5 Simple Tips On Playing Basketball In Cold Weather!

How To Play Basketball In Cold Weather

Key Takeaway: Playing basketball in cold weather can be challenging, but there are ways to overcome it. By wearing the right attire, utilizing indoor courts, practicing at home, accessing school gyms, or installing a hoop in your backyard, you can continue playing safely and effectively even during winter or rainy seasons.

Yes, all countries have cold seasons, and it is inevitable. Some of you here are from countries that have snow, and some are not. Whether it has snow or no snow in your country during the cold season, cold weather is a problem for most basketball players. Why? Because most players said in forums that it is difficult to play basketball during cold weather, and they ask for tips. 

Yes, it is difficult, especially if your basketball court has no roof. When rain or snow rain comes while playing basketball, it will become a burden for basketball players. However, because I love helping my fellow ballers, I would like to give you tips on how you can play basketball during cold weather. Let’s check those tips!

How to play basketball in cold weather? To play basketball in cold weather, you have to follow these five tips below:

  1. Wear the right outfit for the cold weather
  2. Find an indoor basketball court
  3. Practice basketball in your house
  4. Try accessing your school’s gym
  5. Put a rim on your backyard

Let’s take a deeper look at those tips. We are also going to answer various questions that are related to our subject. I will tell you different clothes you should wear before going outside in the cold and playing basketball. Let’s get right into it!

Five Tips To Play Basketball In Cold Weather

Do you know the saying, “if there is a will there’s a way”? There are many ways to play basketball during the cold season and if you have the will to play basketball, you will follow these tips. There are no reasons not to play basketball in today’s advanced generation. 

Today, we are going to talk about five simple tips to help you play basketball in cold weather. Let’s check them out! 

Wear The Right Outfit For The Cold Weather

The first you want to do before you go out in the cold and play basketball is to wear the right clothes. Wear the right outfit that fits in the cold weather. However, make sure that the clothes you will wear are comfortable with you. 

Basketball addicts who play basketball during the winter or rainy season usually wear a jacket when going outside. Players living in a country with snow wear gloves and jackets. What is the right outfit to wear? Of course, jackets. But what are the other clothes that can help you in the cold? We’ll talk about that later! 

Find A Indoor Basketball Court

The second tip is to find an indoor basketball court. If it is raining or snowing, make sure that you don’t expose yourself outdoors. You may get colds or fever when you go home, and you may freeze yourself to death especially if it is snowing hard.

Surely, there are many indoor basketball courts in your local city. Some are free, and some are paid. If you desire to play basketball, no amount will stop you from playing. Even if it costs you some dimes, you will pay for it if you like to play. 

Even though you have a jacket, it doesn’t mean that you should stop pursuing finding an indoor basketball court. Playing indoors is best, especially if it’s winter. Indoor courts ensure your safety from the cold weather. 

Practice Basketball In Your House

Storms are usual during cold seasons. If there is a strong storm and you can’t go out, you can practice basketball inside your house. You need to make sure that you can practice basketball safely. 

There are many basketball drills on youtube that you can follow. You can do some of these drills at home and even while lying on your bed! If there is a will, there’s away. If you want to improve in basketball, there are many ways to conquer the hindrance.

When practicing basketball inside your house, make sure that you have a basketball. Indoor or outdoor basketballs will do. Check out some of our indoor basketballs. A ball is all you need. You can practice your handling and your shooting form at home, which is the essential skill to practice, just with a ball.

Try Accessing Your School’s Gym

If you know who is in charge of your school’s gym, try contacting them and ask if you can have access to the basketball gym. Make sure that you give the person in charge some stipend for opening the court for you. If there are no indoor courts near you, your school’s basketball court is the next option. 

Put A Rim On Your Backyard

If you don’t like to go far away from your house, you can buy a basketball rim and put it in your backyard. It is good to have a basketball rim in your backyard during cold seasons. Why? Because if a storm or powerful rain suddenly comes, you can go inside your house quickly. 

There are cheap portable basketball rims if you are low on budget. However, I don’t suggest it because a cheaper price means cheaper materials used, and cheaper materials used means easy to break. So make sure you have enough money to buy the best portable basketball hoop for your backyard! 

