8 Top Rated Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Shoes

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Key takeaway: When selecting basketball shoes, prioritize durability for outdoor use to avoid burning through multiple pairs. Among the top picks are the Nike Men’s Shoes Cosmic Unity for outdoors, Adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 7 for versatility, Nike KD 15 as a standout for indoor play, and the Nike PG 4 for all-around performance.

When it comes to outdoor basketball shoes, after comfortability , you really want to make sure they are durable. This comes for any shoe, but some outdoor surfaces are completely unforgivable.

When it comes to me, style comes second to my comfortability, that way I am not going through multiples pairs a year. I also am that person that buys the same shoe every single time.

Some obvious brands that come to mind when think of basketball shoes are Nike, Adidas and Under Armor. It does go without saying, indoor basketball shoes do not hold up well outside at all, you will burn through them.

Most athletes will have a pair of both, with that being said, here are the best basketball shoes for indoor and outdoor right now.

8 Best Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Shoes  

Nike Men’s Shoes Cosmic Unity Pomegranate

Personally speaking, I could not part with $150 for a pair of shoes, but these Nikes are one of the better ones on the market currently. One review on Amazon agreed with me saying, “ain’t nobody buyin these for 250 lol”, thanks Andrew.

These shoes are great for outdoors and hold up very well. These shoes are very supportive and cushioned according to reviewers. They are pretty favored by multiple reviewers, but there are a few cons.

The two major ones being the shoes rather long break in age and that the shoe’s do not breathe very well in the heat. These shoes are a solid pickup and are great for players who play a vertical game.

These shoes are primarily suited for outside and not inside. A good comparable for indoor use would be the Nike Kobe 6 Protro.

Adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 7 Basketball Shoe

Import to note, there are only a few pairs left in the pink floral pattern, if you are looking for an early holidays gift. These shoes are noticeably better for outdoor use versus indoor use.

Some comparable shoes for indoor use would be the Adidas D.O.N. Issue #3 or the Adidas Exhibit A. These shoes can sometimes be hit or miss with some customers. It is a love hate relationship, but you either love it or hate, and it doesn’t shift.

These shoes are pretty universally put together and are great for players of all skills. These shows have great on court feeling and very light. These shoes are also incredibly affordable, going for about $30 on Amazon.

There are a few cons for these shoes. Like most basketball shoes, there is a break in phase. These shoes also tend to run large. The biggest concern I have read review wise is the traction, apparently it can be a little less than average.

The biggest thing going is their affordability. Great starter shoes in my opinion.

Nike KD 15

Source: nike.com

These shoes not only visibly look great, but they are extremely well reviewed by users. These shoes knock it out of the park in all aspects and may be the perfect indoor basketball shoe.

These bounce with every single step and help you float across the court. These shoes are perfect made for indoor use and not recommended for outdoor use. The grip is perfect for multiple surfaces, even the not so well kept.

The midsole has a great bounce and cushion. They also sit tight on your feet and breathe very well. Some cons though, they are not good for those with wide feet and again, not for outdoor use.

These shoes will get absolutely destroyed outdoors; a better show would be the Unity for outdoors.  The price is a little steep at $150+, but you do really get what you pay for in a universal shoe like this.

Nike Lebron 19 Low

You’ll never get this; it’s called a low because the shoe is cut lower! I am joking; however, these shoes are fantastic!

These shoes bring significant improvements over its counterpart with more support in the ankle and a better step. These shoes have great traction and do not have a seriously long break in phase.

These shoes have a slip on feel and are pretty much out of the box ready to go. They bounce just like a Nike should and are very favorably reviewed. The few cons for this shoe are the material, they are a heavier shoe.

They are not made for outdoors at all and are not as comfortable as other shoes in the price range. These shoes are lighter than the OG Lebron 19’s. This show isn’t the best for lighter, quicker players but is loved by bigger players.

These are perfect for wide footers, but the outsole is pretty weak in comparison to another Nike footwear. These run about $120 on Amazon right now.

Adidas D Rose 11

The D Rose line from Adidas has had some serious problems with the last couple releases, but this shoe looks to right the ship for the iconic name. The D Rose 11’s are still considered middle of the road when it comes to basketball shoes, but the hope is that these can be the building block for the line to get back on top.

These shoes get great remarks from reviewers for being way better than the previous model and the comfort of them on their feet. The price of these shoes is not bad as well, with a $75 price tag on Amazon.

The comeback for the D Rose’s was hyped up, and these shoes were not what consumers expected. That being said, they do offer great ankle support and the cushion is pretty favorable.

The grip on the shoe is very good, all things considered. The biggest problem for these shoes is the quality of the material. These shoes would make a great training shoe for indoor use only, they do not hold up well on an outdoor court at all.

Nike PG 4

The plan black and white version of these Nikes are very sharp, I love the design. The aggressiveness of the front does make it look more like a work boot and less of a basketball shoe.

These shoes are pretty balanced in both use and price. They fit tight, they have excellent traction, and most importantly, they have some very good deals for them on Amazon. The PG 4’s are going for about $80.

The one thing I cannot tell if I love, or hate is the zip-up feature. These shoes have been rated better then the PG 5’s. These are fantastic all-around basketball shoes; they also offer superior cushioning as well.

If you like shoes with laces, steer clear. The shoes are also very lightweight and forgiving, not clunky or large at all. While that is great and all, they are run small. Give yourself a half or full size up before you order.

They are also liking playing on air, as the breathability is next level. These can be used both indoor and outdoor, but it is preferred to use them outside with the strengthened sole and traction. Pretty solid shoe from Nike!

Nike Zoom Freak 3

Keeping the theme going with solid affordable Nike’s, I introduce to you the Zoom Freak 3. These shoes are all around solid, with a few little flaws that are overshadowed by the superiority of everything else.

It has a great supportive fit and a great tight fit for sharp moves on the court. Pointed out by reviewers, it doesn’t have any serious weaknesses to push you towards another shoe.

They are true to size, not too many problems with being a size too large or small. There are some that have pointed out poor durability, with the outer sole and the heel cushion being less than ideal considering the name.

These shoes are great for quick players, considering they are lightweight. These are not made for outdoor players at all, as they would get chewed up on a rough court.

They might hold up well on a tennis court type of surface, but that is on you. They are running about $80 as well on Amazon, an all-around great shoe.

Air Jordon 12 Retro

Going out with a bang here with the beautiful Air Jordan Retro. These shoes are straight out of time and take us back to a simpler time. These shoes just look fantastic, there is no other way to put it, you have to love that high top look as well.

These shoes are like a bull in a China shop, durable and heavy duty. Some features of this shoe loved by reviewers are the durability and comfortable fit. There are some reviews saying that the break in phase of these shoes can be a pain, but once it’s done they are fantastic.

They are not out of the box comfort; they need to be broken in. These shoes are 100% made for indoors and are superior on a nice, clean, well-maintained court. Don’t even think about taking these shoes outside!

What I like most about these shoes is how they look so clean in every single color available. The lacing is just fantastic as well, the design of these shoes is just next level. You really can’t go wrong with Air Jordans, these just continue that legacy.

Final words

Hope you found something that you like among these 8 pairs of basketball shoes. If you want just one pair of shoes for both indoor and outdoor play these are our top recommendations.

Let us know how you like them.

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