Best Basketball Drills To Do At Home

Best Basketball Drills To Do At Home

Key takeaway: To become a champion in basketball, focus on honing your skills through effective drills that target weaknesses and turn them into strengths, even from the comfort of your home without the need for expensive equipment.

Basketball is one of the most loved sports in America. People love it because it is easy, fun and very sporty. But to be a champion at this sport, you will have to build and maintain your form by doing various basketball drills. 

You might be wondering that these drills will be expensive and will require several props. But no, these are the Best Basketball Drills to Do at Home. You will not need much to do them. By doing these, you can target your weaknesses and turn them into your strength. 

Ball handling Basketball Drills

If you want to be a basketball champ, then a good grip over handling ball is a necessity. You can improve your ball-handling skills by practicing the following drills by remaining at your home. However, you will need a certain ground clearance for it. 

Pound Dribble Knee-High

You can do this drill with either hand. But do not use both hands at a time. 

  • Bend your knees and position the ball in between your hands
  • Now pound the ball on the ground using either hand to dribble it
  • While dribbling, the ball should reach the height of your knees
  • Keep your eyes straight. You should be able to dribble the ball without looking at it
  • Repeat the same drill with the other hand

Half Circle Dribble Stretch

This drill improves your ball handling capacity even better. If you practice this, you will be able to move along with the ball while dribbling it. 

  • Take an athletic stance and keep the ball in your right hand
  • Now dribble the ball such that it bounces just a few inches above the ground
  • While dribbling, mobilize the ball in a way that it forms a half-circle
  • Now dribble the ball back to the position you started
  • You should look up while doing this basketball drill
  • Repeat this drill with the left hand


This is a basketball drill that players of all levels should practice.

  • Bend your knees and take the basketball in your hand
  • Now dribble the ball in a way that it passes from your left hand to the right hand
  • Look up straight while doing this basketball drill. 

Shooting Basketball Drills

If you are playing as an offender in a team, learning how to shoot well is one of the major skills to master. Here are a few of the Best Basketball Drills to Do at Home. These will help you improve your ball shooting skills. For this, you will have to get a hoop fixed somewhere in your house, or in the backyard.

Shooting Drill ‘’7’’

This drill improves the shooting skill of a basketball player and helps him learn how to score a basket from standing anywhere in the court. 

  • mark a point somewhere close to the hoop 
  • Shoot ten balls standing in the exact same spot and see the number of baskets you can score
  • Take a step back and mark another point. Now repeat the same from that spot. 
  • Keep increasing the gap until you have reached a distance of about 22 feet from the hoop 
  • The objective is to score at least 7 baskets out of the ten attempts from each position. 

Long-Short Shooting Drill

To do this drill, you will need the help of another player for throwing the ball. This improves the ball shooting skills and helps the player have better control over his momentum. 

  • make the other person stand right under the basketball hoop 
  • The other player throws the ball at you
  • You will have to sprint from a distance and stop when you get hold of the basketball
  • Now pass the ball through the hoop
  • Keep repeating it for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Strength Training Drills for Basketball Players

Developing strength is important for basketball players. They will have to get past their opponents by being faster, stronger, and more agile. Here are some of the Best Basketball Drills to Do at Home for developing strength. 

Goblet Squat

Kettlebell is a common item that almost every athlete has in his house. Here is how you can develop your core strength by using that kettlebell to do goblet squat.

  • Stand straight and position your feet wide apart
  • Now hold that kettlebell with both your hands between the legs
  • Bend down in squatting position such that your thighs are parallel to the ground
  • Now push your body back up
  • Repeat this basketball drill for 10 to 12 times. 

Bent Over Reverse Fly

This is another drill that increases your core strengths and works on your leg and hand muscle groups. You will need a set of dumbbells to do this drill at home. 

  • Bend and push your hips back. The chest should be in a downward position. 
  • Hold each dumbbell in one hand and unlock your elbow
  • Keep your hands straight and push the elbow back 
  • Slowly bring your elbow to the position it was in before
  • Do 3 to 4 sets of this drill to develop strength

Double Ball Drills for Advanced Players

The following drills are for advanced level players and include the use of two basketballs. 

2 Ball circles Drill

To do this drill, you will need some ground clearance, 2 basketball, and two cans. Professionals will use cones, but you can simply put two soda cans and dribble the ball around it. 

  • Place two cans parallelly at a distance of 2 to 3 feet. 
  • Now stand in the center at a distance of 1.5 feet from the cans
  • Take two balls and dribble each in a circle around the cans without tossing them over. 
  • The basketball should not jump more than a few inches
  • Your eyes should be on the balls while doing this  basketball drill

Note: You can dribble the balls clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

2 ball Dribble Between Legs

The difficulty of this drill is a tad higher than all the other drills at home we have listed. You will have to be agile enough to get it done. 

Take the ball in your left hand and dribble it high enough to create some time. Within this split second, you should pass the ball in your right hand in between the leg such that your left-hand touches and tosses it back to the right hand. The left hand then goes back to manage the other ball and send it off for another high dribble. 

Did we missed some basketball drills to do at home? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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