as per your liking. The OPRO Gold Level Mouth Guard is one of the strongest and most protective mouth guards in the market.

If protection is all you’re looking for, you won’t go wrong with this mouthguard. It is durable and robust enough to absorb high-impact hits and spread the shock over a large area. Thus, it can protect your gums and teeth at maximum and prevent any possible injuries.

This mouth guard is moldable when boiled. Hence, you can mold it around your teeth for a more personalized fit. For detailed molding instructions, you can go through the manufacturer’s label.


  • Seven color options
  • Custom-fit available
  • Moldable
  • Comes in two sizes: Youth and Adult


  • It has a robust yet breathable design.
  • You can mold it according to your teeth and mouth for a more comfortable fit
  • It offers maximum protection
  • It is super durable


  • As compared to other items on this list, it is quite bulky

2. Shock Doctor Basketball Mouth Guard

If you are on a budget and looking for a decent mouth guard for basketball, you might want to consider this excellent mouthguard by Shock Doctor. The brand has been manufacturing some amazing and affordable mouth guards in the realm of sports, and this particular item is no exception!

It comes in three sizes (youth, men, and women) and five color options. The mouthguard has a low-profile design, making it easier for you to breathe and communicate. It protects not only your teeth but also the jaw.

The best thing about this mouthguard is that it provides great protection without adding any extra weight or bulkiness on your mouth. Thanks to its super lightweight gel polymer material!

It is a moldable mouthguard. However, make sure to carefully read the instructions before reshaping this product. As it uses gel polymer material, it is delicate, and you may end up melting it beyond use.


  • Five color options: clear, black, red, white and royal
  • Available in 3 sizes: youth, adult, adult-women
  • Moldable
  • Gel Polymer material


  • It is super affordable
  • You can find separate models for youth, men, and women for a more custom fit
  • It is super lightweight
  • It protects your teeth as well as the jaw


  • If you are not careful in the molding process, you might end up melting the entire mouthguard

3. SISU Mouth Guards Aero

With over 1900 reviews on Amazon, the SISU Aero mouth guard is undoubtedly a popular choice among several basketball players. It comes in a wide range of colors. Hence, anyone can find their favorite pick. The mouthguard is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. These sizes fit almost all athletes anywhere between 5 – 6 ft in height.

With a thickness of just 1.6mm, the SISU Aero mouth guard for basketball is one of the lightest mouth guards out there. It is about 50% thinner and lighter than most standard mouth guards in the market.

If you are someone who hates a bulky mouthguard around your teeth, the SISU mouthguard can be your ultimate basketball buddy. It is very comfortable, convenient, and super breathable. Due to its slim fit, you can also easily communicate with your teammates even with the mouthguard.


  • Sixteen color options
  • Three sizes: Small, Medium and large
  • 1.6mm thickness
  • Super lightweight
  • Uses Diffusix Technology to distribute the impact force over a larger area


  • Super breathable
  • It doesn’t hinder your ability to communicate.
  • It is very thin and lightweight


  • Since it is slim and lightweight, it provides less shock absorption than other products on this list

4. Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard

Here is another super affordable moldable mouth guard for basketball. It comes in a “one size fits all†design. All you have to do is boil and bite into it to get a custom fit.

This mouthguard uses unique dual-layer technology to provide decent dental protection for all athletes. The dual gel layer design also makes it possible for all shapes of teeth to conveniently fit into the mouth guard.

Additionally, the interior of this mouthguard has a wide design. Thus, athletes wearing orthodontic braces can also use this product.

Redline Sportswear uses safe materials in the manufacture of its mouth guards. They are 100% latex-free, PVC-free and BPA-free. The package also comes with a carry case to keep your mouthguard free from bacteria and germs whenever not in use.


  • One size fits all design
  • Seven color options
  • 100% safe materials
  • Includes a carry case


  • You can easily mold this mouthguard by boiling and allowing it to cool and then biting into it
  • Suitable for people with orthodontic braces
  • It uses safe materials


  • Since it comes in one size, some people may not find the right fit

5. LiteBITE Mouthguard

The LiteBITE mouthguard is made with a special kind of plastic material that you can source from dental labs alone! It is extremely lightweight and does a great job of protecting both your teeth and gums.

You can easily mold this mouthguard at home by boiling and biting into it. It is clear in color. Therefore, it is not as visible as other mouth guards.

Also, with its lightweight nature, the mouth guard offers great breathability and utmost comfort.


  • Material: Special kind of plastic from dental labs
  • Easily moldable
  • Clear color
  • Less visibility, better breathability
  • Dentist quality mouthguard


  • It protects both teeth and gums
  • You can easily breathe and talk with this mouth guard on
  • It is very comfortable and lightweight
  • You can easily shape the mouth guard


  • You cannot reshape this mouth guard twice

Choosing The Best Basketball Mouthguard

All the products reviewed above are among the best basketball mouth guards in the market. They offer great features and excel in their own ways. Thus, choosing one from the above options depends entirely on you and your needs.

If you are on a budget and want something extremely affordable, you can go for the Shock Doctor Basketball Mouth Guard. If you want maximum protection for your teeth at all costs, the OPRO Gold Level Mouth Guard can be an ideal pick for you.

For athletes using orthodontic braces, the Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard can be your ultimate choice. Additionally, if you are all about thin and lightweight mouth guards, you can opt for the SISU Mouth Guards Aero. And last but not least, the LiteBITE Mouthguard is an excellent pick for someone looking for equal protection for both teeth and gums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mold my mouthguard?

Yes, most mouth guards are moldable, and you can easily mold them according to the size of your teeth and mouth. All you have to do is boil them in the specified degree, let it cool a little, and bite into it. For a more detailed and proper procedure, make sure to check the manufacturer’s label for molding instructions.

Can I wear a mouth guard over my braces?

This depends on the kind of mouthguards you purchase. Some are suitable for athletics with orthodontic braces, while some are not. Thus, make sure to always read the label before buying the mouthguard to find out if it’s suitable for people with braces.

Do mouthguards expire?

Yes, just like any other purchased products, mouth guards do come with an expiry date. Nothing lasts forever. Hence, mouth guards also lose their quality over time. In general, you need to change your mouth guards after six months of use if you want better protection and optimal quality.

Can children use adult-sized mouthguards?

Most mouth guards are suitable for children over twelve years and above. Thus, if your kid is twelve years and above, they can easily fit into an adult mouthguard.


No matter the kind of sport you’re into, safety should be a priority. Make sure to always use a mouthguard whether you’re playing an intense game against a team or practicing with your friends.

Choosing a mouth guard does require some careful consideration and patience. However, once you end up with the right mouthguard, you can focus more on your game without worrying about your safety!

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