Why Do NBA Players Argue With Referees?

Why Do NBA Players Argue With Referees?

NBA players often argue with referees due to incorrect calls, leading to frustrations and heated exchanges. Referees play a crucial role in maintaining fair play, but biases and mistakes can incite player reactions, resulting in fines and ejections.

One of the main things that make NBA players frustrated is because of wrong calls from the referees. If referees call so many wrong calls against an NBA player, the NBA player might get a hot head quickly. 

The basketball referees’ job is to maintain the basketball game civilized and organized to make it more pleasing and exciting for fans. They ought that they should never be biased when calling fouls to players. However, some naughty referees don’t stick to the rules given to them for not being biased. 

Today, we are going to talk about why do NBA players always argue with the referees? What type of calls are made by the refs that make NBA players angry? And more! Let’s go and check out each reason.

Why Do NBA Players Argue With Referees?

Why do NBA players argue with referees? The one and the simplest reason why NBA players argue with refs is because of the different wrong calls made by the referees. The coaches, NBA players, and basketball referees know what is inside the rulebook. That is why NBA players and coaches know what is a just and unjust call.

Another thing is that NBA players know that the referees are not quite 100% sure about every call they made. That is why some NBA players argue and contend with each call made by the refs. 

NBA players will also argue with the referees if they didn’t get the and-one they think they should get. Some NBA players shout and-one to tell the referees that the play should have been resulted in an and-one. 

There are many reasons why NBA players argue with the referees. But the main reason why NBA players argue with referees is because of every bad call the refs made. Referees can be biased, that is why some NBA players get angry so much because of the unfair attitude of the refs. 

What Do NBA Players Say To The Refs?

When NBA players get heated because of bad foul calls, they say bad things to the refs. They curse the referees and they shout at them saying words like bull sh*t, Fu** you!, Get outta here!, etc.

Referees or officials sometimes have a lot of patience to tolerate the negative attitude of the NBA players. I really don’t know how some refs do this, but I admire them for their tough patience. 

If you watch an NBA game, you see NBA players go to the referees and talk to them when someone is making a free throw, after a possession, during timeout, and after a foul call. Have you ever wondered what NBA players tell the referees? 

What do NBA players say to the refs? Aside from saying swear words to referees, NBA players will go and approach the refs to tell or ask something. NBA players will tell the referees that they shouldn’t be calling that foul or they ask the refs why they call that foul. Sometimes NBA players just greet the referees because some NBA players are close with some referees. 

There are many scenarios where you see NBA players approach and talk to the refs. You will notice at the first glance whether the NBA player is arguing with the refs, or they just talk or ask the referees what happened on the last play. 

Why Do NBA Players Get Fined For Criticizing The Referees?

NBA players, coaches, and even team owners get fined if they criticize the refs publicly, curse them, and if they had physical contact with them. 

There are large numbers of NBA players that get fined because they argue and criticize the referees’ calls. However, the commissioner of the NBA does work to prohibit any NBA players or coaches from disrespecting the referees’, criticizing them publicly, and saying curse words to them. Some NBA referees allow some NBA players to ask them about the call they made if the NBA player asks politely. 

Some referees eject NBA players who disrespect them and curse them. The NBA also doesn’t allow NBA players to make physical contact with the referees. This means that the NBA players are not allowed to hold, head bump, or kick the refs. If they do so, they will be automatically ejected from the game and might get monetary fines. 

One of the famous incidents for giving fines for criticizing referees happened when Mark Cuban publicly criticized the calls of the NBA referees. His team, Dallas Mavericks, lost to the Atlanta Hawks because of some worst and biased calls by the referees. The NBA denied the protest made by the Dallas Mavericks because if it is granted, the two teams are required to replay the final seconds of the game. 

Why Do Coaches Yell At The Refs?

If you are a fan of the NBA for so long, you have noticed basketball coaches yell at the refs on the sideline. They get angry and sometimes they throw things because of extreme anger. Basketball coaches will yell to the refs for so many reasons.

Why do coaches yell at the refs? Basketball coaches yell at the referees if they see that the refs are doing a bad job. If the refs call some unfair fouls or biased calls, expect the coaches to yell at them at the sidelines. Coaches can see everything in the court, that is why they know what everybody does on the basketball court. 

