What Is A Double-Double In Basketball?

What Is A Double-Double In Basketball?

Key Takeaway: Double-doubles in basketball, where a player reaches double-digit numbers in two of five categories in one game, showcase valuable all-around performance. While triple-doubles are rare and impressive, double-doubles demonstrate consistency and versatility, with noteworthy historical achievements by players like Wilt Chamberlain, Kevin Love, Tracy McGrady, Dikembe Mutombo, and Tim Duncan.

In basketball, there are five categories where statistics of basketball counts, they record these categories to see how a player performs. These categories are rebounds, steals, blocked shots, points, and assists. In each of the categories, there are players whom we called specialists. There is a rebounder specialist, steals specialist, block specialist, defensive specialist, a pass-first point guard, and a scoring machine. But some players are just so talented that they excel in multiple categories, and these players bring more value to the team.

It is fun to fill up the stat sheet in different categories, but there are certain milestones that fans and media members pay attention to. These milestones will help fans and media to decide whether a player performs well or not, one of these milestones is double-double. 

The double-double is when a player records double-digit numbers in any two of these five categories in one game. For example, if Stephen Curry scores 30 points and has 12 assists, Curry has a double-double in that game. Recording a double-double in one game is something you can brag on and be proud of because it just means that you are a diamond on your team. 

This article is going to discuss all you need to know about double-double in basketball. We will also give you some highlights and history of players that became double-double machines during their careers. 

Difference Of Triple-Double And Double-Double

Triple-double is similar to a double-double, the only difference they have is that to have a double-double in one game, all you need is to have double figures in two of the five categories. If a player records double figures in three of the five categories it is considered triple-double. Let me give you one example of a triple-double, for example, if Harden scores 25 points, has 10 assists, and 10 rebounds, Harden has a triple-double. 

Having a triple-double in one game is quite impressive, but the truth is that only a few players possess the ability to have a triple-double. Many fans asked who are most valuable in the team? Is it a player who can record a triple-double or a player that can record a double-double? The truth is, players that can record a triple-double in one game give the same value to the team as players who can record a double-double, some based on numbers that is why they think that triple-double is much more valuable than double-double, but the truth is, there is no difference. 

Triple-double is kind of rare in the game of basketball because triple-double is very difficult to attain, and it is much easier to record a double-double that is why numerous players record a double-double in one game than players who recorded triple-double in one game. 

History Of Double-Double In NBA

This part of the article will exhibit players who have been famous because of double-doubles. As a basketball addict, I thought that displaying this part of this article would be exciting for my dear readers. I researched everything just for you, so please continue reading. 

Longest Double-Double Streak

Between 1964 and 1967, Wilt Chamberlain has successfully recorded 227 straight double-doubles. Aside from that, Chamberlain also won two MVP awards during this time (1964-1967). Chamberlain’s achievements brought great value to the Philadelphia 76ers, this is the reason why they became one of the most dominant forces. Chamberlain also holds the second-and-third longest continuous streaks of double-doubles with 220 and 133 double-doubles.

This record of Wilt Chamberlain is before the ABA-NBA merger in 1976. After the merger occurred, the longest streak of double-doubles was given to Kevin Love. Kevin Love was playing for Minnesota Timberwolves when he achieved the longest streak of double-doubles. He has 53 double-doubles in that season. 

Youngest Player To Record Double-Double

On November 9, 1997, an 18-year old (18 years and 175 days) Tracy Mcgrady became the youngest NBA player to have a double-double. Tracy Mcgrady has 10 points and 11 rebounds. With that achievement, Tracy Mcgrady inspired many youngsters at that time and gave hope to young players that wanted to be in the NBA.

Oldest Player To Record Double-Double

On April 10, 2009, 42 years old (42 years and 289 days) Dikembe Mutombo became the oldest NBA player to have a double-double with 10 points and 15 rebounds. Mutombo is a four-time NBA defensive player of the year, and he is an NBA Hall of Famer. Because of his incredible career, Mutombo became an inspiration for all aspiring players around the globe. His double-double must be the last treat for basketball fans that witnessed him from his rookie season until his retirement. 

Most Total Career Double-Doubles

Since the 1983-1984 season, Tim Duncan holds the record for most total career double-doubles in the NBA. Duncan has a total of 841 double-doubles throughout his NBA career. While in league history, Wilt Chamberlain is still the GOAT when it comes to double-doubles. Wilt Chamberlain has a total of 968 career double-doubles. 


Even though double-double is not as extravagant as triple-double, achieving a double-double is still impressive. Having a double-double means that you do not only excel in scoring, but you also excel in some categories, and if you can earn a double-double regularly, then it means that you are valuable as a diamond on your team. 

 Have you ever recorded a double-double? How many double-doubles have you record? Feel free to share it in the comment section below!

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