What Is A Wing In Basketball?

What is Wing Basketball

Key Takeaway: "In basketball, 'wing' refers to both a player's position and a specific area on the court, often leading to confusion. Understanding the concept of wing basketball is essential for players and coaches to communicate effectively and execute plays with precision."

In basketball, there are certain terms that are very confusing. People always use these terms interchangeably. One such term is “Wing.” People always wonder what is wing Basketball. If you have seen a basketball game, you might have come across this term. It is mostly used to describe a play or players. 

The most common phrases used with these terms are “Wing Position” or “Passing to the Wing.” People mostly get confused with the dual meaning of this term.

In simple words, the term wing refers to a player’s position as well as the area on the court. Both terms are related to each other.

It is used to describe the playing style, along with giving instructions. It is an important part of the coach’s vocabulary, which they use to communicate with the players to run plays and give instructions.

In this article, we will discuss about what is Wing Basketball and focus on the two uses of the term “Wing.” We will show you want the term means and how the uses are related to each other. 

What Is Wing In Basketball Court?

In basketball court, the term wing refers to an area of the court. It is commonly known as the wing area of the court. Most people think that the wing area is the outermost area outside the free-throw line. But the wing area is a lot more defined than that.

Well, theoretically, the wing in the basketball court is the area outside the paint. It basically means the outermost section of the court. Here we will use a diagram for better understanding. We will show you what is wing basketball with the help of a diagrammatic presentation.

What is Wing Basketball?
What is Wing Basketball?

Wing Position And Wing Area

This picture will help you understand what is wing Basketball along with wing area and wing position.

Coaches use the term wing when they have to give instructions to the team regarding the plays and positions of the players on the court. Without this term, a coach won’t be able to draw plays or set positions. It helps the players to know where they need to be on the court for easy movement and good spacing. It is a very important term in basketball.

The wind areas have two sides. One side is strong, and the other is weak. The strong side is the one where the ball is. It is also known as the ball side. The side where there is no ball is called the weak side. As the ball shifts from one side to another, the weak side becomes the strong side. The defenders have to change their position as per the side.

A wing is strategically very important in basketball. As the ball shifts to the wins, the players change their position and move towards the wind area. It helps the offensive team to easily take the ball near the basket as the players get scattered near the wing.

It is mostly done by the offensive players who can play in the wing area. The offensive team’s center or power forwards can use this area. They can take the ball to the wind area where the defender will follow them. Then, they can use their handling and shooting skills to pass the ball to the other offensive player who will stand near the basket. This way, there will be fewer players near the basket to stop the shot. The offensive team can easily score with the right strategy.

Wing also plays a very important part in the game, which is going on. After the rebound from the defense, the player can kick the ball to the player who is standing in the wing. It is called as an outlet pass.

A wing positing is very important. It is used in basketball for multiple reasons. However, this position helps the player to make important decisions. As the ball is passed to the player in wing position, the traffic will clear from the center. Moreover, the player with the ball will have many choices. 

The player can dribble the ball and bring it near the basket to score. They can also pass the ball to the player standing near the basket. Or else, they can slow the ball and play offense, likewise. The main advantage of this position is that the other players cannot come up behind to get the ball, consequently.

This area is a crucial part of the play or the offensive concept. However, the players need to know how to take advantage of this area. Moreover, the players should stealthily move near the area and position them at the right time to take advantage of it.

What Are Wing Players In Basketball?

Now, that you know about what is wing Basketball, the next concept which is related to wing is wing players, consequently. In basketball games, which might have heard the analyst refer to some players as wing players. However, these are the players who have the necessary skills and expertise required to play in the wing areas. Mostly shooting guards and small forwards play in this area. But nowadays almost every player can be a wing player. Moreover, these players also go by the name of a swingman. These players play a very important role in the game.

Here we will discuss the roles of a wing player in basketball.

  • Good Shooters: These players need to be good shooters to pass the ball to the right person from the area.
  • Better at Moving: They need to move without the ball in such a manner that they are positioned in the area at the right time.
  • Good Passers: The need to be good passers so that they can pass the ball at the right time.
  • Defense: They need to be good at defending the ball from the other team’s wing players, likewise.
  • Stretch the Floor: These players play a very important role in stretching the defense.
  • Offensive Plays: They help in offensive plays by removing the defenders from near the basket, consequently.

Nowadays, you will find many power forwards, and centers play as the wing player to bring out the players to the outer side of the court.

Best Current Wing Players In The NBA

Here is a list of some of the best current wing players in the NBA.

Kawhi Leonard

He is one of the best present NBA players. However, he was picked by Indiana Pacers in the 2011 NBA draft. He has won 2 times NBA championship. However, he is two times NBA final MVP and four times NBA All-Star. His stats are 13.3 PPG and 4.3 RPG. Moreover, he plays small forward along with wing positions.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant plays small forward and powers forward positions, which is perfect for a wing player. Moreover, he was picked by Seattle SuperSonics in the 2007 NBA draft. However, his achievements are as follows, two times NBA championship, two times MVP, ten times NBA All-Star, etc. His stats are 25 PPG and 6.2 RPG.

LeBron James

He plays the same position as Kevin Durant, consequently. Moreover, he is an excellent wing player. However, he was selected by Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2003 NBA draft. His achievements are as follows, three times NBA championship, three times MVP, 16 times NBA All-Star, etc, likewise. His stats are 24.1 PPG and 6.3 RPG.

Paul George

He plays as a small forward and wing player, likewise. Moreover, he was selected by Indianan Pacers in the 2010 NBA draft. Moreover, his achievements are as follows, six times NBA All-Star, etc. His stats are 20.7 PPG and 4.2 RPG, consequently.

All-Time Best Wing Players In The NBA

Here is a list of all-time best wing players in the NBA.

Michael Jordan (1984 – 2003)

He played as a shooting guard. The last team he played with is Wizards, consequently. However, his stats are 30.1 PPG and 6.2 RPG. Moreover, his achievements are 14 times All-Star, five times MVP, six times championship, etc.

Larry Bird (1979 – 1992)

He played as small forward and power forward. He played with the Celtics, likewise. However, his stats are 24.3 PPG and 10 RPG. Moreover, his achievements are 12 times All-Star, three times MVP, three times championship, etc.

 Jerry West (1960 – 1974)

He played as a point guard. He played with the Lakers. However, his stats are 27 PPG and 6.7 RPG. Moreover, his achievements are 14 times All-Star, one time MVP, one-time championship, etc.


This is all you need to know about what is wing Basketball. To sum it up wing area refers to the outer area in the court while wing players refer to the player who can play in the wing area. Moreover, players can take advantage of it to improve their offensive plays.

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