How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Basketball?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Basketball?

Playing basketball can aid weight loss and help burn calories efficiently, particularly for heavier individuals. Consistency in playing, combined with a balanced diet, is key to achieving fitness goals.

Did you know that playing basketball can help you to lose your body weight and you can also get rid of your pendulous fats on your belly. 

There is also one study that shows that a person weighing 155-lb can burn 300 calories in just 30 minutes of playing basketball. It was concluded by the Harvard Health Publications. They also added that any person that has a heavy body weight can burn 300 plus calories by playing basketball. 

But, how is this even possible? This is because a person with a heavy bodyweight uses more energy than a person who has a light bodyweight. It means that heavy people release more carbs that they intake when exercising than people who have smaller body weight. 

 If you think that playing basketball once can help you lose many pounds on your weight, then you are wrong. Yes, basketball can help you to lose some weight, but to lose pounds, you need to be consistent in playing. Like 3-4 times a week. 

However, like the wise gym instructors always said, to be fit we need to do 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. It means that even though you are playing basketball 3-4 times a week, you will never be fit if you continue to intake too much junk inside your body. Exercising can help you to lose weight, but the focal point of having a fit and healthy body is by implementing the right diet. 

Burning Calories Is Helpful

When you are exercising, your goal is to burn more calories in your body. You have to make sure that to have a fit body, the calories you burn must be more than what you intake. That is why experts say that implementing a good diet has a bigger role than exercising. You can’t achieve the body of Zeus if you eat foods that are high in calories every day. 

I suggest you always check the calorie percentage of every food that you will eat. Make sure to implement the right diet and accompany dally exercise. 

What Is The Calorie Formula?

Many factors can influence your calorie percentages like age, genetics, diet, and workout routine. To measure the percentage of calorie you spend every day, you have to use the formula below:

The formula is: Calorie Spend = Body Weight in pounds x 3.6

That’s it! The calculation above will help you to calculate the amount of calories you spend when you play basketball for an hour. You can adjust the numbers if you play less or more hours. 

What Makes Basketball More Effective In Burning Calories Than Other Sports?

There are many sports in the world that can help you to burn your fats, but basketball is the best sport that you should play if you want to burn much more fats. Playing basketball requires all of your body parts to move. Hands for dribbling, upper body for defending, legs for running and jumping, and mind for thinking. 

In basketball, you don’t only use your physical body, but you also use your mind, which means that playing basketball can also make you smarter. Unlike other sports, basketball requires many parts of your body to work to have a good game. That is why playing basketball will give lots of health benefits to your overall body. 

Types Of Basketball Plays For Calorie Burning

The American Council on Exercise has made some calculations on how many calories a player can burn in executing the six different types of basketball plays. 

1. Playing Full-Court Basketball

When you play basketball on a full-court with a duration of 12 minutes per quarter, you can burn 400 plus calories (with timeouts). However, if you are going to play basketball 48 minutes continuously, then you are more likely to burn 700 plus calories. 

2. Running In The Basketball Court

Running continuously around the basketball court can help you to lose many calories. If you are going to play one basketball game, you can lose 200 plus calories just by running and without any sort of movements from the other parts of your body.

3. Shooting Baskets

If you are going to practice shooting every day, then you will most likely burn a total of 1400 calories in one week. To achieve this, you have to make sure that you practice shooting even during Saturdays and Sundays. 

4. Intense Dribbling Exercise

Yes, you can lose calories when you are dribbling the basketball throughout the game. You can also lose much more calories if you are executing some dribbling exercises. One good thing about basketball is you can practice your dribbling skill at home, which means that you can lose lots of calories just by practicing inside your house. 

5. Making Passes

In every 20 passes that a basketball player does in a basketball game, he/she loses three calories. Even though the amount of calories that can be lost is lower than any other activities above, it’s still part of the game, and it can still help. 

If you want to lose calories just by making passes, try doing various basketball passing drills. You can call your friends so that they help you to successfully perform the drill.

6. Taking Jump Shots

Jump shots are the common move that most basketball players implement in order to score. In one basketball game, a player can lose three calories per one jump shot. If a player does more jump shots, he/she can lose more than three calories. 

To use jump shots as your calorie burner, you have to include the jump shot exercises on your to-do list. 

Final Verdict

Playing basketball can help any person to lose weight and burn tons of calories. However, there are other important things to consider that have a large effect on losing weight like your diet, how intense your workout is, and your workout consistency. 

The percentage of calories you burn in playing basketball also depends on your body mass, the duration of your playing time, the number of moves you make during the basketball game, and the energy you spend on every move you do. 

How many calories do you burn when you play basketball? Do you think that playing basketball can make a person fit and lose weight? Comment your answers in the comments section below!

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