The Truth On Why Basketball Players Are So Tall

Why Basketball Players Are So Tall?

Basketball players are increasingly tall, with height being crucial for positions such as defense, shot-blocking, and rebounds. Factors like genetics, exercise, diet, and routine contribute to players' height, with the average NBA player now standing at 6'7" compared to 6'3" or 6'5" previously.

Nowadays, basketball is all about height and tall players. As the years are passing, the height requirement is also increasing.

Most of the NBA players are more than 6’5” tall. Earlier the average height of an NBA player was 6’3” or 6’5”, but now it is 6’7”.

The tallest NBA player is Gheorghe Muresan. This former Romanian NBA player is 7’7” tall.

This is the highest recorded height in NBA history.

Height is essential in basketball because some players need to be tall to pay for certain positions.

The average height requirements in the NBA changes as per playing positions.

For example, the average height of a center is6’9” to 7’.

Because of this, basketball players are mostly tall.

Reasons For Why Basketball Players Are So Tall

Here are some reasons why basketball players are so tall:


The most common reason why basketball players are tall is regular exercise. Professional basketball players have to follow an intensive exercise routine. They have to daily workout to keep themselves fit and agile. Exercise also helps in increasing their height. Most of the players start working out from a young age, which allows them to grow tall naturally.


After exercise, comes diet. A properly balanced diet can do wonders for your height. To grow, our body needs adequate minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Basketball players have to follow a strict diet to maintain their weight. It helps them in increasing their height as well.


If you are an athlete, you have to dedicate your entire life to the sports you play. It is the same with basketball players. It is a very demanding game. Players have to follow a proper routine in their day to day life to keep themselves fit. They have to sleep regularly at appropriate intervals. It helps to increase their height because the growth hormone is naturally released during sleep. Proper sleep helps you to grow tall.

Gym Training

Basketball players have to go to the gym and train regularly. They have a professional coach to guide them. When to workout, their testosterone level increases, which helps them to grow tall naturally.

Growth Supplements

Apart from natural ways, many players also take growth complements. The players intake synthetic growth hormones to increase their height. Nowadays, there are many types of growth supplements available in the market. These complements can have many side-effects as they are artificial. It is not advisable.


Another reason why basketball players are so tall is because of their genetics. Most of the basketball players want their kids to follow their footsteps. Their kids are naturally tall because of genetics. It is one of the most common reasons for the taller height.


Sports help to increase height. Many sports players undergo training and exercise, which helps to increase the stamina as well as height. So sports players are naturally tall.

Importance of Height in Basketball

Here are some reasons why height is essential in basketball.


A defender helps to defend the shots. A tall defender can quickly stop the shots. Height gives an advantage to defenders. It helps in proper defense.

Blocking Shots

A tall player can easily block shots with their hands. They don’t have to jump or struggle to reach the ball. To block shots, skills, as well as proper height, is required.

Finish at the Rim

As we know, the basketball hoop stands at 10’ height. If a player is tall, they can easily reach the rim to make the shot. Most tall players simply dunk and make the shot because of their height. It helps them to reach the rim and finish the shot.

Longer Strides

A tall player has longer strides because of longer limbs. It helps them make longer strides, escape with the ball, or reach the ball at the right time. They can easily cover the distance in the court.


With taller height, a player’s wingspan also increases. It helps them to get rebounds. They don’t have to move too much to get the rebound from underneath the basket. It is an advantage.

Playing Position

As we know, some basketball positions need taller players. A center is always the tallest player. It helps them to stay near the basket to make shots and get rebounds.

Basketball Exercises to Grow Tall

Here is some exercise which helps you to grow tall. Most of the basketball players undergo these exercises.


Stretching is one of the best exercises to grow tall. Most basketball players stretch regularly to keep their muscles healthy and avoid stiffness. It also helps them to correct their posture and play more efficiently.


Swimming is a proven exercise to grow tall. Basketball players have to swim to improve their stamina and control their breathing. It helps them to grow tall as well as agile.


Nowadays, many players go for yoga. It not only helps to increase the height but keep the mind calm as well. Yoga helps to deal with stress. Some yoga postures help to increase the height as well.


Hanging helps to increase muscle strength as well as straighten the back. A straight back helps to increase height.


Cycling also helps to increase the height as the leg muscles are continually stretching due to peddling. 

Top 5 Tallest NBA Players in History

Here are the top 5 tallest players in NBA history.

  • Gheorghe Muresan:

He is a former NBA player. His height is 7’7”, which is the highest ever recorded height. He played for 7 NBA seasons.

  • ManuteBol:

He was the second-highest NBA player. His height was 7’7”. He played for 10 NBA seasons. 

  • Shawn Bradley:

He is a former NBA player. His height is 7’6”. His NBA career lasted from 1993 to 2005.

  • Yao Ming:

He is a former NBA player. His height is 7’6”. He played in the NBA from 2002 to 2011.

  • Chuck Nevitt:

He is a former NBA player. His height is 7’5”. He played for 10 NBA seasons.

Well, these are some reasons why basketball players are so tall. It is clear that in basketball, mostly taller players are preferred. They have the advantage of reaching the hoop quickly. Many players start working on their height from early teenage days. If you want to enter NBA and you are struggling with your height, check the average height of an NBA player by position.

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