What’s The Meaning Of “G.O.A.T” In The NBA?

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Key Takeaway: The term GOAT in the NBA stands for "Greatest of all time" and refers to individuals considered the best in their field. Different opinions exist on who the true GOAT is due to the diverse achievements and eras of great players.

If you are an NBA fan, probably you have already heard the word GOAT right? You often hear the word GOAT on T.V, NBA, social media, and news. But what is the meaning of the word GOAT in the NBA?

Today we are going to talk about GOAT meaning in the NBA. It is not about choosing the real GOAT in the NBA because there are too many GOAT’s in the NBA. You can list your own NBA GOAT list in the comment section below.

What Does The Word GOAT Stand For?

GOAT stands for “Greatest of all time”. It is a person considered the best to ever compete or perform in a particular field. We often hear the word GOAT usually in a sports league, especially in the NBA.

That’s it GOAT stands for Greatest of all time. It’s an easy acronym but it is hard to debate who the real GOAT is in the NBA.

I am sure your friend and you have been in a situation where you need to argue about who the real GOAT is in the NBA. If you have joined an NBA subreddit or if you have joined an NBA debate Facebook group, I am sure this is one of the arguments that members are arguing about. 

Simple right? Now let us start arguing who the real GOAT is in the NBA.

Who Is The Real GOAT In The NBA?

Now, who is your favorite player in the NBA? Are they included in the GOAT’s list?

Every one of us has a different opinion on who the GOAT really is. Maybe you and your friend are arguing about this ever since your friendship started. Maybe your dad spanks you because you did not agree with his GOAT list. Or your teacher failed you in his class because his favorite player is not on your GOAT list.

But the real question is, is there really one clear GOAT? 

Sometimes when we hear the word GOAT we are thinking about Michael Jordan. Yeah possibly he could be the GOAT because of his achievements and we all know that he is one of the best players to play in the NBA.

But never forget about Kobe Bryant! He also averaged amazing numbers and he is a clutch shooter. Lebron surpassed Kobe and soon he will surpass Michael Jordan as well. But is Lebron the real GOAT? Possibly, because of his outstanding performance and I think he can still surpass Kareem Abdul Jabaar numbers. 

Yeah, Kareem, I know you have already heard his name right? I know you have heard about Chamberlain as well, the man who scored 100 points in one single NBA match. Most of the millennials who are addicted to basketball probably don’t know about these two great players I have mentioned. Try researching about Kareem and Chamberlain and come back again here to comment on who the real GOAT is.

To pick one GOAT in the NBA is a difficult task, even if you are an NBA fan since birth. I am sure that some people may disagree with your GOAT choice. 

My Personal GOAT

Actually, to be honest with you guys, It is pretty hard for me to choose who the real GOAT in the NBA is. Some of you may curse me in the comment section for not including your favorite player on my list. 

There will be no single GOAT in the NBA, that is the truth that you need to accept. Even if you guys argue about it all the time. Players play in different eras and there are different great players in different eras. 

Basketball is a team sport and it is hard to say who the real greatest player is. Sometimes basketball is a game of luck and if your standards of being a GOAT are on how many buzzer-beaters they did, it is time to change your standards. You can’t also use the number of rings a player made as a standard of being a GOAT. Why? Because as I have said basketball is a team sport. One player can’t win alone unless you are playing NBA2K and use some cheat codes.

There have been so many great NBA players who played in the league. They have different achievements and different luck. Some great players are the only ones carrying their team. Some have a super team that leads them into winning a chip. So it is really hard to choose who the real GOAT is in the NBA.

But for the sake of your curiousness on my GOAT list, I will list them down for you!

Here is my top 10 GOAT in the NBA:

  1. Wilt Chamberlain
  2. Kareem Abdul Jabaar
  3. Larry Bird
  4. Michael Jordan
  5. Kobe Bryant
  6. Lebron James
  7. Shaquille O’Neal
  8. Magic Johnson
  9. Tim Duncan
  10. Rick Barry


We can list 10 great players as a GOAT but if you choose who is the best among the rest it will only start a debate. We all have different NBA GOAT’s lists and we include them in the list for different reasons.

There will be more upcoming players that you can add in your GOAT’s list soon but we should never forget the past great NBA players. Now that you have read about the GOAT meaning in the NBA, time to list your GOAT list in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “What’s The Meaning Of “G.O.A.T” In The NBA?”

  1. Tomislav

    1. Jordan
    2. Kareem
    3. Lebron
    4. Wilt
    5. Magic
    6. Bird
    7. Kobe
    8. Duncan
    9. Russel
    10. Shaq

  2. Finally, someone else who can see past the hype, lack of coverage and slomo highlights and recognize the real goat. My only difference with the list is I put Magic at three and Bird at four.

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