Why Do People Like Watching Basketball? The Truth!

Why Do People Like Watching Basketball?

Basketball has become a worldwide phenomenon with 200+ countries boasting professional leagues and 500 million players globally. The sport's appeal lies in its high-quality plays, thrilling nature, betting opportunities, ease of access, player updates, and the lively debates it sparks among fans.

Basketball was invented in Springfield College YMCA in 1891. The game has been popular in many countries over the years since its invention. Numbers of players have rapidly increased, and many new people started to be a fan of basketball. As of today, statistics show that 200+ countries have their own professional basketball leagues and 500 million people worldwide playing basketball today. These are impressive numbers to show you that basketball is a great sport.

As stated above, many countries have adapted the game and started to create their basketball leagues. Each basketball league has a large number of fans who support and enjoy each league’s games. The increasing numbers of basketball fans continue to proliferate in various countries proving that basketball will never end soon. 

However, there is a question that bothers many people who aren’t familiar with basketball yet, which they don’t get. These people asked questions like, Why do people like watching basketball? What makes it entertaining? 

Today, we are going to answer those questions, and if you are not into basketball and you accidentally visited my site, sit and keep reading. I will show you what makes basketball a great sport and why people like watching it. But before that, let me first show you some impressive basketball clips to show you how entertaining basketball is:

6 Reasons Why People Like Watching Basketball

Why do people like watching basketball? The reasons why people like watching basketball are:

  • Because of high-quality plays
  • Because basketball is exciting
  • Earn money by betting
  • Easy to watch
  • To keep updated
  • For debate

1. High-Quality Plays

Before we add to our cart the basketball shoes that we saw in the mall or online, we all first consider the quality of the shoes. If we are going to watch a movie we also want the best quality movie. That’s why we dig into the IMDB site for high-quality movies. Choosing a sport to view is the same as picking movies. We all look at the quality first so that our time won’t be wasted. One aspect of sports that make fans more interested in watching is high-quality plays.

People love to watch basketball because of high-quality plays. Basketball has many cool types of moves that make the crowd’s jaws drop. High-quality dunks, unbelievable passes, and impressive ankle breakers are the high-quality plays I am talking about. Because of these high-quality plays, it makes people more interested to watch basketball than any sports.

2. Thrilling And Exciting

One thing that makes people feel alive is by doing thrilling and exciting things. Doing different things or watching kinds of stuff that excite us makes us more interested. Another reason why people like watching basketball is because of the excitement and thrills it gives. 

Basketball can be thrilling, especially if it’s a close game. When both teams that are competing ain’t losing bullets to fire in the first half, then expect for an exciting second half. The quarter that all fans get thrilled is the fourth quarter. Close fights in the fourth quarter are the most thrilling part of a basketball game that can make fans pee in their pants. 

One reason why fans get excited during the fourth period is clutch or last-second shots. Clutch shots are shots that have taken during the final two minutes of the game. If the fourth quarter is a close game, and both teams are hitting continuous clutch shots, then this could make the crowd’s hearts fall under their chests.

Comeback games could also be exciting, especially if the team is down by many points in the first half. It is exciting to watch a basketball team make an offensive run to reach the opponent’s score and grab the win. Check the video below where the Cavs make an offensive run and get the win against Washington Wizards:

Below are different exciting scenarios that happen in the NBA that makes fans more interested in watching basketball:

  • The team wins consecutive titles
  • Comeback games
  • Players get hot and made consecutive shots
  • Buzzer beaters
  • If a player announced that he is going to be traded
  • NBA draft

3. Earn Money By Betting

In basketball, even if you don’t play, you can still earn a quick little cash. People love to bet on different things even though they could lose a large amount of their money. You can get money while watching basketball through gambling online. This is the other reason why people like watching basketball. 

One NBA betting site I have used so far that makes me some little pretty cash is bookies.com. You can check them out and try your luck.

4. Easy To Watch

Our technology is improving every year that makes it easier for people to do things that they want. Another reason why people like watching basketball is because of its easy access. You can go to the NBA league pass, youtube, or Facebook to watch different basketball games. 

My top 3 youtube channels that feature NBA game highlights are as follow:

  1. NBA (official Youtube channel of NBA)
  2. ESPN
  3. MLG highlights

5. Keep Updated On The League And Their Favorite Players

We all have our favorite and biased basketball players that we love to watch. We shout and cheer them every time they have the ball in their hands. When they score, we start roaring while sitting on a couch, lying on our bed, or while eating. We cheer for them even though we are not in the literal ball game. Aside from that, we also keep track of them to see what will be their next career move. 

