Top 7 NBA Players Who Are 6’8”


Key takeaway: The article profiles top NBA players with a height of 6’8”, highlighting their achievements and impact on the sport. Players like Jayson Tatum, Paul George, and Pascal Siakam have excelled in their careers, earning accolades such as All-NBA Team appearances and Player of the Week awards.

The NBA league attracts a significant number of fans from all over the world. And most professional basketball players have towering heights.

But do you know the best NBA players who are 6’8” tall? Read on to know the top performing stars in the sport that boast a height of 6 feet 8 inches.

Best NBA Players Who are 6’8”

Jayson Tatum

Weight: 210 lb
Date of Birth: March 3rd, 1998
Years of Experience: 6
Draft: 2017 R1 pick 3
Position: Small forward/power forward

Jayson Tatum is an American with six years of experience playing in the NBA for the Boston Celtics since 2017. In college, he played for the Duke Blue Devils. However, in the 2017 NBA draft, Boston picked him in the first round as their third overall player.

During his professional career, he has attained several honors and awards. That includes winning All-Rookie Team once, the All-NBA title 3 times, scooping the NBA Player of the Month award twice, and NBA Player of the Week nine times.

Besides, Jayson has also earned the NBA Rookie of the Month and NBA All-Star Most Valuable Player Titles once each.

Here is a video highlighting some of his best performances in the 2022- 2023 season;


Paul George

Weight: 220 lb
Date of Birth: May 2nd, 1990
Years of Experience: 13
Draft: 2010 R1 Pick 10

Position: Shooting Guard/Small Forward

During the ten years he has been playing in the NBA league, Paul George has registered remarkable performance. Although he showed promising performance in high school, his ability only became noticeable during his college career while playing for Fresno State.

In 2010, Paul George joined the NBA as the 10th overall best of the Indiana Pacers in the first round. Besides the Indiana Pacers, he has played for the Oklahoma City Thunder and is currently in the Los Angeles Clippers.

Some of his top achievements include scooping the All-NBA award six times, the NBA Player of the Month 4 times, and NBA Player of the Week 12 times. Furthermore, he has also appeared in the All-defensive team 4 times and the All-Rookie Team once.

Here is an overview of his best moments while with the Los Angeles Clippers:


Brandon Ingram

Weight: 190 lb
Date of Birth: September 2nd, 1990
Years of Experience: 7
Draft: 2016 R1 Pick 2
Position: Small forward

Brandon won 4 state titles in high school and earned the Atlantic Coast Conference Rookie of the Year award. In 2016 he decided to go for the NBA draft and came up the second overall pick of the Lakers in the first round.

After playing for the Lakers for three years, Brandon joined the New Orleans Pelicans. For the seven years of his professional career, Brandon has managed to bag several honors.

Besides earning the title of NBA Player of the Week 4 times, Ingram has also appeared in the All-Rookie team once and was named as NBA Most Improved Player once.

You can have a look at some of his best moments in the video below:


Pascal Siakam

Weight: 230 lb
Date of Birth: April 2nd, 1994
Years of Experience: 7
Draft: 2016 R1 Pick 27
Position: Power forward

The Cameroonian NBA player had an outstanding college basketball career and even earned the title of Spicy P. In 2016, he entered the NBA league as Toronto’s 27 overall best in round one. Since 2016 he has stuck with the Toronto Raptors NBA team.

Pascal’s notable achievements include appearing in the All-NBA Team twice, five times as the NBA Player of the Week, and once as the NBA’s most improved Player. During his college career, Pascal Siakam was playing for the New Mexico State. He has even been named NBA All-Star twice; in 2020 and 2023.

Below is a video showing Pascal’s latest career highlights:


Kevin Love

Weight: 251 lb
Date of Birth: September 7th, 1988
Years of Experience: 15
Draft: 2008 R1 Pick 5
Position: Power forward

Like his father, Kevin Love has built a successful career in the NBA over 15 years. Besides winning the 2016 championship, Kevin has emerged NBA All-Star five times and appeared twice in the All-NBA Second Team. Further, he has claimed the title of NBA Player of the Week thrice and once as NBA Most Improved Player once.

In high school, Kevin played basketball for the Lake Oswego Lakers and UCLA for college basketball. But it wasn’t until the 2008 NBA draft that he turned professional after being picked by the Memphis Grizzlies.

Kevin Love has also played for notable NBA teams such as Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Miami Heat.

Otherwise, the video below highlights some of his top performances in the sport;


Julius Randle

Weight: 250 lb
Date of Birth: November 29th, 1994
Years of Experience: 9
Draft: 2014 R1 Pick 7
Position: Power forward

Julius Randle is a professional basketball player of American origin. Currently, he plays for the New York Knicks. During high school, Julius stayed among the top five basketball players. He even led the Prestonwood Christian team to victory in 2012.

He cut down his college career and declared an interest in the 2014 NBA draft. In the 2014 NBA draft, Los Angeles Lakers picked him in the first round as their seven best. Sadly, he broke his legs a few days later. In addition, he has also played for the New Orleans Pelicans and currently in the New York Knicks,

Julius Randle’s awards include appearing in the All-NBA team twice, winning an NBA All-Star title twice, and winning NBA Player of the Week once. Further, he has also been named as NBA’s most improved player once (2021) and earned the Player of the Month award once.

The following video highlights his abilities and thrilling performance;


Scotty Barnes

Weight: 225 lb
Date of Birth: August 1st, 2001
Years of Experience: 2
Draft: 2021 R1 Pick 4
Position: Power forward

Although he has been in the NBA league for a limited time, the achievements of Scotties have made him stand out among his colleagues. His promising career started in high school while playing for Cardinal Newman and NSU University.

In the 2021 NBA draft, the Toronto Raptors picked him in the first round as the fourth best, thus joining the league. And in two years, he has earned awards such as NBA Rookie of the Year once, twice NBA Rookie of the Month, and once in the All-Rookie Team.

Do you want to view his best moments in the league? Check out the following video



The above isn’t the complete list of the best NBA players who are 6’8”. There are still many promising basketball players in the NBA standing 6’8” tall.

But from the list of players who is your favorite star?

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