Is It Good To Play Basketball Everyday? (With Pros)

Is It Good To Play Basketball Everyday

Consistent daily basketball playing can significantly improve skills, promote weight loss through calorie burning, enhance social interactions, combat depression, and serve as a stress reliever. Despite numerous benefits, it's essential to be aware of potential downsides associated with daily play, offering a holistic perspective on the practice.

Everyone who visits my site wants to be a good basketball player. They do everything they can to become a better basketball player. Some play once a week but for six hours, and some play for 30 minutes but play every day. They do these things to become a better basketball player. However, is it better to play basketball every day? Here is the answer:

Is it good to play basketball every day? If your goal is to become a better basketball player and play professional basketball soon, it is good to play basketball every day. However, keep in mind that there are also some cons of playing basketball every day. 

Today, we are going to talk about the pros of playing basketball every day. We are going to tell you what are the good benefits you can get from playing basketball every day. However, even though it has many pros of playing basketball every day, there are still some cons which we are going to discuss in the next article. 

But first, let’s check out the different pros of playing basketball every day!

Improve Your Skills

When you play basketball every day, your basketball skills will be improved. Also, your skills will improve fast if you are playing basketball consistently. This is what most professional basketball players do. They play basketball every day and even during their vacation. 

You can do different basketball drills every day. Make sure that you have a program every day. For example, Monday is your dribbling day, Tuesday is your shooting day, and Wednesday is your weight lifting day. Make a schedule but don’t treat it as a prison. Treat your schedule as a treasure map. When you follow it, you will get the most precious treasure. 

When I was in high school, I saw many basketball players who were not good during their first year and suddenly became a varsity player after a year or two. How? Because I saw them playing every day. They play during recess breaks, lunch breaks, and even after school! 

Basketball is well-known in our school, and you will see many students playing basketball during recess and lunch breaks. Because we have a scarcity of courts, it is hard to play and get a court. Even though there is a scarcity of courts, my friends and I still managed to play basketball and improve our skills. 

My advice to all basketball players out there is to stay consistent. But to be consistent playing basketball, make sure that you have a partner or friend. A partner that will help you out in achieving your goals. Make sure that you also help your friend from achieving his basketball goals. 

Even though I didn’t make it to the varsity team of my school, I have played a good basketball game outside of my school. I became a good shooter outside the three-point line. What did I do? 

  • My friends and I always play basketball after school. But before playing, I make sure that I shoot at least 100 shots from the arc. 
  • After school, my friends and I go to different basketball courts in our local area to meet new people and play basketball with them. It helps me to learn many things about basketball from various people. 
  • When we play basketball, I make sure that there is money involved. Why? To motivate me to play seriously and harder. It is like a challenge for me. When I lose, I lose my money. But if I win, I get more money.

I make sure that there is no vacant day for me. If I had an unoccupied day, I practice dribbling at home or practice shooting alone. 

Is It Good To Play Basketball Everyday
Is It Good To Play Basketball Everyday? (With Pros)

Let You Enjoy

Playing basketball will let you enjoy and will make you happy. Basketball is a fun sport that you can play with your friends or family. Also, it is not hard to find a court and play basketball. Why? Because almost all countries and cities have basketball courts. Basketball courts are like viruses because they spread rapidly, which is a good thing.

Aside from playing the usual basketball game, there are other games that you can play with your friends. You can play horse basketball or the 21 basketball. The great thing about basketball is all you need is a bouncing ball and a basketball rim. Unlike soccer, you do not need to have a wide field to play basketball. 

Help You Lose Weight

Playing basketball will also help you to lose weight. If you are on a diet and you play basketball every day, you will get somewhere for sure. You can effortlessly lose 200-300 calories per hour by playing a whole court basketball. If you are overweight or obese, basketball is a great exercise to help you lose some of your fats. 

