What Does PPD Mean In Basketball? The Real Truth!

What Does PPD Mean In Basketball

Key Takeaway: NBA games can be postponed for various reasons such as bad weather, human rights movements, and virus outbreaks like COVID-19. The decision to postpone rests with the NBA to protect the safety of players and fans, reflecting their commitment to prioritizing health and social responsibility.

It is so exciting to see your favorite basketball team play. Whether it is an NBA team, Bundesliga team, or even if it is just a local team in your city. The NBA is the most famous basketball league around the world and this is the basketball league that has many fans. Watching the NBA or any basketball league games is relaxing! 

After your job or school, you come home to watch an NBA game to relax. But when you open the television or your computer to watch, they announce that they will not be playing because of PPD. However, you don’t have any idea what PPD is.

What does PPD mean in basketball? PPD is an acronym that stands for “postponed”. In simple words, PPD means that the basketball game is canceled. When the basketball game gets postponed, the game might be rescheduled or will not be played at all.

2020 has been the worst year. This is when the coronavirus hit the world. The NBA games got postponed because of this Covid pandemic. They postponed the games to prevent their players from getting sick. 

There are other things that you can learn about the PPD in basketball. We are going to tell you the different reasons why the NBA has to postpone their games. If you are ready, let’s get right into it!

Different Reasons Why NBA Games Might Get Postponed

I know it can be frustrating to hear that the NBA games will be postponed. Remember that delay is different from postponed. Delays can also happen in the NBA and other basketball leagues, and it can take a few hours for the game to start. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the NBA might announce that their games will be postponed (PPD). These reasons are logical, and I think the NBA really cares about their players that is why they do this.

Because Of Weather Conditions

The first reason why NBA games got postponed is because of bad weather. If the news broadcasted that there will be threatening weather coming, the NBA has to postpone their games. They do this to protect their players and fans. 

However, the NBA games will rarely be postponed due to weather conditions. The last time the NBA had to postpone a game due to bad weather was last January 23, 2016. This is when the National Weather Service announced a blizzard warning. The games that were postponed were the Utah Jazz vs. Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers game. 

The NBA games can be postponed because of the bad weather. However, this only happens rarely, especially today. The stadium of the NBA teams is strong and the fans and players are protected inside when the storm arrives. 

Because Of Human Rights Movement

The year 2020 has become a human rights movement, and this is the year we can’t forget because of the many things that happened. There are many black Americans that have been shot, which lead to some human rights movements. Because of this, the NBA decided to postpone the games. 

The NBA players decided not to play amid the playoffs. They canceled three games on August 26, 2020. The other sports leagues, like Major League Baseball, WNBA, and Major League Soccer canceled their games as well.

The famous incident that happened was the incident of George Flloyd and Jacob Blake. Both of them got shot by police officers illegally. Because of this incident, most NBA players started to protest to stop the whole NBA season. However, the commissioner doesn’t approve this, and they continue the season. The NBA show their support by wearing jerseys with quotes about human rights. 

The 2019-2020 NBA season was almost canceled entirely because of many incidents that happened. The NBA can postpone their games because of the human rights movement. They do this to show support to the activists. NBA players believe that human rights are more important than basketball. This may happen again because of many human rights violations happening in the world today. 

Because Of Virus Outbreak 

The other reason that might force the NBA to cancel their games is because of a virus outbreak. When there is a severe virus that threatens the world, the NBA has to postpone their games. The NBA does this to protect their players from the virus. 

This happened last 2020 where the Covid-19 hit the world. The NBA postponed their games because of the pandemic. However, they resumed it after it was postponed for some months. The NBA rescheduled their games for the safety procedures the NBA must follow. 

The 2019-2020 season got postponed for almost six months, and they resumed it in a bubble atmosphere at Orlando. The NBA makes a safety protocol to complete the remainder of the season while keeping their players safe from the virus. It works, and the season 2019-2020 has finished, and the Lakers won the championship. 

As the NBA enters the 2020-2021 season, we see many NBA games get postponed because of the pandemic. When an NBA player is exposed to a person with coronavirus and make some contact with some of their teammates, they all should get tested. If they went positive, the NBA will postpone the team’s next game. 

Many people argue that the whole NBA season is not worth it, and they have to postpone the whole 2020-2021 NBA season until the virus vanishes. However, the NBA doesn’t agree with this. The NBA isn’t breaking any safety protocols, and they have doctors inside the bubble to manage the virus. There is no reason to postpone the NBA because I think they are following the rules and they protect their players very well. 

What Will Happen If NBA Games Got Postponed? 

When the NBA games get postponed, it may resume soon or may not happen anymore. The representatives are the ones who decide whether to resume the game on the next day or not. One thing for sure will happen if NBA games get postponed. The fans will be angry when the NBA games get postponed (PPD). 

Who Decides To Postpone NBA Games?

The NBA is the one who decides whether they should postpone the game or not. There is a team of representatives that will decide what they should do when they face a problem that could potentially cancel all of the NBA games. Many reasons might force the NBA to cancel the game, and we mentioned it above. 

The main reason why the NBA has to postpone different games is because of the Covid-19 pandemic. They test all of the NBA players before the game starts. The NBA instructs their players to stay in their hotel room, and they can only leave unless it is a practice, workout, or they have a game. I hope that the virus vanishes away because I don’t want the NBA to get postponed again. 

Postponing the NBA games may happen in the coming years or days again, especially in our current situation right now. This is a smart move for the NBA to protect their players and fans from danger. Postponing games to show support to the human rights movement is also a good thing. 

Famous Reasons Why NBA Games Got Postponed

Aside from what is happening today, there are also times before, where the NBA games have been postponed. What are the famous reasons why NBA games got postponed? Below are some of the famous reasons and incidents that happened that force the NBA to postpone their games. 

  • The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963
  • New York’s great blackout on November 9, 1965
  • The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968
  • Transportation strike in Philadelphia, 1953

Aside from those four famous incidents, other things have happened that force the NBA to postpone their games. 

Final Thoughts

To have a recap, let me tell you what PPD means again in basketball. PPD means postponed, or the basketball postponed. PPD in basketball happens for so many reasons that we just mentioned above.

Postponing a basketball game when something serious is happening is a smart move. The NBA makes sure that their players and fans will be safe. They choose to postpone the game. Especially if some virus or bad weather threatens the lives of their players and fans. 

Do you think it is a smart move for the NBA to postpone their games when something serious happens? Yes or no? Comment your answer below!

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