How To Clean Your Basketball Shoes


One of the most pivotal gears for any basketball athlete is the basketball shoes as these foot accessories facilitate the player’s performance in the basketball court. So, these shoes must be very comfortable for any player. 

Thus, any basketball player must take enough care while choosing the shoes and maintaining them. It must always be considered great importance that a good pair of basketball shoes can improve the player’s performance and eventually raise the self-confidence level and make you stand out from the rest, gaining a great fan following.

But it is a matter of the fact that these shoes get dirty quite easily. It becomes your responsibility to keep them clean and maintain their shape and looks so that they can match your level of satisfaction regarding your comfort, performance, and confidence. 

And for this, it is very much essential for you to know the steps in detail to clean your basketball shoes easily, and if you can wash them at home by yourself, it can make it even simpler as you do not require depending on others for getting the shoes cleaned. 

The Method To Clean Your Basketball SHOES At Home

Things Required:

  • A shoe brush with stiff bristles
  • A toothbrush
  • Few drops of detergent
  • Two pieces of soft cloth or sponge, each of 4inchesx6inches
  • Little quantity of baking soda
  • A tub of Lukewarm water
  • Water for cleaning using a hosepipe

The Cleaning Process

STEP 1                         

Firstly open the shoelaces from the shoes and keep them aside. Also, remove the insoles from the boots and keep them aside.


Before cleaning the shoes with water and soap, you need to clean it up dry using the shoe brush. You will find that mud and dirt have immensely accumulated in your shoes. These have to be removed very efficiently.

You can use a shoe brush that has stiff bristles. Be very much alert, and do not exert too much pressure. If you find some moist mud on your shoes, take a piece of cloth, soak it in water and squeeze all the water, and then can use it to clean up the moist mud from your shoes.


Take a tub of Luke warm water and then add a few detergent drops to it and lather. The selection of detergent is very crucial in this case. It should not be harsh and contain harmful and strong chemicals, or else the use of it can make your shoes crack. The detergent must be soft and mild. You can even use dish wash liquid instead of detergent. Soak the shoelaces and the in the tub.


Take some amount of the detergent in the sponge. Remember not to soak the sponge in water. Now wipe your shoes with the sponge. Do not be harsh or exert too much pressure. Be soft and gentle, and patiently try to wipe off all the dirt from the shoes.


Dust off the insoles dries by patting it softly with your hands. You can now use a toothbrush to dirt it off and clean it up dry.


After removing the dirt from the soles, soak them in the tub of Luke warm water where the shoelaces are already saturated.


Now, take another piece of sponge and soak it in plain water. Squeeze the excess water out and wipe the shoes with this sponge to ensure that no excess detergent is left. Wipe the inside of the shoes, too, where insoles are placed.


Take out the shoe insoles and shoelaces from the tub and lather a little. Then wash them in clean water using a hosepipe. 


Squeeze the excess water from the insoles and shoelaces and keep them in an airy area along with the shoes for drying. Make sure not to expose them in direct sunlight or use a cloth dryer or a hairdryer for the drying process.

It could be dangerous as it will hamper the shoe quality. Such a practice will make your shoes to crack and shrink and lose the original shape hindering your performance. So always let your shoes and insoles and the shoelaces air dry in the shade at room temperature.


After drying them up completely, sprinkle some baking powder on the insoles and then place them back in the shoes. Also, put the laces back and you can tie them in different styles and designs as per your choice. Store the basketball foot gears in a cool, dry place.

Secret Behind Cleaning White Basketball Shoes

Sparkling white basketball shoes looks great on any player and showcases an attitude with cleanliness and style. Although the desire to use white shoes but step back in doing so, many of the basketball players desire to use white shoes. The only reason for worry is its maintenance.

Keeping white shoes spotless and look elegant is a real matter of challenge for any basketball athlete. White shoes always tend to catch up dirt and stains very easily, which seem to be very stubborn to remove. No matter how hard you try to keep them clean, somehow or the other, they get dirty.

But there is a trick to keep your white foot gears sparkle as white as snow and make you get rid of any dirt and stains in no matter of time.

And the secret is the use of plain white toothpaste along with the mild detergent on the sponge and wipe off the white shoes clean without letting any excess solution on the shoes and let it dry in the air. This magical treatment will help your white shoes remain bright and new always!

More Tips On How To Clean Your Basketball Shoes

  • Make sure to clean the shoes after every use. It will help you to get the job done easily and fast.
  • You can use a shoe deodorizer to keep them fresh and odorless.
  • Use a few pairs of shoes and keep them rotating. This technique will help you look new every time and devote enough time for each pair to get completely dry.
  • Do not keep shoes in a gym bag long; rather, keep them in the open air and always wear them only inside the basketball court.

Final Words

Following the above steps can help you keep your basketball shoes clean and give you a competitive edge over the rest and maintain the shape and quality of your shoes for a long time. In a one-liner, to enhance the longevity and performance of the shoes, you need to keep your basketball shoes clean and maintained. It will add more pace and enthusiasm to the game indeed!!

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