Basketball requires lots of movements. You need to use your legs, your head, and your arms. Basketball is a complete body workout, which is why it is a good sport for people that desire to lose weight. If you are too lazy to go to the gym to lose weight, your best option is to play basketball. 

Improve Your Social Life

Basketball has helped me to expand my social circle. It helped me to have many friends and connections. If I tell you how many people I met on the court, you will be surprised. However, I really cannot count them because there are many of them! My current friends today, who are my closest friends of all, love to play basketball just like I do and basketball is our bonding.

When you play basketball every day, it will improve your social life. Playing basketball helps you to meet new people with different kinds of ideas where you can learn something new from them. When there is a new player on your court, make sure that he/she will feel welcome to play with you. Introduce yourself and ask their name. That is a great start to make new friends. 

However, even though you can make new friends in basketball, you can also make new enemies in court. It is inevitable and usual. Not all people will be your friends and have the same vibes as you. 

However, I don’t suggest that if someone treats you as an enemy, you should treat them as an enemy too. Just ignore people like this and continue to play. Maybe, sometimes, they become your friends as well. Continue to play basketball and make new friends!

But if someone you approach is invulnerable, ignore him/her. Maybe he/she is just shy to talk to new strangers. It takes time to make new friends amigo! 

Fight Depression

Like I have said above, basketball can improve your social life which can help you to fight loneliness and depression. When you always play basketball outside, you will never be stuck inside your house. That is one of the things that cause depression. 

Also, like what doctors said, proper exercise can treat depression. Basketball is a fast-moving game that can help reduce emotional and mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Playing basketball helps you build confidence and improve your overall self-esteem.

When you play basketball, your brain will release dopamine that makes you feel good and can also make you addicted to basketball. 

Help You Relieve Stress

Basketball is a good sport and exercise that can help you to relieve stress. It can also help you to improve your mood because you release dopamine when you play basketball. Playing basketball is fun, and it can be addictive too. 

If you are having a bad day at work or school, cigarettes are not the best thing to relieve stress but basketball. Take a break from your life during weekends and play basketball for hours until you get bored without thinking about your problems. All you have to think about is how you can win the ball game. 

When I get stressed at school or in life, all I do is go to the gym or play basketball. I have many stressful days, and basketball helps me to relieve them. When I play basketball, I completely forget everything that makes me feel stressed, like my homework, business, and other problems. 

I will bet my cents that if you play basketball, your stress will be gone. Basketball became my friend. It helps me every time I have an awful day. Basketball doesn’t listen to my problems, but basketball helps me forget all of my problems in life.

Without basketball, I would be a depressed fat guy who can’t see his feet. Thanks for basketball for preventing me from being an unhealthy bastard. 

Keep Your Body Healthy

Aside from helping you to lose weight, playing basketball every day has other health benefits for your body. It helps millions of people to be healthy. Aside, from going to the gym, going to the court to play basketball is another good idea to keep your body healthy. 

Basketball helps you burn calories and unhealthy fats that may cause a stroke. It can also help you to have a healthy heart. Like I have said above, basketball is a fast-paced game that makes your heart and lungs healthy. Basketball can also strengthen your bones and muscles. 

Playing basketball will not only make your physical body healthy but also your mental health. Playing basketball can help you to fight stress, depression, and anxiety. 

So if you want to keep your body healthy, make sure to play basketball every day. 30 minutes to one hour a day is fine. Be consistent in playing basketball to see various results on your body. However, don’t forget to eat healthy foods and avoid bad habits like smoking. 

Science also said that if a male wants to increase their testosterone level, they should exercise a lot. Playing basketball is a good exercise, and it can help you to increase your testosterone. If you have low testosterone, your sex life will become a mess, and I know most males reading my article don’t want that to happen, right? 

Basketball alone won’t make your body healthy. It only helps your body to keep healthy. To be fully healthy, you need to have a healthy diet and avoid chemicals that cause cancer and other illnesses. It is proven that basketball is a workout that helps people keep healthy. So start playing and be consistent! 

