Is It Good To Play Basketball With Double Rim?

basketball double rim

Playing on a double rim can improve your shooting skills by requiring a higher shot arc and developing shooting touch. Despite initial frustration, consistent practice on a double rim can enhance your shooting form and ultimately boost your shooting percentage on standard basketball rims.

Have you ever walked past your basketball court and saw a double rim on a basketball hoop? Do you wonder what’s the use of it? Is it good for practicing? Will it make me a good shooter?

Double rims are more famous in western countries like the USA than here in Asia. It is because many players know how to dunk in their country. In Asia, double rims are used very rarely because Asian people are less likely to make a dunk. Double rims are most likely to be found on playgrounds, indoor basketball courts, and outdoor basketball courts. Double rims are used indoors for practices and used outdoors because they are durable and will not break down quickly in outdoor weather conditions. The strength of the double rims can prevent the basketball rim from being bent due to players dunking and hanging on the rims. 

The thickness of the rim can prevent good shooters from hitting an easy open shot. Players can feel the thickness of the double rim because every basketball shot they take results in bouncing out of the basket at certain angles instead of going in. 

Playing in double rims could be tiring. But did you know that playing with double rims can make you a good shooter? It has many benefits to a basketball player, and we are here to find out! Let’s go!

Personal Experience

When I was 12 years old, I remembered, It was my first time playing basketball with a double rim. It was summer break at school when my family and I went on vacation. I brought my ball in the hope that I would find a basketball court. Luckily, I have found a basketball court, and it was inside the resort where we checked in. The rim is 9-ft tall with a double rim. It was my first time seeing a double rim. It is because double rims are not popular here in Asia. 

Instead of swimming with my family, I chose to play basketball instead. It was fun and challenging shooting out on a double rim, but I did notice that it was harder to make shots on them. My shots are always bouncing on different angles when I release a prickly shot. I noticed that I had to put a lot of an arc on my shots to be able to sink it in. 

Since I was 12 until now, that was still the first time I played on a double rim, and I hope to play again sooner with a double basketball rim. 

Why It Is Good To Play Basketball On A Double Rim?

Players love to play on a double rim, but more players still do not want to because of some reason. Most players find double rims demoralizing, and it hurts their shooting confidence. It is frustrating for players to shoot an easy shot and take shots that they feel good only to see it bouncing at different angles. But did you know that even if it sounds frustrating for a player, double rims still have good benefits for basketball players?

Yes, a double rim is indeed durable that can prevent slasher players from breaking the rim. But it has more important uses for a basketball player. Using a double rim can make you a better all-around shooter. It will help you to improve your three-point shots, layups, jump shots, and fade away. 

Let’s take a look at some benefits double rims can give you and how it can help you to improve your overall basketball skill. 

Shot Arc

Playing in double rims can make your shot look bad even though you released it well. Since double rims are twice as thick as a regular rim, the ball may bounce hard from the rim on a different angle if you release a prickly shot. It also tends for a ball to look like they’re going in, only to catch the inside of the rim and bounce in and out of the rim again. That is why sometimes you hear the announcer in the NBA say that the shot was “in and out”. This happens more often with a double rim. 

The solution for this is to put more arc on your shot. Having a good higher arc shot makes the ball travel down the rim at a much steeper angle, which means the ball has a low chance of touching the rim and bouncing in and out of the hoop. You will see impressive shooters like Stephen Curry, Korver, and Ray Allen put a higher arc on their shot because it is harder to get blocked and has a greater chance of hitting a shot. 

Practicing your shooting on a double rim will improve your shooting form and your shooting touch. Learning to shoot high arc shots can help you to improve your shooting while someone taller than you tries to block your shot.

Shooting Touch

All great players have a shooting touch, and double rims help to improve it more. Shooting touch is where you can gently and lightly put the ball inside the rim. Having a better shooting touch gives your shot a greater chance of going through the hoop even if your shot release is a bit off.

Since double rims are thicker and harder to hit than a regular rim, a shooter must gently shoot the ball to get the shots going in. Double rims will help you improve your shooting touch, it could be a free-throw, a three-pointer, or a jump shot. Layup can also be enhanced using a double rim. A player that practices his layup on a double rim will learn to toss the ball up gently rather than tossing it up in full force. 

Double Rims Help To Improve Shooting Percentage

Even though double rims could be frustrating for the first time of use, you can see improvements over time if you practice with it consistently. When you practice on a double rim for a long time and return shooting on a normal rim, you’ll notice many changes in your shot percentage. It will be easier for you to shoot on a normal basketball rim because you have improved your shooting form. 

Helps To Perfect Your Shooting Form

In basketball, having a perfect shooting form can bring your game to the highest level. It could be demoralizing because it is harder for your shots to go inside the rim in a double basketball rim. You’ll need plenty of time to make consistent shots on a double basketball rim. But never worry, your hard work will pay off because when you spend time shooting in a double rim, over time it will make your shooting form perfect, and it will be easier for you to make a shot in a normal basketball rim. 

Helpful Resources

If you are interested in improving your overall shot, there are many videos that you can use as a guide. Check out these two videos that I tried a long time ago. These videos helped me to become a better shooter. They have some great tips on improving your shooting form, and the timing of your shot release. 


I think it is better to practice your shooting on a double rim. Even though it is frustrating and demoralizing, playing in double rim can still give you many benefits. It will help you to improve your shooting skills, your shooting form, and your timing on your shot release. 

I have only played one time on a double rim, and it does not frustrate me. The time I played on a double rim was one of the most challenging parts of my basketball experience, and remembering it makes me think of buying my basketball rim. 

Have you ever tried playing on a double rim? If so, does it help to improve your shooting skills? What is your best experience playing on a double basketball rim? Feel free to share with us your experience in the comments section below!

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