Why Do NBA Players Wear Goggles During Championship Celebration? The Truth!

why do nba players wear goggles when celebrating

Key takeaway: NBA players wear goggles during championship celebrations to avoid champagne spills in their eyes, as the alcohol content can be painful and cause irritation. Despite appearances, the use of goggles serves a practical purpose and is a common celebratory tradition among NBA players.

Many things can happen in the NBA. The NBA is full of surprises and joy, which is why their fan base is enormous. During the NBA finals, all fans keep their eyes on the news. They wait for the complete schedule of the NBA finals game so that they can adjust their schedule to watch. 

During the NBA finals, you will see lots of money wasted on online betting. There are tons of people who bet online as a way of supporting their favorite NBA team that is in the finals. When their favorite team wins the NBA championship, they shout with joy and join the celebration but only at their own houses. 

During the championship celebration, you will see the NBA players jumping and running around the court. They hug each other and run towards the locker room. When they reach the locker room, you will see that they start smoking cigars and waste a thousand dollars champagne. They also wear goggles, right? What are these goggles for? Let me answer that. 

Why do NBA players wear goggles when celebrating? NBA players celebrate the championship with champagne. The reason why NBA players wear goggles when celebrating is to prevent champagne from spilling inside their eyes. It hurts and can cause irritation, which is why NBA players try to prevent it. 

There are lots of things you can learn about our topic today. Let’s check the other questions about the celebration of the NBA championship. You will know how the NBA players celebrate their win, and what they use during their celebration. If you are ready, let’s go!

why do nba players wear goggles when celebrating
Why Do NBA Players Wear Goggles During Championship Celebration? The Truth!

More About Championship Celebration In The NBA

Have you ever seen an NBA championship celebration? If yes, did you watch it on television? Or you see them celebrating physically in the stadium? Whether you watch them celebrating on television or physically, the NBA championship celebration is indeed fun! 

During game seven of the NBA finals, all we wait for is the last seconds of the game. We all pray and hope for our favorite team to win the championship. All of our bodies are shaking, especially if it’s a close game. When the clock turns zero, there should be a winner. The winner of game seven is the NBA champions! 

NBA players will run and jump on the basketball court as part of their celebration. They will hug their teammates and their opponents. NBA players also bring their families to celebrate with them. The stage is set for the NBA champions. 

The NBA champions will go in the middle of the court and the NBA commissioner will give the rewards and announce the finals MVP. All NBA players from the team will hold the trophy one by one. After all the rewards have been given, NBA players will run to the locker room. 

When the NBA players reach the locker room, they will open the champagne that costs a thousand bucks and a cigar that costs a hundred bucks. This is part of their celebration. They spill and drink champagne, they smoke cigars, and sometimes they spill cold water to each other. Of course, they wear goggles when celebrating to avoid the champagne spill in their eyes.

Few days after that, they will go to their team’s city to celebrate the championship with their fans. NBA celebration is fun! Every basketball fan loves that, especially if their favorite team won the championship. 

Why Do NBA Players Waste Their Champagne Instead Of Drinking It?

NBA players smoke cigars and drink champagne during the NBA championship celebration. They do this as part of their celebrations. Sometimes it looks like they just waste the champagne because they spill it everywhere. So, why do NBA players waste a thousand dollars on champagne instead of drinking it?

NBA players spill the champagne everywhere because it is part of their celebration. It looks like they are wasting the champagne but it isn’t. They are having fun so who cares if they waste the champagne. NBA players also drink the champagne they spill. They have lots of money, which is why they don’t care if they waste the champagnes. 

NBA players also smoke cigars when celebrating. When you see the footage of Michael Jordan celebrating after they won the NBA championship, Jordan smokes a large cigar. Even the NBA players today smoke cigars when they win the championship. Smoking cigars as part of their celebration too. 

When the NBA players go to their locker room, the celebration will start. NBA players will first wear their goggles to protect their eyes from the champagne. Champagne has alcohol so it means when it spills into your eyes, it hurts. This is the reason why NBA players want to protect their eyes. It may look silly when they wear goggles but they have a purpose in wearing them. 

In every celebration, alcohol and tobacco is a great pair. Same in celebrating the NBA championship. NBA players love to smoke their cigars and accompany them with champagne.

How Much Is The Champagne Used By The NBA Cost?

The cost of champagne used in NBA championship celebrations ranges from $50,000-$500,000. It sounds impractical, right? Well, not for the NBA association. They have lots of money to waste for these champagnes. The champagne is sponsored by the NBA and the team organization. 

If the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship, the NBA and their team’s manager will sponsor their champagne and cigars. The champagne used by the NBA is the champagne from the best champagne companies like Moët Impérial and Cheurlin. The cost of each champagne they buy is $1,500 per bottle! Wow! What a lavish celebration!

why do nba players wear goggles when celebrating
Kawhi Leonard Wearing Goggles During Championship Celebration

Why Do NBA Players Wear Goggles In Games?

NBA players not only wear goggles when celebrating, but some of them wear goggles during games also. In the past, NBA players loved to wear goggles. Abdul Jabbar is a famous NBA player who wears goggles during games. Why do NBA players wear goggles in games? Here is why. 

Why do NBA players wear goggles in games? NBA players wear goggles in games to prevent eye injuries. However, NBA players don’t wear goggles right now because they wear face masks instead of goggles. The face mask is to protect the whole face from injuries, not just the eyes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, NBA players wear goggles during the championship celebration to protect their eyes from the champagne. The champagne has alcohol in it so it hurts when the champagne spills in your eyes. I think it’s quite obvious already why NBA players wear goggles when celebrating. 

I hope you learned something today. If you like more articles about the NBA, go to the blog category and find NBA discussions or click here!

Do you find it silly when NBA players wear goggles when celebrating? Yes or no? If yes, why? Comment your answers below! 

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