Keep You Out Of Trouble

Basketball has helped lots of kids. It helps kids to stay away from trouble. How? Because the focus of kids shifted to basketball. Basketball keeps young ones off the street and uses their energy on playing basketball instead of using it for bad things. 

Kids also have a problem because they are humans. They also need a stress reliever, and basketball is a great stress reliever. Basketball also helps kids to learn different things that they will use when they go into the real world. 

Playing basketball helps kids to become more confident. Basketball can also help to improve their teamwork skills and decision-making skills. All of the things kids will learn from basketball will be used once they grow-up. Kids that play basketball will become more resilient, be a good leader, and make the right decisions in life. 

If you are a teenager, never waste your time on dumb things that will destroy your life. Instead, focus on things that will nurture you and will teach you the good stuff. Play basketball and have fun! 

Improve Your Confidence

Any sports you play will help you to improve your confidence. When you start playing basketball, you will notice, after some months, the changes in your physical and mental health. Basketball is a great sport for building the confidence of a human being. Aside from that, you can also learn lots of things in basketball that you can use in your life. 

Confidence is one of the essential things people need to become successful. Why? Because confidence will help you to get jobs, meet new people, confess to your crush, and be successful in your business. By playing basketball, it can help build the confidence you need in the real world. 

Learning to accept defeats, adapting to changes, and learning from your mistakes are the other things basketball will teach you. When you play basketball every day, you will learn these things. Also, when you always play basketball you will be a better basketball player for sure. And if you become a better basketball player, you will be confident that you can win any game. 

This applies to your life. If you are confident in life like you are confident in basketball, no problem in life will scare you. Why? Because you are confident enough to think that you will surpass these problems. 

Basketball helps me to become more confident. I was a loser when I was in high school, and I am always afraid to take risks because I wasn’t confident enough. But because of basketball, I started to do things that scared me before. 

Basketball can help unconfident people to become more confident. So if you are an unconfident human being, try to play basketball. Again, I will bet my dime that basketball will help build your confidence. So start playing! 

Build Memories

Playing basketball can also build memories whether with your friends, family or with strangers that you just met on the court. In basketball, many memorable things may happen on the court. It may be a memorable lesson, a gruesome injury, or your incredible shots. 

I had many memorable things because of basketball. The stitches under my foot are the most memorable sequence that happened to me. My losses and my misses are also memorable because I learned many things from those failures. The basketball tournaments I and my friends joined, where our standing was zero wins and eight loses. Yeah, I know it is embarrassing. But every time I remember it, I just smile and laugh. 

There are many memorable things that you can collect from playing basketball. The trophies and medals you’ve had. The trophies and medals are the most memorable things that can happen in a basketball player. Why? Because these are the rewards for your hard work. The reward for your four hours of training and reward for your injury. 

Playing basketball every day will build lots of memories. The injuries and losses do not matter. What matters most is the wins and the bonding you made with your friends and other loved ones. Why? Because these are the things that you will mostly remember once you get retired or grow old. These are the things that you will tell your children or grandchildren in the future. 

So if you want to add some memories, start playing basketball everyday! 

Help You Get Abs

Like I have said above, playing basketball can help you lose weight. So it means that you can get a fit body when you play basketball. Playing basketball everyday will help you to get abs and will leave you a great physique body. 

When you always play basketball, your muscles will grow stronger and more flexible. Basketball can help you to get six-pack abs. However, playing basketball alone will never make your muscles bigger. Many people believed that playing basketball alone can build muscles. This thing is a myth. 

Is It Good To Play Basketball Everyday
Is It Good To Play Basketball Everyday? (With Pros)

Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones

Basketball is a great sport. You can play this sport with your loved ones to create memories. Aside from making new friends, playing basketball is also a great way to stay connected with your friends, families, and other loved ones. Because of basketball, my friends from high school and I are still connected. Basketball is a good way to make your relationship with your loved ones stronger.