Can You Play Basketball In Cold Weather?

Yes! You can play basketball in cold weather. However, you need to have safety precautions. Why? Because a strong storm or powerful rain may come, which can be dangerous. Also, never forget your jacket before going out in the cold and play. 

In all countries, there is a winter season, and it is inevitable. During winter or cold season, expect that there are rains often and it will be cold. You can’t tell the weather to go away because you are going to play basketball. But you can help yourself to play basketball safely in cold weather.

You can play basketball during the winter seasons, but make sure that you wear the right attire. However, even if you can play basketball in cold weather, is it good? Let’s find out! 

Is It Good To Play Basketball In Cold Weather?

Yes! It is good to play or practice basketball in cold weather. However, if the news forecasted there is a strong storm coming tomorrow, I would not suggest you play basketball during that day. Make sure that you wear the best outfit for cold weather before going out and play!

Some people said that playing basketball during a very cold day is not a good idea. Why? Because you are going to wear gloves. People said that wearing gloves to play basketball is like a gymnast wearing a sweater. However, I don’t agree with them because there are basketball gloves specifically made for basketball players, and it was proven to help players improve their ball handling. 

However, I still don’t suggest you play basketball if it’s really cold out there, not because you wear gloves, but because of your safety. If it’s really cold out there, I suggest you practice at home. However, if you really want to play even if it’s 20 degrees below, find an indoor basketball court to make your temperature warmer, and it is much safer.

It is much safer when you play basketball indoors during a cold season where the temperature is below 20 or even lower! If you are going to play outside, make sure to bring your jacket and wear your gloves before riding your bicycle going to the indoor basketball court. 

Can You Play Basketball With Gloves?

Yes! You can play basketball while wearing gloves. But make sure that you are using the gloves specifically made for basketball training. Basketball gloves are training gear that helps players to improve their ball handling. These gloves can also be used if you want to play basketball in cold weather.

There are basketball gloves that you can wear to help you play in cold weather. If you want to keep your hands warm, you can buy and use basketball gloves. The materials used for basketball gloves can keep the player’s hands warm and protect them from the cold while playing. 

The reason why I suggest you not play basketball if it’s really cold out there is that I care about your safety. What if you don’t know the right outfit to wear for cold weather? What if a strong storm comes? 

When a strong storm comes, it’s a problem, and obviously, don’t go outside and play basketball. There is no debate if it’s a good idea to play basketball if there is a storm. However, if your problem is you don’t know the right outfit to wear for cold weather, I can help you out! 

Best Outfit To Wear When Playing Basketball In Cold Weather

The best outfit to wear if you are going outside to play basketball in cold weather is a thick jacket. You can also wear a jogger or yoga pants. The thickness of your jacket depends on the temperature. If it’s lower or below 10 degrees outside, wear the thickest jacket or sweater you have. But if you don’t have one, you can double your jacket or wear a shirt inside. 

Make sure that your outfit is comfortable for you. Remember, you are going to play basketball. You are not going to walk around like in the park. Wear outfits that will let you move freely and will build up your confidence. 

If I am going to play in cold weather here, I am wearing a long hoodie and jogger pants. I don’t wear any gloves because, in my country, it is not snowing. The lowest temperature recorded in my country is 6.3 degrees celsius. But usually, it is 15-20 degrees celsius during the cold season. Sometimes I also wear basketball arm sleeves if I am going to wear a t-shirt only. 

But if you are a basketball player that lives in a country that snows, you have to wear basketball gloves. So if you are living in a country with no snow but cold, wear jackets or hoodies and joggers or yoga pants. But if you are living in a country that snows, make sure you wear a jacket or hoodie, joggers or yoga pants, and basketball gloves. The thickness of the jacket depends on the temperature. 

Final Words

So, in conclusion, there are no reasons for you not to play or practice basketball. You can play basketball in cold weather by using my tips above. Before playing basketball in cold weather, make sure that you read the whole article. It will help you to play basketball safely during cold seasons. Cheers!

How do you play basketball in cold weather? Any tips you can share with us? You can share with us your tips below! 

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