What Is Basketball Scrimmage?

What Is Basketball Scrimmage?

Key Takeaway: Basketball scrimmage is a valuable practice game that enhances team chemistry and skill evaluation. Coaches can improve scrimmages by keeping games short, implementing special rules, recording player statistics, executing drills post-scrimmage, and involving bench players to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

There are many types of basketball games that every player can play, but the organized game and street basketball game are the famous two. The usual duration of one organize basketball game is 12 minutes per quarter with a total of 48 minutes (not including the OT). To win a basketball game in an organized basketball is very simple, score more points than the opposing team in the allotted game time. The usual type of game played on the streets is 21 basketball. 21 basketball is a basketball regulation that is usually played in the streets. Winning in 21 basketball is simple, the first team that scores 21 points would be the winner. 

But did you know that there is another type of basketball game that coaches tend to execute every practice? This type of basketball game helps to improve the team’s chemistry and it is used to create a strong bond between old and new teammates. 

Basketball scrimmage is what I am talking about folks. Coaches use this type of basketball game for many reasons. This article will take a look at basketball scrimmage. We will also share some tips that can help to improve your basketball scrimmages. 

What Is Basketball Scrimmage?

To learn more about basketball scrimmage, let us first take a look at the meaning of scrimmage. Scrimmage is a practice game used by different team sports to practice. The word scrimmage was a variation on the word skirmish, which means “a confused struggle between players”.

You already know the meaning of the word scrimmage. Now, let me write down below the definition of basketball scrimmage:

Basketball scrimmage is a five against five basketball practice game. Players need to abide by the rules given by their coach in a basketball scrimmage. Coaches use the scrimmage to create a strong bond between players and to improve the team’s chemistry. 

Every Coach loves to use the scrimmage to evaluate the skills of each player and to see what needs to be improved. Coaches use the scrimmage to take notes and discover the strength and weaknesses of their players. Lastly, coaches use scrimmage to practice some plays, so that players can execute the plays smoothly into the real game. 

How To Improve The Basketball Scrimmage In Your Team?

The following concepts below can bring improvement to your five on five basketball scrimmage. 

These tips will help your players to improve more and get used to the game. Let us check out some tips I listed down for you!

Keep The Games Short

It is much better to let your players play for a shorter period than to clump their way through an hour-long scrimmage. Letting your players play for a short period can improve some aspects of your team. 

The reason why the scrimmage is required to be played in a short period is to help your players make the best use of their effort during the duration of the game. You can let your players play for 4-minutes straight without any stops. 

After the 4-minutes mark, let your team take a short break, do some basketball drills, or check their performance on the scrimmage session. Then after that, you can start another 4-minute game again. 

Use Different Starting Locations

This will help you to ensure your players focus on some specific situations. It will help your players to think fast while inbounding the ball. You can let your players start the scrimmage at different starting points in basketball court. This could be inbounding the ball on the sidelines, after a free throw, press attack, or jump ball. 

Apply Some Special Rules

Having some special rules can reduce the duration of your scrimmage. Using one or two special rules can help you determine what specific areas your players are lacking. Applying special rules will make the scrimmage more fun and challenging for players. 

Apply some special rules like if your player stole the ball or intercepted a pass then their team can have an additional point. You can also give the offense an additional point every time the defense fails to guard the shooter, or if the offense makes a great play to score. 

Record Statistics Of Your Players

It is crucial to take records of your scrimmage drills as it helps you to monitor each player’s progress. Record the points, steals, rebounds, blocked shots, assists, turnovers, and callouts made by your players. 

Record if your player succeeds or fails on your given requirements. You can pick an area where your players need to pay more attention to and give their best shot. 

Execute Drills After A Scrimmage Session

After a scrimmage session, you can let your players play some drills like a shootout, defense drills, shooting drills, or some dribbling drills. Let your players do a specific drill where they lack, for example, if one of your players is not good at passing the ball during the scrimmage, then require that player to execute a passing drill after the scrimmage session. 

I suggest you do this so that you can help your players improve in a specific area where they lack. After the drills, you can let your players take a break then start another scrimmage session to see if the drill you gave works. 

Bench Vs. Starting Five Players

Coaches choose who their starter players are. Most coaches usually pick the five best players in the team to play at the beginning of a basketball game. As a coach, you do not want to ruin your winning streak because one of your starting players got injured. If one of your starters got an injury, then there should be a replacement for that particular player.

This idea will help your bench players to improve more so that any time tragedy comes, any of your bench players can replace some of your starter players. You can also mix the players, you can do 3 starters on the other team and 2 starters on the other team. 

Record The Game

In our technology today, it is easier to record each basketball game with the use of a camera or mobile phone. Record your team’s scrimmage game and watch the clip after the scrimmage. Make sure to watch the clips seriously to check what particular aspects your team lacks. Record your player’s strengths and weaknesses, and make sure to make some adjustments. 

Final Words

Use these scrimmage tactics we listed above. It will just not improve your scrimmage sessions but also help your players improve. Basketball scrimmages will help you to determine each of your player’s strengths and weaknesses. You can also use the scrimmage to practice the basketball plays you have made so that your players can apply each play in the real game. 

We would love to hear from you! Feel free to suggest some scrimmage techniques in the comment section below!

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