These are the other reasons why people like watching basketball. Every fan wanted to keep updated on the latest events happening in the careers of their favorite player. Fans want to keep updated to know if their favorite player has an injury or where will be their favorite player go next season. One update from a player that makes fans emotional is if the player announced his retirement. So fans, make sure to enjoy every game of your favorite player because someday his career will come to an end. 

Another reason why people like watching basketball is because they want to keep updated on current league events. Fans keep track of different events of the leagues because fans love to hear rumors that will make them more intrigued and curious.  

6. Debate! More Debate! Debate!

When the internet became more accessible to anyone, different basketball pages, channels, and subreddit have become established. People in these pages or subreddit always love to debate things. The common thing they discuss is who is the greatest NBA player of all time. 

People like watching basketball so that they will be updated and can point out things during a basketball debate. 

What Makes Basketball Exciting?

Basketball is an exciting game, and many people like to watch a basketball game or play it. However, some people who are not into basketball don’t know why fans love basketball. So, what makes basketball so exciting to watch and play?

What makes basketball exciting? Basketball is an exciting sport because of the unique gameplay it has. Various basketball moves like dunking, layup, and crossovers make basketball more interesting and exciting. Basketball is very exciting, and I would like to testify to that. 

Many basketball players have improved their game, which makes it more exciting. In today’s basketball era, small players can dunk, tall players can shoot threes, and coaches become smarter! Because of the evolution of the game, many people started to play basketball. 

Basketball is a sport, where too much action happens. Each team has five players inside the basketball court, and each of them has their position and roles. There are also several ways to score, and some players will surprise you with the way they score.

Basketball is a team sport. You can play with your friends, family members, or with your neighborhoods. This is also the reason why basketball is an exciting sport. I always like basketball because of the mechanics of the game, and because I can play this sport with my loved ones. 

What Makes Basketball So Popular?

Basketball is an inexpensive sport. All you need is a ball, a pair of shoes, and a basketball court. Basketball courts are not a problem because basketball courts are cluttered. You can see a basketball court down the block or in your village, depending on where you live. If you live in a country where basketball is popular, you are lucky because you will see many basketball courts!

However, because basketball is so popular, basketball courts cannot run out. Every country has its basketball league, and most of the people in the world are addicted to basketball.

Basketball became popular because of the NBA. The NBA started to become more popular in the 1990s, where Michael Jordan played. Michael Jordan became so popular around the world, and many people know who he was. Last 2015, they named Michael Jordan as one of the famous athletes in the world. 

Because of Michael Jordan, many people started to fall in love with basketball. Many people started to collect the jerseys of Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan helps the NBA and basketball to become more popular around the world. 

Aside from Michael Jordan, other NBA players help basketball to become more popular. Lebron James and Stephen Curry are the reason, in today’s basketball, why basketball is still popular today. 

Many young college basketball players have the talent. They are the ones that will continue the legend of basketball. I hope that basketball will not run out of fans and players in the coming years. I love basketball, and in our next subheading, I will tell you why.  

Why Do I Love Basketball?

I love basketball because of the mechanics of the game. It is a sport where I can move all of my body or should I say, a complete exercise for me. I love to watch basketball, and I love playing it too. Basketball is my stress reliever. Every time my classes end, I and my friends run through the court and start playing. 

Basketball is also the reason why I have many friends. This sport helps me to meet new people. Basketball is a great way to connect with others and I would like to testify that again. If there was no basketball, I think I would have known much fewer people.

However, even though I loved basketball, basketball has never loved me the way I love basketball. The reason why is personal so it is better not to tell here publicly. But still, I am going to continue to play that sport, and continue to teach young players through this website. 

I Am Bored Watching Basketball, What To Do?

If you are a basketball fan or new to basketball, and watching a basketball game bores you, I have a tip for you. For most fans, watching a basketball game is exciting. However, for new fans, it is kind of boring. So how can you enjoy watching a basketball game? 

To enjoy watching a basketball game, make sure you bring your family or friends with you. Make sure that you have some snacks and drinks while watching a basketball game. Lastly, make sure that you know the mechanics of the game so that you will be aware of what is happening on the court.

Most people that get bored watching a basketball game don’t know how the game is being played. So you have to read how basketball works and start watching!


Basketball is indeed a great sport. Playing basketball or watching it on T.V is both exciting and fun. Whatever the reason why people like watching basketball, there is no doubt that basketball is indeed fun and addictive. 

What are your reasons why you like watching a basketball game? Comment your answers below!

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