How Heavy Is A Basketball?

How Heavy Is A Basketball?

Key Takeaway: Dribbling is fundamental in basketball, and understanding the weight and physics of the ball is crucial for players. Different basketball leagues have specific standards for ball weight, with manufacturers like Spalding, Wilson, and Molten being key players in the industry.

In basketball, the ball is the most essential equipment before the basketball ring because even though you have no basketball ring, you can still practice your dribbling skill in various places. Dribbling is the pillar of a basketball player. Learning how to dribble the ball is the first step a beginner should practice. Without a ball, it will be difficult for you as a basketball player to practice your handling.   

Aside from dribbling, you have many more to learn about the ball. Knowing the weight of the ball will give you an advantage for players who have no idea. It will also help you to gain knowledge about the physics of the ball. Lastly, if you know the standard weight of a basketball, you will be able to notice in one glimpse if the ball is under or overweight.

Over the years, there are many brands of basketball have come out. Each brand was made by different manufacturers around the world, and each basketball league in the world has their manufacturers. Give this article a try so you can garner new information about what brand of a ball does different basketball league’s use and the standard weight of their ball. 

Why Do I Need To Know This?

As a basketball player, knowing every basketball information is essential. It will give you the advantage and will make you a more smart player. This information will give you extensive knowledge about the ball. Knowing this information will also give you an idea of what kind of basketball you will put in your cart the next time you go to the mall. 

Weight Of Basketball In Different Basketball Leagues

Below are the lists of different basketball leagues, the brand of the ball they use, and the standard weight of their ball. 

Weight Of NBA Basketball

Brand Of Basketball: Spalding

Even though there is not written in the official NBA rules what their standard weight of the ball is, we have checked the Spalding website and checked their weight list. After garnering useful information, we have found out the standard weight of basketball used by the NBA. The NBA uses a size 7 with a circumference of 29.5 (75cm) Spalding basketball with a weight that ranges from 20oz-220z (510g-624g).

Weight Of WNBA Basketball

Brand Of Basketball: Spalding

The NBA and WNBA court rules are the same except for the weight of the basketball. According to the rule book of WNBA, their ball’s weight ranges from 18oz-20oz (510g-567g). The size of their basketball is size 6, and their basketball manufacturer is Spalding.  According to the rulebook.

f. (1) The ball shall be an officially approved WNBA ball with a weight not less than 18 ounces nor more than 20 ounces. The circumference of the ball shall be within a maximum of 29 inches and a minimum of 28.5 inches and between 7½ and 8½ pounds pressure.

Weight Of NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball has two categories. The NCAA Men’s Basketball and the Women’s Basketball.

NCAA Men’s Basketball

Likewise, the NBA and Men’s NCAA basketball has the same standard weight of the ball. In the NCAA rulebook, the ball’s weight is stated. The regulation weight of the ball in NCAA men basketball ranges from 20oz-22oz (510g-624g). The rulebook says: 

Art. 9. The weight of the ball shall not be less than 20 ounces nor more than 22 ounces.

The official game ball of the NCAA men basketball manufacturer was Wilson basketball. They produce balls that will comply with the NCAA men basketball regulations.

NCAA Women’s Basketball

In the NCAA women’s basketball rulebook, they stated that the ball weight must range between 18oz-20oz (510g-567g). The rule book says:

Art. 9. The weight of the ball shall not be less than 18 ounces nor more than 20 ounces.

The NCAA women’s basketball manufacturer was also Wilson. Wilson does not list an official weight for their basketball. Like the NCAA men’s basketball, Wilson also produces balls that will comply with the NCAA women’s basketball rulebook. 

Weight Of FIBA/Olympic Basketball

The official weight of FIBA basketball written on their rulebook under section 7: The rulebook stated the standard weight of the ball for both men’s and women’s categories. The rulebook says:

7.4 For all men’s competitions in all categories, …the ball shall weigh no less than 567 g and no more than 650 g.

7.5 For all women’s competitions in all categories, … the ball shall weigh no less than 510 g and no more than 567 g.

For the men’s category, the basketball weight must be between 20oz-23oz (567g-650g), and for the women’s category, the basketball weight must be between 18oz-20oz (510g-567g). FIBA’s basketball manufacturer is Molten and has always been since the FIBA basketball league founded 30 years ago. 

List Of Manufacturers And Standard Ball Weight Of Each league

The top three manufacturers of basketball are Spalding, Wilson, and Molten. These three manufacturers have produced top-notch quality basketballs over the years, and I suggest that the next time you buy a basketball, try these three manufacturers for a more sturdy ball. However, it is not bad if you try the basketball of other manufacturers. There are many sports companies out there that produce good quality basketball. 

Below are the charts of different manufacturers of a ball of individual basketball leagues around the globe and their standard weight of the ball. 

League Manufacturer Weight Of The Ball
NBA Spalding 20oz-22oz
WNBA Spalding 18oz-20oz
NCAA Men Wilson 20oz-22oz
NCAA Women Wilson 18oz-20oz
FIBA Olympics Men Molten 20oz-22oz
FIBA Olympics Women Molten 18oz-22oz
Euroleague Nike 20oz-22oz

On the other, below is the list of standard ball weights for youths that range from ages 2-12 years old. Look for a manufacturer that provides certain weights of basketballs listed on the table below.

Age Ball Size Weight Of The Ball
Ages 2-4 Size 1-“Micro Mini Ball” 8oz-9oz
Ages 4-8 Size 2 or 3-“Mini Ball” 10oz-12oz
Ages 5-8 Size 4 13oz-14oz
Ages 9-11 Size 5 17oz

Final Verdict

It has proven that basketball is the best team sport in the world. The game spread worldwide like a disease, and it still infecting new people around the globe. There are many players out there, and I wonder how much money do ball manufacturers make. I hope that basketball manufacturers may soon develop another historic ball that all players will remember. 

Which of the three best manufacturers of basketball is your most favorite? Comment your answers below!

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