Why Do Basketball Players Have Skinny Legs? The Truth!

Why Do Basketball Players Have Skinny Legs

Key Takeaway: Basketball players have skinny legs mainly due to their height and genetics. While playing basketball alone won't make legs bigger, incorporating weight training can enhance muscle growth. Utilizing compression tights can aid in injury prevention and muscle support during games.

When you are watching a basketball game in your village or a professional basketball game. You notice that most of the basketball players have skinny legs. You have no idea why their legs are skinny even though they always use their legs in play. So why do most basketball players have skinny legs? Let me answer that question. 

Why do basketball players have skinny legs? Basketball players have skinny legs because they are tall and they have long legs. Genetics plays a huge role in how powerful and bigger your muscles will be. Your consistency in working out also plays a big role in how big your muscles will be. Basketball players that don’t skip leg day will have stronger legs than the others. 

There are lots of things that you can learn about this topic. We are going to take a look at some other useful information related to our topic. Now if you are ready, let’s move on and keep reading! 

Why Do Basketball Players Have Skinny Legs?

It is inevitable to think why basketball players have skinny legs because we all know how basketball players work out. Normal basketball players workout for almost three hours a day, and three to four days a week. They play every day for sure, especially if the basketball player is addicted to the game. 

In the NBA, it is also hard to believe that there are NBA players that have skinny legs. Because we all know that they play almost every day, and they work out during the offseason. We all know that these professional basketball players work out very hard, and it is quite surprising to see them have skinny legs.

Basketball players have skinny legs because they are freaking tall! Most centers have skinny legs because the taller you are, the thinner your legs will be. Like I have said, genetics plays a huge role in determining the structure and how big your body will be. 

However, even though genetics plays a huge role, you shouldn’t abandon working out. Exercising helps you make your muscles bigger and stronger. If you neglect working out your legs don’t expect that your legs will get bigger and stronger. 

If your genetics determine that you have skinny legs, you shouldn’t lose hope. You have to continue the work and do it consistently. That is what most basketball players are wrong. They forget the leg day because they are much more focused on improving their upper bodies. Leg day is essential, especially for basketball players, 

Another thing why basketball players have skinny legs is because of the illusion. Like I have said, most basketball players neglect the leg day, and some execute the leg day but are not serious enough. 

When a basketball player has a big upper body, their legs will eventually look thinner. This happens to basketball players that are focused on getting a larger upper body and forget their lower body. 

When you look at the whole body of a basketball player solely focused on getting a larger upper body, you will notice that they look like a chicken. They have skinny legs, but their upper body is big. Also, sometimes basketball players usually have huge legs. But because their upper body is much bigger than their legs, it looks like they have skinny legs.

Why Do Basketball Players Look Skinny Before? 

The reason why basketball players look skinny before is that they are not required to go to the gym during that time. The basketball players back then are more focused on speed and agility. For basketball players to run fast, they need to have lighter weight. 

Having a lighter weight in today’s basketball era can still give you an advantage. How? When you have lighter weight, you can effortlessly run on the fast break, steal the ball, and jump high. But if you have a bulky body, like Dwight Howard, you will be slow inside the court. 

It depends on lots of factors to determine what weight you should try to attain. If you are a center or power forward in basketball, you have to be bulkier to fight physically inside the paint. If you are a point guard or shooting guard, you have a lean body so that you have the speed to drive inside and leave your defenders behind. 

Do NBA Players Shave Their Legs?

It depends on the NBA player. If an NBA player has a tattoo on his legs, he will be more likely to shave his legs so that his tattoo will be visible to others. Some NBA players shave their legs, and some NBA players don’t

Some NBA players shave the hair on their legs because it feels irritable. It is much more irritable if you wear tights and you have lots of hair on your legs. It is not only irritable but can also be painful, especially when the hair has knotted.

Does Playing Basketball Make Your Legs Bigger?

No. Playing basketball will not make your legs bigger because basketball is more of a cardio exercise than a weight training exercise. It will make your legs smaller than bigger. However, if you will add some weight training to your routine, your legs may get bigger.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t suggest you skip your leg day. Leg day is essential, especially for a basketball player like you. If you want your legs to get bigger, you have to apply some weight training to your routine. Add squats and leg press to your workout routine to help your leg muscles grow. 

Basketball itself won’t make your legs bigger. Playing basketball every day will not bulk up your leg muscles. However, playing basketball every day can make your legs stronger. But still, I suggest all basketball players reading right now to include leg day on their workout routine. Why? So that your legs will be powerful and will look bulk. 

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Tights? 

Tights or leg sleeves are essential in basketball. It is a valuable accessory for basketball players because of the benefits it gives to players. Why do basketball players wear tights, and how does it help basketball players?

Basketball players wear tights to prevent injuries. It helps keep the basketball player’s legs, and it is useful when the player has been subbed off the bench to rest. The compression tights trap the heat and keep the muscles of the legs warm. 

Compression tights or leg sleeves can also absorb sweat on your legs. It can reduce the bad smell caused by your sweat. The materials used on compression tights are for the absorption of sweat too. 

Compression tights can also help players reduce the chances of getting injured. Compression tights compress the players’ muscles when they move. Studies have shown that compression tights can reduce muscle soreness. Also, tights can lessen the muscle pain in your legs.  

Compression tights can also help the blood circulation on the legs of a basketball player. There is one study in Germany made, and they conclude that there were increases in blood flow in the arteries when a basketball player is using compression tights. 

There are many studies made about compression tights, and all of them have one answer. Compression tights are very helpful to every basketball player. When a basketball player wears one of these, it will lessen their chances of getting injured, it will absorb the sweat on their legs, and will increase blood flow and circulation on their legs.

Why Do Basketball Players Have Skinny Calves?

The calves are the muscles on your body that are very hard to make big. Calves are dense muscles, which is why it is difficult to make them bigger. It will be hard to make your calves bigger just by playing basketball. The calf is a stubborn muscle, and it will most likely look the same way all of your life if you don’t work out. 

Genetics also plays a huge role in determining how big your calves will be. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to make your calves a little bit bigger. You need to make sure that you work out your calves if you like to make them bigger.

Calves are an essential part of your body, especially if you are a basketball player. Your calves help you to support your body. It stabilizes your ankles and supports you when you do movements like jumping, running, and bending. 

NBA players have well-defined calves, especially the athletic ones like Russell Westbrook. Sometimes it may appear small when you look at it personally. But when you try to flex it, the muscles will start to show and reveal its real size. 

As a basketball player, you don’t need huge calves like the calves of a bodybuilder. You need well-defined calves. Include working out your calves during your leg day. Working out your calves is essential, especially if you like to run fast and have a high vertical leap.  

Final Thoughts

Legs are essential in basketball because it is the one you use when you run on the court. However, most basketball players don’t give a damn thing about their legs and solely focus on their upper bodies. 

Improve your legs on your workout routine. If you do this, you will be surprised by the result and benefits of it. If you are a basketball player and your legs are skinny, you will have a hard time running and jumping in a basketball game.

What are the best exercises for a basketball player to make their legs and calves big and strong? Comment your answers below! 

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