Who Is The Fastest Player Ever In NBA History?

Fastest Player Ever In NBA History

Key Takeaway: Speed is a crucial asset in basketball, offering players advantages in fast break opportunities and overall performance. Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Derrick Rose, Allen Iverson, and LeBron James are among the fastest NBA players, demonstrating how speed can elevate a player's impact on the court.

Having the ability to run fast inside the basketball court is an advantage and valuable asset of a player. Players that can run fast can effortlessly chase down a fast break shot, get to the rim quicker, and leave their defenders. 

Basketball is a fast-paced game that requires a lot of running and sprinting. Coaches make sure that all of his players on his team can run fast because coaches believe that if his players are fast, it will give them many advantages. 

In the NBA, players there run very athletically like they have some sort of natural superpowers that go beyond the ability of a normal human being. They play physically, and they always give fans a nice show that is why they always perform at their highest level. However, even though all NBA players are possessed with athleticism, few players are gifted with much more athleticism and speed than an average NBA player. 

We are going to break down the five fastest players in NBA history. Who do you think they are? It is time for you to find out by continuing reading.

Five Fastest Player Ever In The NBA 

Below are the five fastest player that ever play in the NBA:

1. Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is considered the fastest NBA player alive because of his ability to sprint faster than an average basketball player. He is athletic, can shoot, rebound, and play a good defense, which gives his team many advantages.

If you think that Russell Westbrook does not deserve the number one spot, then let me give you some facts on how fast Westbrook is. According to ESPN, Westbrook’s baseline to baseline speed is faster than a normal human being. Westbrook can run from baseline to baseline and can cover the entire court in 3.36 seconds! It shows the supernatural power of Russell Westbrook. 

Westbrook’s speed and athleticism helped him to leave his defense and to get past tall defenders for an inside layup or dunk. His defenders get tired when they try to catch Westbrook. If Westbrook was given a fast-break chance, he could execute and turn the fast-break into a score in just a few seconds. 

However, even Russell Westbrook can run fast inside the basketball court. Critics say that Westbrook’s shooting percentage is inadequate, and he needs to improve it. 

If you think Westbrook does not deserve the number one spot, then I suggest you watch the video above. It will change the way you perceive Westbrook. 

2. John Wall

John Wall is in the second list because he proved that he deserves this spot by putting lots of fast-break highlights in the highlight reel. 

If you are wondering how fast John Wall is, then let me tell you. John Wall can go from one end of the basketball to another in just a few seconds to score and go back fast again to the other court for defense.

Unlike Westbrook, John Wall has impressive control of the ball even if he is running at full speed. John Wall can pass, dribble, and prevent turnovers even though he is running so fast. Wall is an elite NBA player because of his athleticism and speed. However, he is stuck with bad teammates in Washington that prevent him from getting a chip. 

Watch the video above to see how fast John Wall is.

3. Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is one of the best athletic players the NBA ever had. He is one of my top 10 points guards, especially during his prime years. Sadly, Rose cannot prevent too many injuries, and his injuries nearly destroy his career. 

Before he had an ACL and going to multiple surgeries, Derrick Rose was unstoppable. The whole NBA was shocked by his performance. He used his speed and high vertical jump to score against tall players. Derrick Rose had an impressive rookie year last 2009, and he won the Rookie of the year award. Two years after, Rose won the MVP award.

Derrick Rose deserves the list because of the incredible performance he showed to us during his healthy years. If Derrick Rose is still healthy today, he could win many championship rings.

Check the video above to check different highlights of a healthy Derrick Rose.

4. Allen Iverson

Even though Allen Iverson is stubborn to go practice with teammates, he still showed that he could lead his team and outplay any player. Allen Iverson is one of the fastest NBA players because of how fast he changes direction and drives to the court quicker. His crossover was his trademark, and he is also known for his dribbling moves that make crowds crazy. 

Iverson has a lot more skill than running fast because he also can quickly change the basketball direction and can dribble the ball well at high speed. Because of his speed, defenders get crumpled and leave behind when Iverson makes a move. 

Check the video above to see how fast Allen Iverson is.

5. Lebron James

Yes, of course, the king is on the list. Lebron is one of the fastest players in the NBA. Even though he is heavy like a well-fed cow, he can still manage to run fast from court-to-court. Lebron was known for his strength, basketball IQ, and shooting skills, but most people miss the fact of how fast Lebron James is.

People did not expect that Lebron will be on the list, but some memorable plays Lebron did has proven that he deserves to be on the list. Lebron used his quickness to chase down fast-break shots, break some ankles, play good defense, and to run fast-breaks for a monstrous slam-dunk. Lebron James is almost a perfect athlete because of the skills and abilities he possessed. 

Final Words

Basketball is indeed a sport that requires athleticism and quickness. Having the ability to run faster than other players gives you more chances to outplay the opposing team. Speed can also give a great advantage on your team’s offense and defense. 

These five players deserve their spot because they show in the highlight reel how fast and athletic they are. Most NBA players can run, but these five players are excluded from those average players because they are much quicker than other players. Their speed helped them to be included in the list of greatest players to ever play in the NBA. 

Whose NBA player is more deserving to be on the list? Comment your answers in the comments section below!

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