However, it is inevitable for coaches to make mistakes. That is why sometimes what they yell at can be wrong. Coaches are just humans, that is why it is impossible for them not to make mistakes. Luckily, referees are there to explain everything to the coaches but sometimes coaches don’t listen to the referees and continue to yell that is why refs need to eject them.

Why Do NBA Players Argue With Referees?

Do NBA Referees Get Fined For Bad Calls?

Yes. But NBA referees will not get fined for a single bad call. They are humans, and they make mistakes. However, the league office reviews every NBA game to check each call made by the officials and decide if they will fine the referees. 

The league officials allow NBA referees to get special work like All-star game, playoffs, and NBA finals if the referees’ recorded a bunch of good calls. On the other side of the coin, if referees compiled lots of bad calls, then it could lead to penalization, and the worst is, getting fired.

5 Worst NBA Referees Calls In NBA History

Below are the top 5 worst referee calls in NBA history:

1. Joey Crawford Ejected Tim Duncan From The Game For Laughing. 

Joey Crawford ejects Duncan because of laughing. Yes, this may sound dumb, but yes it happened. This happened when the Dallas Mavericks faced the San Antonio Spurs during the third quarter. The first thing that happened is when the referees called an offensive foul against Tim Duncan. Tony Parker tries to ask the refs about the call, but they refused to listen. Tim Duncan must sit on the bench because he gave up too many fouls. 

The next thing that happened will surprise you. The Spurs fouled Jason Terry to prevent a fast break score. Terry tried his luck to the foul line and missed the free throw shot. After the Spurs got a rebound, Crawford called a technical foul on Duncan, and it left the Spurs bench confused.  

After that technical foul, Duncan got another technical foul after Crawford called a shooting foul on one of the Spurs’ players. Duncan got his second technical foul and got ejected from the game. 

After that night, Duncan was fined $25k and Joey Crawford got suspended indefinitely. 

2. Nash Was Fouled By Camby? (Crawford Said)

Again, Joey Crawford is in the spotlight. This is the dumbest foul call I have ever seen in my entire life. This happened during the third quarter, close game when Portland Trail Blazers went against the Phoenix Suns. 

Camby is inside the court guarding Stoudemire while Steve Nash is outside the arc. This is a dumb call made by Joey Crawford. Steve Nash doesn’t feel that he should have been awarded by a free-throw but Joey Crawford insisted. Check the video above and decide if it is the right call. 

3. Kings Vs. Lakers Game 6 Of 2002 Western Conference Finals

This game built up some allegations against NBA referees and the NBA. The game looks like it was fixed because of a continuous worst foul call against the Sacramento Kings during a close fourth-quarter fight. 

After this game, ex-referee Tim Donaghy stated that the NBA was advising referees to fix certain NBA games. If you will watch the footage above, you will see whom the referees wanted to win. Many bad calls were made by the refs and I am afraid I can mention all of it. Check the footage above. 

4. Suns Vs. Spurs Game 3 Of 2007 Western Conference Finals

The entire game builds up some questionable calls for the fans. This happened when the Suns faced the San Antonio Spurs in the 2007 Western Conference Finals. In this game, Amar’e Stoudemire played 21 minutes only because of foul trouble, and there were many technical fouls called against the Phoenix Suns. 

The game was fixed and some analysts stated that the Phoenix Suns got robbed of the NBA championship. After that night, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons wrote: 

“Not since the cocaine era from 1978-1986 has the league faced a bigger ongoing issue than crappy officiating.”

5. Celtics Was Helped By The Referees

This happened during the 2008 NBA finals game 2 where Boston Celtics faced the Los Angeles Lakers. When you are going to watch the recap of the game, there were many touchy fouls which referees didn’t call. It seemed like the referees were in favor of the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics managed to win the series with the help of the referees in game 2. 

Final Words

Even though some of the NBA referees are quite biased, watching an NBA game is still exciting. However, I hope that the NBA will do something to prevent referees from calling bad calls. They should fire referees who are unfair, unjust, and biased. By doing this, the NBA game will be fairer and much more exciting to watch. 

Do you think that the NBA must fine NBA players for arguing with the referees? If yes, then why? Comment your answers in the comments section below!

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