You can play basketball with your dad, mom, son, daughter, and other relatives you have. If you have a friend before and you lost connection with him/her, playing basketball with him/her is a better way to hang out. Why? Because you will not feel some sort of awkwardness when you meet again. All you need to do is to play and have fun. 

Basketball is better than any social media accounts. Playing basketball will help you to get more connected with your friends, loved ones, or with your friends that you lost connection. I bet that eighty percent of your friends are not truly your friends, or you didn’t talk personally on social media.

Get Attention From People

When you are always playing basketball you are going to get noticed by scouts and by other people. If you always travel on different basketball courts in your local city, you can meet different people, and sometimes if you are lucky, you can meet scouts or coaches that can help you with your career. 

Like I have said above, when you play basketball every day, you can meet new friends and connections. These are the people that can help you with your basketball career. Basketball scouts are not the only people that can notice you but other people as well. 

Simple strangers that are not that good in basketball you meet can also help you because maybe they have lots of connections. They may have connections with colleges or people playing in the professional basketball leagues. 

I know many basketball players who are only playing pick-up basketball games that get asked by a random stranger if they can play for their college team or in professional basketball leagues. These players are lucky because the opportunity is the one that comes to them. If this happens to you, grab the opportunity quickly because opportunities like this are rare. 

If you want to get noticed by people, start playing basketball everyday. Playing basketball every day is the best way for you to get the attention of the basketball scouts. If you want to play basketball professionally, do this.

Prevent You From Playing Video Games

Video games are one of the reasons for obesity and malnutrition. But only if you are addicted, and you never work out at the same time. When you are always playing basketball, you can fight the addiction to video games. Why? Because all the effort you consume in playing video games, will be shifted to basketball. 

If you want to defeat your addiction to video games, go outside and play basketball. Basketball has helped kids battling their video game addiction. It also helped many kids to have a social life instead of facing the computer every day, 24/7. 

I was addicted to NBA 2k before. However, because of basketball, the addiction came to an end. I give thanks to basketball! Because of basketball, I started to spend less time in front of the computer, and I executed the moves I do on 2k in real life.

Help You Fight Your Addictions

Aside from addictions to video games, there are lots of other addictions that people fight. Addictions in smoking, drugs, and eating are famous addictions. When you play basketball every day, you have a high chance of defeating these addictions. 

Why? Because like I have said, when you play basketball every day, the energy you use to execute these addictions will shift to basketball. So if you have addictions, start playing basketball every day because basketball helps to fight various addictions. 

Because of basketball, I defeated my addictions to video games. Basketball became my vice, and it helped me a lot. Because of basketball, I have become more healthy and fit. I have become more social, and my social skills have leveled up.

Without basketball, my life will be a mess, and maybe I don’t have friends. Maybe I am sitting on my chair talking to my computer. 

Become More Athletic

If you are going to play basketball every day, you are going to be more athletic. If you are a basketball player that just started, try to take the game seriously, and you will notice after some months that your footwork is improving. Like I have said above, when you play basketball all of your body will move, which will help you to become more athletic. 

If you play basketball every day, your ability to run fast and jump high will improve. However, genetics still play a role in determining how athletic you are going to be.

But this doesn’t mean that you should stop chasing your goals. If you want to become more athletic and explosive in basketball, go and chase it. You need to play basketball often if you desire to become a more explosive player. 

Final Words

Playing basketball everyday has many advantages. It can help you fight addiction, be fit, become a better basketball player, make new friends, and keep connected with your loved ones. However, there are also some negative sides to playing basketball every day. This is what we are going to talk about in our other article. 

If you want to become a better basketball player and play in a professional league, make sure you train consistently. Try playing basketball 30 minutes to one hour a day, and you will get shocked with the results. 

How often do you play basketball? If you play basketball everyday, what benefits do you get from it? Comment your answers below! 

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