Affordable Basketball Shoes Under $70

Affordable Basketball Shoes Under $70
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Key Takeaway: Good performance in basketball doesn't require expensive shoes; affordable options under $70 can offer comfort, durability, support, traction for improved skills, footwork, free movement, and foot protection. Consider factors like comfort, support, durability, and traction when selecting affordable basketball shoes to enhance your game without breaking the bank.

All blame falls on you when you miss that winning shot. It is certainly not a good feeling at all when you have struggled to run across the court to give your best, but your shoes gave up on you. You see other people celebrating, and you are ignored and unnoticed.

It is a bleak picture, indeed, and there is undoubtedly much more to the basketball than just your shoes, but the feeling of having a pair of high-quality shoes is unmatchable. It boosts your confidence, ups your morale, and improves your overall game. Therefore, we decided to bring you the toughest and sleek looking for high-quality shoes at the most affordable prices.

These are the Best Affordable Basketball Shoes Under $70 that we have chosen for their high quality built, durability, and high performance. Check them out yourself.

Benefits Of Having Cheap Basketball Shoes

When it comes to basketball, people tend to believe in various myths. One common basketball myth people believe in is that you need to wear expensive basketball shoes to improve your performance.

Myth: Expensive basketball shoes = Good performance

Fact: Affordable basketball shoes = Good performance

You don’t need to invest in expensive basketball shoes to win a game. You can easily win a game by wearing comfortable and affordable shoes.

Although most of the NBA players wear expensive shoes, you don’t need to buy the same shoes for yourself. Expensive shoes are great, but any comfortable basketball shoes will serve the same purpose at an affordable price.

There are multiple benefits to having cheap basketball shoes. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive shoes, you can go with affordable basketball shoes under $70.

 Backup Pair

If you buy cheap basketball shoes, you can use them as a backup pair. Basketball is a very challenging game in which your shoes get worn out very quickly. If you are a rough player, a pair of good shoes will last you only a few months. You can use cheap basketball shoes as a backup pair in case of emergencies.

Practice Shoes

In basketball, you have to practice more than you actually play. For practice, you need a good pair of shoes. But you cannot wear expensive shoes for training because it will wear out quickly. In this case, you can invest in cheap, comfortable basketball shoes. You can use these shoes for practice or for any other playground game.


Cheap basketball shoes are affordable. Most of the people who play basketball for fun, hobby or as a sport cannot afford expensive shoes all the time. But you should never let budget problems stop you from playing basketball. Instead, you can invest in affordable basketball shoes under $70 and play with it. Cheap shoes are not necessarily bad. If you make the right choice, you can end up buying a perfect pair of shoes within your budget.


In the end, it all comes to a comfort level. Expensive shoes are very comfortable but very pricy too because of snob appeal. Cheap basketball shoes are comfortable also. You need to try the shoes on and check the comfort level before you buy it. This way, you can quickly get comfortable and cheap basketball shoes.

Footwork Movement

Few cheap basketball shoes are actually really good. These shoes are not only comfortable but help you to improve your footwork movement. Most of the time, you cannot concentrate on your footwork due to the fear of ruining your new pair of expensive shoes. But if you are wearing a cheap pair of shoes, you can play with a free mind and concentrate on your footwork.

Improve Skills

As you are playing with a free mind, and without any fear, you can quickly improve your skills. You can improve your dribbling skills if you buy cheap shoes with excellent traction.

Free Movement

Cheap basketball shoes help you to move on the court freely. You can buy the perfect size of shoes that fit well to move freely while playing basketball.


Cheap basketball shoes protect your feet from damage. Instead of wearing your old worn-out shoes and damaging your foot, you can buy new cheap shoes and play with it. This way, you will not slip and injure yourself.


Cheap shoes are durable. If you buy good quality cheap shoes, it will last for a long time. And even if it gets worn out, you can easily afford a new pair.

Multiple Shoes

You can buy multiple cheap shoes as they are affordable. You can buy a second pair in advance and play with it a few times so that they can be ready when you need them. This way, you don’t have to worry about replacing them with your old shoes.

Affordable Basketball Shoes Under $70: What To Consider?

Even if you are buying cheap shoes, you need to check all the characteristics before you buy them. You need to consider all these factors before you purchase affordable basketball shoes under $70.


Comfort is crucial. You need to buy shoes with cushioned soles. The shoes should be lightweight. The material of the shoes should be breathable. 


The shoes should be able to support your foot. Make sure it supports your heels and ankles too. Shoes with excellent support will protect you from potential injuries. Check for ankle and arch support when you buy a new pair. The shoes should have all-round support. Make sure your feet don’t slip while wearing them.


The shoes should last for a long time. The shoes will only be worth it if you can wear it for a long time. You need to buy shoes that can sustain damage and harsh plays. The shoes should last for outdoor plays too. 


Traction helps you to stay put on the court. The shoes you buy should provide excellent traction to the court, indoor as well as outdoor. If your shoes don’t provide excellent traction, you may face injuries.

