Why Do NBA Referees Have Numbers On Their Uniforms? Answered!

Why Do NBA Referees Have Numbers On Their Uniforms

NBA referees wear numbers on their uniforms for easy identification by fans and players. The numbers are assigned based on a specific system, with retired referees' numbers being respected and not reused without their approval.

If you are an avid fan of the NBA, probably you are watching NBA games every day. Also, because you are an avid fan of the NBA, you notice everything on the court, and you are curious to know every detail in the NBA. Aside from NBA players, you notice the NBA referees too because they are running from court to court along with NBA players.

Basketball referees play a big role in one basketball match. They are the one that ensures that the basketball game is played clean and fair. Basketball referees are the ones that enforce the rules of the game, and they make hundreds of calls and decisions. 

NBA referees are the most well-known referees because they work in the big basketball league. One thing that you notice from the NBA refs aside from their bad calls is their uniforms. The uniforms of the NBA refs have numbers, and you ask why they have numbers on their uniforms. Let me answer that.

Why do NBA referees have numbers on their uniforms? NBA referees have numbers at the back of their uniforms so fans and players can identify them easily. It is the same with the NBA players, but the difference is refs don’t have their names on their uniforms. 

There are tons of things you can learn from this subject. We are going to answer some related questions. Let’s go!

More About The Numbers On The Uniforms Of NBA Referees

We already know the reason why NBA referees have numbers on their uniforms. The next thing we should learn is about the rules when it comes to the system used for the officials’ uniform numbers. We are going to know how the NBA referees get the numbers on their uniforms. 

The NBA referees have numbers, and they have their designated numbers. They cannot choose what number they will put on their uniforms. Let me give you an example. If there are four spots open, the four new officials will get the four available numbers in alphabetical order. 

If a number becomes available, the NBA officials can request to change their number if they want to. If there are many requests for the same number, the official that has the most seniority or experience will get the number. 

If there is an NBA referee that retires, his/her number cannot be used unless he/she approves. At the time when legendary Joey Crawford retired, his uniform was left unused, and they kept it that way as a way of showing respect to the veteran. If there is a new referee that wants the uniform number of Joey Crawford, the league will first ask for the approval of Joey Crawford. 

The NBA also shows respect to their referees, and one way of showing respect is by keeping their numbers. They don’t allow any new referees to use the numbers of their retired and veteran referees unless they get the permission of the retired referees. 

Why Do NBA Referees Have Numbers On Their Uniforms
Why Do NBA Referees Have Numbers On Their Uniforms? Answered!

Do NBA Referees Pay For Their Uniforms?

No. NBA referees do not pay for their uniforms. The NBA association is the one that pays for all of the needs of the NBA referees. This includes their pants, their upper uniform, their shoes, undergarments, and socks. 

Before, Adidas was the one sponsoring the uniforms of the NBA referees. However, because Adidas only provides their upper uniform, they switch to Nike. Nike will provide their pants, undergarments, and socks. At the time when Adidas was the one sponsoring the uniforms of the NBA referees, the refs were required to find their pants. 

When the news came in that the company that will sponsor their uniforms will be changed and provide everything for them, the NBA referees jumped for joy. The NBA doesn’t only pay for the uniforms of their referees but also their travel expenses. 

Do NBA Referees Get Fined For Bad Calls?

Basketball referees make lots of bad calls in one basketball game. It is inevitable because they are humans too. Bad calls are the main reason why basketball players argue with the referees. Since basketball players want to oppose some of the biased calls basketball refs make and they are so assertive, basketball refs have no choice but to give them technical fouls to keep their mouths shut. 

This is usually in the NBA. NBA referees make some bad calls, and NBA players argue with the refs. Not only the players argue with refs, but also the coaches. We all know that some of the officials in the NBA are biased, and sometimes they do not make the right call. However, do NBA referees get fined when they call a bad or biased call? 

Do NBA referees get fined for bad calls? Officials will not get fined for one mistake. They are humans, and they make mistakes too. However, if the NBA referees have compiled lots of poor and biased calls, it can lead to work issues and they can get fired out of the job. 

Many NBA referees are making bad calls, and I know this can be frustrating. It is very frustrating to see your favorite NBA team lose because of bad calls referees are making.

I hope the NBA managed to cut the bad and biased referees out of the league. They are making the game worse. They make fans get bored and frustrated to watch the game. 

How Much Do NBA Refs Make?

NBA referees are the people on the court who have a special role in the game. They are the ones maintaining the order in the game. Referees make sure that the game will be fair and civilized. I know some of you want to be a referee too. Whether it is an NBA referee or referee in another professional league. However, how much do NBA referees make?

NBA referees earn between $1000-$4000 per game. Senior referees earn an average of $3500 per game or an annual salary of $500,000. Being an NBA referee can make you rich, especially if you are living in a third-world country.

The uniforms of the referees are not reduced on their salaries. Even their travel expenses are not reduced. The uniforms of the NBA referees are sponsored by Nike, which means they don’t need to worry about what they will wear during an NBA game. 

Do NBA Refs Get Pay Per Game?

Yes! NBA refs get paid per game. Beginner NBA referees earn $600 per game or $250,000 per year. While the senior referees or the most experienced referees earn $3500 per game or $500,000 per year. The numbers are based on fanbuzz.com. 

If you are a more experienced ref, you can earn more in the NBA. Imagine having 20 games in one month. You are lucky if you will have at least 20 games per month. The referees who work on All-star games will have some bonus. 

How Many Referees Are There In One NBA Game? 

The NBA pays lots of referees in one day. Imagine if there are five-ten NBA games per day. That would be too much cost for the NBA. However, because the NBA is rich, they have no problems paying their basketball referees. So, exactly how many referees are there in one NBA game?

How many referees are there in one NBA game? Today, there are three basketball referees in one NBA game. These three referees have the same job, and that is to maintain the order of the game. The main boss of the three referees is the crew chief. 

Like I have said above, there are three referees in one NBA game and they are the crew chief, referee, and umpire. The crew chief is the head official in basketball. He/she is responsible for making the final call or decision in a basketball game. The crew chief has one referee and umpire to help him/her. 

Final Verdict

The job of the referees is hard and it could be frustrating for them too, especially when the fans start to scream “boo!” at them when their decision is wrong for the fans. Even though some referees are biased or unfair, we still need to respect them because they have a huge role in basketball games. They are the ones that maintain order and help make the game smoother. 

What do you think are the other reasons why NBA referees have numbers on their uniforms? Comment your answers below! 

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