What Are The Best Online Sites For Free Basketball Games?

free online sites for basketball games

Basketball games like NBA 2k and NBA Live can be costly and require high-end equipment, but there are free online sites like Gamesgames.com and Basketball-gm.com that offer high-quality basketball games requiring only a basic laptop and internet connection. These sites provide a variety of basketball gaming experiences, from arcade-style games to simulation-based team management, catering to all basketball enthusiasts at no cost.

Basketball games like NBA 2k, NBA Live, and NBA jam could be exciting, but for some reason, these games can’t be played by everyone. NBA 2k and NBA live to require a large budget for you to be able to play them, you need a high-end computer or a console. These games also require money and they regularly cost you 70$ or more, which isn’t practical for low budget gamers.

Luckily, there are tons of free sites that have basketball games and will cost you a cheap penny. These games can be exciting too and they are high-quality basketball games that are free. These games aren’t high graphics like NBA 2k and NBA live, all you just need is a cheap laptop or pc and the internet to be able to run these games smoothly.

I don’t want to keep you waiting because I know you are all excited to check out and try these games. Let’s take a look at some of the best online sites that are free basketball games. No matter what genre you are into, we are sure that you will be able to like at least one site below.

1. Gamesgames.com

If you love playing arcade-type basketball games, then this site is suitable for you. This website has tons of basketball games that will bring interest to you. The games were made by talented developers that are continuing to publish many games. They made gamesgames.com convenient for you and they have many online basketball games that you can choose from.

This site won’t cost you many dimes, all you just need is a working laptop and internet to start playing and enjoying. There are many online basketball games with different UI designs, mechanics, rules, and goals, and these games are worth trying. Some basketball games are easy and hard, while some games have levels that seem impossible to overcome. 

To be honest with you, there is no single basketball game that will interest a 20 years old guy to play for hours. But, the site features enough variety of online basketball games to keep every age interested. 

Also, this site has many different games in all types of genres. So when you don’t feel like playing a game related to basketball, then you can just browse and search the genre you wanted to play. 

2. Kiloo.com

This online site has been online for so many years. I remembered the first time I accidentally browsed this site when I was a kid, I was amazed at what this site could offer. Because I love basketball since I was six, I searched for basketball when I accidentally browsed this online game site. There are tons of basketball games that keep me sitting in front of my pc for hours.

Kiloo.com is totally for kids that are below 12. To be honest with you, older people won’t be interested in playing online basketball games on this site. To play basketball on this site, all you just need is a working laptop and internet. 

3. Whatifsports.com

Whatifsports.com is also a simulation based-game that will keep you from facing your monitor for hours and hours until you pass out. Unlike most basketball games, this game won’t let you play the game or build a team. This online basketball game is all about matching up historic NBA or college basketball teams against each other. 

This game will let your dream come true by matching up each team or player and see how they would play out. Do you want to know what would happen if you matched up the 95/96 Chicago Bulls with the 16/18 Warriors? How about the 04/05 San Antonio Spurs went against Lebron James and the 19/20 Los Angeles Lakers?

The site keeps and updates the database of hundreds and thousands of different teams and players to ensure that the rosters are accurate. This site can also help you to settle the argument between you and your friends on who is the best NBA team of all time. This site has also a bunch of other sports that will entertain you.

4. Basketball-gm.com

If you wanted to know the feeling of running a basketball team, then basketball GM is your holy grail. Basketball-gm.com is a web-based simulation game that allows you to do everything a GM does in real life. You can trade your players, participate in drafts, sign players, and many more. 

So the game starts like this, the game generates a league full of completely random players that will fill out the 30 teams. While you don’t get to play the game like the NBA 2k, you can still simulate it and you are like realistically running an NBA team. You can also see the ratings of each player, the stats of each player, and the standings of the league, just like in NBA 2k. Your players can also grow old, retire, the standings could change, and many more. 

You can also run many leagues as you want at once just like “the association” in NBA 2k. The rosters used are also updated and the developers are still constantly updating the game every month for bug fixes and new features. This game will surely keep you engaged because of its astounding gameplay and features. 

Because of the low system requirement of this online basketball game, all you just need is a laptop and internet to start running your team.

5. Gamesbox.com

Just like gamesgames.com, this site also has a lot of variety of online basketball games. They have 2d and 3d basketball games, and you can find a gem if you dig in and search. The games uploaded in gamesbox.com was also created by a wide range of publishers, and gamesbox.com is also a convenient place for gamers. 

Luckily, the site does not also require you a lot of dimes, all you just need is a laptop and wifi. There are also tons of online basketball games that have different mechanics, different layouts, different goals, and so much more. 

If you don’t feel like playing an online basketball game, then you can choose another genre from this site. They have tons of games that are in another genre. The best game I would suggest to you is Air Raid Basketball.

Final Verdict

These five online sites can provide you hours of entertainment, they are free and can let you play basketball online. Whether you want to create and run your team, play 2d basketball, or want to shoot threes, these five sites will be able to help you satisfy your basketball addiction.

There are still many free online sites for basketball games that you can discover, but all we have listed are the top ones. 

Can you suggest any online site for playing basketball games? If so, please feel free to write it down in the comment section below.

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