Does Playing Basketball Affect Bodybuilding?

Does Playing Basketball Affect Bodybuilding

Key Takeaway: Lifting weights is crucial for basketball players to strengthen their muscles without hindering their performance, and maintaining a proper schedule with rest days is essential for optimal results in both training and playing. Balanced nutrition, proper rest, and strategic scheduling are key to successfully combining bodybuilding and basketball training for improved performance on the court.

Basketball players train a lot per week. They have different workout programs per day. They have time for lifting, they have time for practicing basketball, and they have time for their rest day. 

Lifting weights is essential for basketball players because it will make their muscles stronger. However, some basketball players don’t lift any weights because they think it is useless. They come into the thought that playing basketball will affect their muscle gains. So why should they bother to lift weights, right? Is this true? 

Does playing basketball affect bodybuilding? No. Basketball is a cardio sport, and doing some cardio doesn’t kill your muscle mass. You just need to have a proper schedule during the week and make sure that you eat the right amount of protein and carbs to maintain your weight or gain more muscles. 

There is much more you can learn about our topic. We are going to answer different questions that are related to our subject. If you are ready, let’s go!

Can You Lift Weights After Playing Basketball?

Most basketball teams and players prefer to lift weights after their basketball practice or even after their games. If you want to lift weights after playing basketball, make sure that you only lift weights for no longer than 30 to 35 minutes. 

However, I don’t recommend this to you. A proper schedule per week is what I am suggesting to you. Put a mark on your calendar the days where you will play basketball. Also, mark the days where you will lift weights. 

Is It Ok To Play Basketball After Lifting Weights?

It’s not bad. I usually do this after I lift some weights, and nothing negative happens. Playing basketball after lifting weights can actually help your ball game. Practicing your shooting skills after you lift will train your mind and body to shoot the ball when fatigued. Kobe Bryant said that he did this before. He lifts heavy weights and practices his shooting after lifting. 

However, I still don’t suggest this. Even though one of the greatest basketball players does this. You need to have a proper schedule and make sure that your lifting day is different from your playing day. If you are going to lift weights on Monday, play basketball on Tuesday. Also, make sure that you have a rest day so that your muscle tissues will have time to regenerate. 

Is Lifting Weights Will Mess Your Jump Shots? 

If you have done it correctly, weight training will not hinder you from becoming a great jump shot shooter. Weight lifting, when done right, will help you improve your shot. However, make sure that you balance everything. 

Practice shooting once or twice a week, and never neglect it. If you abandon your shooting practice and spend more time in the gym, lifting weights may mess up your shots. When you are lifting weights, the ball becomes lighter for you. It will help improve your shooting by making it easier for you to release the ball. 

Can Playing Basketball Build Muscle?

The short answer to this question is no. Basketball does not build muscle. Basketball is a cardio sport that helps burn fat. If you want to grow a muscle, you need to do things that will apply tension to your muscles. You need to lift weights and eat the right diet if you want to build some muscles. Improper diet and playing too much basketball can decrease muscle size. 

Playing basketball can’t build muscles, but it can help improve your muscle strength. However, there will be a time where your strength level up, and you will need to lift some heavier weights to get stronger. 

Basketball players that are serious about playing and planning to play professional basketball leagues soon will work hard. They will lift weights and play basketball at the same time to become better. Like I have said above, lifting weights is essential for basketball players. It will make your muscles stronger and bigger, and you can use it on the basketball court. 

How Many Times Should A Basketball Player Lift?

Like I have said above, lifting weights is essential for basketball players. Why? Because it will help players to improve their muscle strength. But, how many times should a basketball player like you lift?

According to the experts, a basketball player must lift weights 2-3 days per week with a minimum of 48 hours rest between sessions. Also, don’t play basketball on your weight lifting day. On the day of your strength training, you should focus only on lifting weights.  

Tips To Combine Bodybuilding And Basketball 

If you are serious about combining bodybuilding and basketball, you must read my tips for you! 

Consume Enough Calories

Number one is the most basic. If your goal is to maximize muscle size and strength gains, you need to intake enough calories. Playing basketball a week will burn your calories and will use the nutrition your body needs to recover the tissues on your muscles that you scratch because of weight training. 

The more time you play basketball, the more calories you need to intake. If you want to become bigger like Dwight Howard or focus on maintaining your body weight, intake enough calories.

Have A Proper Schedule

Do not play basketball after you lift weights and vice versa. A proper schedule is the best. You should lift weights on another day, not on the day you play basketball. If you lift weights on Monday, you can play basketball on Tuesday. However, make sure that you don’t neglect your rest day. You should have a rest day at least once or twice a week. 

Reduce Additional Cardio

If you are trying to build some muscles while playing basketball, you have to cut out the cardio exercises. There is no reason to perform additional cardio at the gym if you are already playing basketball. Basketball will be your cardio exercise. Treat basketball as your method of cardio exercise.

Sleep Properly

The next tip is to make sure that you are having a good sleep at night. Eight to nine hours of sleep is essential. Sleep is essential. No matter what kind of training you do, if you don’t sleep properly, your muscles can’t recover properly. You need to sleep properly, especially if you are playing basketball and weight lifting at the same time. 

Make A Right Balance

You should make sure that you make the right balance. If you plan to focus on playing basketball lots of time, cut down your overall weight training volume per week. It will help you ensure that you don’t overtrain yourself. If you play basketball three or four times a week, you should hit the gym at least twice a week. 

However, if playing basketball is just a hobby for you and bodybuilding is your most priority, cut the frequency of the times you play basketball. Instead of playing basketball five days per week, you could try cutting it down to two or three. Playing basketball once or twice a week is fine, and you can do it on Saturdays or Sundays. 

Check the video below about the best workout for basketball players:

Final Verdict 

To conclude this article, basketball doesn’t affect bodybuilding or your muscle gains unless you didn’t do my tips above. Lifting weights is essential for basketball players because it is the way to strengthen their muscles. It is good to have enough strength in basketball so that you can compete well on the court.

Do you lift and play basketball at the same time in one week? If yes, what is your weekly schedule? Share your workout routine for a week in the comments below! 

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