7 Reasons Why NBA Players Switch Teams!

Why NBA Players Switch Teams

NBA players switch teams for various reasons, including the pursuit of championships, seeking bigger contracts, dealing with frustration, playing with friends, having issues with management, contract expiry, and desiring a fresh start. The decision to switch teams can be influenced by a combination of personal goals, team dynamics, and career considerations.

Switching teams is a habit for every NBA player. They would switch teams all the time because of many reasons. The main reason why NBA players switch teams is if their current team is losing too many games and they saw that they were far away from reaching the NBA finals playing for their current team. 

However, there are other reasons why NBA players jump into other NBA teams. Let’s check them out so that we could understand why NBA players need to switch teams and not to act angry again if our favorite NBA player switches teams. 

These Are The 7 Reasons Why NBA Players Switch Teams

Below are the seven reasons why NBA players switch teams. 

Win Championship

All basketball players that want to enter the NBA have one goal in mind. To win the NBA title! 

NBA players will switch teams if they think that their current team is far from entering the NBA finals or playoffs. If their team is below the eighth seed, players will soon ask their GMs to make a trade including them. 

This reason sounds painful, especially if the NBA player requesting the trade is the reason why you support his team. However, for me, this is a reasonable reason. All NBA players are thirsty for that title. If switching teams will be the best option to quench their thirst for that title, they will do it. 

Bigger Contract

Of course, we all want lots of money while pursuing the career we want. Right? NBA players too! 

NBA players will most likely turn down a contract that they think is not worth signing for. They know what their worth is, especially the NBA stars. This is the reason why NBA stars like Lebron James and Stephen Curry get paid so much than any other NBA player. The more value you bring, the more money you make. That’s how the NBA works!

The reason why NBA players switch teams is because of bigger contracts. If they think that the other NBA team has a bigger offer than their current team, they will most likely sign on that NBA team to get the big offer.

Too Frustrated

When an NBA team is crashing and losing too many games, the players will most likely get frustrated. 

Players that are more focused on winning rather than earning much money will take down the big offer of an NBA team that is below the eighth seed or has many losses. NBA players want to win! 

This is the other reason why NBA players are forced to switch their teams. Even though they love their current city, they will be forced to ask their GMs for a trade if it’s not working.

Some GMs will not agree to the trade request of their player. Instead, they promise to build a superteam that can contend for a championship. 

To Play With Their Friend

NBA players can form a strong friendship with other players in the NBA. They also have friends from the other NBA team. 

The other reason why NBA players switch teams is because of their friends. If their friend invited them to play with the same NBA team to win a championship, NBA players will find that exciting and most likely go to their friend’s team. Yes, this is like peer pressure. 

However, if an NBA player thinks that it’s illogical to move to their friend’s team, they won’t move unless their contract expires on their current team. 

Problem With The Management

Whatever kind of work we have, we will all have a management problem. Even if you are a doctor or a janitor, if your management is sickening, you will file a resignation letter. Same with the NBA players.

If NBA players have problems with their GMs, coach, or teammates, they most likely request a trade. Problem with the management or boss is the common reason why people are leaving and switching companies. 

Expiration Of Contract

NBA players are contractual. If there are no teams that would like to sign them, it means they have no job. The contract of an NBA player for a team can be years, months, and even days. 

The reason why NBA players are forced to switch teams is that their contract expired on their current team and their current team doesn’t want to re-sign them. 

NBA players that are signed to play for a couple of days are most likely to switch their teams often. These players are usually from the NBA G-league. 

For A Fresh Start

We all want a fresh start, especially if we had some troubles from our past. Same with NBA players. 

NBA players will switch teams for them to have a fresh start and new ambiance. Players often get tired of the same routine on an NBA team and may look for a fresh start on another team.

NBA players also get tired of their teammates and coach, which is why they are forced to request a trade.  

Why Do NBA Players Get Traded?

The reason why NBA players get traded is because of two reasons:

  1. The management decided it
  2. They requested it

Sometimes, NBA players are forced to switch teams not because they want to, but because their current team wants to. Teams need to trade their player in hopes of getting better and improving the team’s chemistry. Usually, the bad players are the ones NBA teams choose to move. 

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NBA players get traded because they want to get traded. If their current team is always losing and has no chance of getting in the playoffs, they will request a trade. 

Sometimes, even though their team is on the top of the standings, players will still ask for a trade. Why? Maybe because they have problems with the management or because they feel like their efforts are not recognized. 

Do NBA Players Can Choose Their Team? 

In the NBA draft, players are not allowed to choose what team they like to play. Instead, the NBA team is the one who chooses their player on the draft night.

However, when an NBA player is already in an NBA team, they can request a trade to their GMs and choose which team they want to play. 

Final Words 

NBA players switch teams because they want to or because their team wants to. If their team is the one that decides to trade them, they can’t do anything about it. NBA players can request a trade from their GMs. They do this if they feel that their current team has no chance of playing in the playoffs or if they don’t like the management of the team. 

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