The Best Affordable Basketball Shoes Under $70

Nike Kyrie 3 PS Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Kyrie Flytrap II Basketball Shoe, Black/Metallic Gold/Anthracite, 7

Kyrie is a well-known basketball shoe range from Nike, which is known for many things. They have beautiful finishes, high handling, and best support. Plus, they are so light that they can make you feel that you are running without gravity.

They have cutting edge technologies that are too complicated to comprehend. Therefore, this shoe was created to provide you with lightning-fast speed. The zonal support system is what gives this shoe its high stability while at the same time keeps you lightweight.

The shoe has a hyperfuse construction, which gives it an excellent fit, and your feet will feel secure in place. While it is a tight fit, it doesn’t compromise on breathability. It is moisture-wicking and will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

What we really liked in this shoe is the midsole that doesn’t add a lot more bulk but, at the same time, gives all the protection and support you need. Furthermore, the curvature designs will give additional support to foot movements.


  • Hyperfuse construction
  • Highly breathable upper for comfort
  • Curvature design for lateral movement support
  • Zonal support

Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Basketball

Don’t ignore the fancy name because it defines what this shoe is. Precision is the philosophy behind creating this shoe. It is a good shoe that comes at a very affordable price. If your old sneakers are letting you down in the court, it is time to switch to these.

Nike Men's Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoe, Black/White/Cool Grey, Size 10.5

The incredibly well-made precision system is very supportive and gives lightweight to the shoe. The locking in is very precise, and you won’t feel the weight of other shoe components weighing you down as the shoe moves with your foot, partially because it adjusts to your feet’ natural contours.

The upper ankle part is made from light mesh, which is excellent for ventilation, and it scores high in breathability. The midsole has a skin overlay that keeps your foot securely in place.

It is padded adequately, and you get that light feeling like walking in the air. This is also useful for jumping higher. The shoe is a half-length, which means that you are getting a balance between high and low sneakers. Furthermore, it has a high traction factor as it comes with the Herringbone.


  • Made for precise movements
  • Light mesh upper for excellent ventilation
  • Half-length sneakers
  • Skin overlay for securing your feet

Adidas Dame 4 Shoe Men’s Basketball

adidas Unisex Dame Certified Basketball Shoe, Better Scarlet/White/Black, 4 US Men

This is the fourth edition of the Dame series. The Dame series has been a classic in the Adidas’ series. We noticed that this model has trimmed down the design a bit and is made to look more modern. This has done two things. First, it increased its aesthetic appeal, and second, it has increased the overall mobility.

The upper part is very breathable and won’t give you any problems. Talking about the midsole – it is trademarked ‘boost,’ which means that the cushioning allows for quick movements and offers high stability and support.

The lockdown is ensured through a high-quality lacing system that keeps your feet in place and keeps your pace. With a snug design, the high-quality neoprene collar, and the tread pattern outsole, you can move your feet in any way you like without having to worry about anything.

The style feels modern and fresh. It is true that with time, the designs do get outdated, but this pair has been able to hold up with the time quite well. Fans still buy it for its high stability and support.


  • Boost cushioning
  • The high-quality lacing system
  • Neoprene collar
  • Modern design

Nike Men’s Air Max Infuriate Low Basketball Shoe

Nike Mens AIR MAX Infuriate 2 Low University RED/Black White Size 9.5

If you want to infuriate your opponents, then Nike has got something for you. The Air Max infuriates probably the best basketball shoes under $70, which promises to boost your in-game performance and confidence.

It keeps you lean and light and doesn’t compromise on stability at the same time. You will find a very breathable upper mesh and a Full Max Air 180 cushion beneath the heel, which makes this shoe extremely responsive and highly supportive.

The flywire cage offers support and keeps your feet secure inside. The midsole has a full-length high-quality Phylon foam that gives you extended stability. This gives you an edge over the others, and you are most likely to move with speed while remaining stable.

The outsole is made of high-quality rubber with a herringbone pattern designed. This shoe has been tested for traction, and believe me when I say that it has got some of the best traction support in this price range.


  • Full Max Air 180 cushion 
  • The highly breathable upper mesh
  • Herringbone pattern for excellent traction
  • Phylon foam

How To Know My Shoe Size?

If you want to buy the perfect affordable basketball shoes under $70, you need to know your shoe size. Each shoe has different dimensions. Some are small, while others are large—it also different width.

In order to get the perfect fit, you need to know how to measure your shoe size. 

Steps to Measure Your Shoe Size

  • 1: Take one A4 size paper, pen, and a ruler.
  • 2: Keep your foot on the paper.
  • 3: Draw an outline of your foot on the paper using the pen.
  • 4: Mark, the lowest point on foot and the highest point on the longest toe.
  • 5: Measure the distance between the two points.
  • 6: Take a ruler and measure the length in centimeters.
  • 7: Write down the size on a piece of paper.
  • 8: Follow the same steps for the other foot.

Now, when you buy any affordable basketball shoes under $70, you can use the measurement and check it on the online size chart while ordering the shoes.


This article aims to provide the Best Basketball Shoes Under $70 that are designed to up your game and boost your confidence. Whether it be an indoor or outdoor game, these shoes will make the best out of your potential and will make you distinguish among the others.

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