9 Best Basketball Songs To Improve Your Performance

Best Basketball Songs

Key Takeaway: Listening to music, especially specific songs like "Hall Of Fame" by The Script, can enhance emotions, physical endurance, and energy levels in basketball players, leading to improved performance on the court. Selecting motivating songs can boost confidence and drive, making a significant impact on a player's mindset and gameplay.

“You could be the greatest, you could be the best”. Sounds familiar? Do you know what song I heard on this line? It was from the band The Script, the line was from their song “Hall Of Fame”. 

Every time I am working my ass off to the gym, if I am on the court shooting out and improving my skills, I play this song. I also play this song every time we have a basketball game, I play this song before the game to hype me up. 

Certain songs can indeed hype you up and increase your confidence once you hear that certain song. Sometimes, listening to these types of music can improve your performance inside the court. 

Today, we are going to list the top ten basketball songs that will help you to improve your performance on the court. Let’s get right into it!

Why Does Music Can Enhance Your Basketball Performance? 

Here are some reasons why music can enhance your basketball performance:

Music Can Touch Your Emotions

I think all of you reading this can relate. There are indeed certain songs that touch our emotions and make us emotional. Our emotions can also be the one to choose what genre of music we should play. For example, if I am sad then I wanted to play sad music. If I wanted to feel confident before a basketball game, then I would play a calm and good feel music like Hall Of Fame by The Script. 

Certain studies show the reason why music can make us emotional. One research I found said that there are distinct correlates between music and different areas in our brain, which are intimately tied to emotional processing. The study found that music can create pleasurable emotions that light up the mesolimbic pathway, the reward bit of the brain that makes us happy. Music can also create responses from the amygdala and hippocampus. Music has a unique power to awaken our emotional memory. 

The study above shows that music is connected to us, and without music, our life will be boring. If you feel nervous before a ball game, I suggest you listen to feel-good music. I am sure that it will help your performance on the court. 

Music Can Increase Your Physical Endurance

Basketball involves plenty of physicalities that require you to improve your physical endurance. Hence, music can help you to endure every feeling of pain and fatigue when you play a game. One recent study shows that music can increase your endurance and reduces your rate of perceived effort. 

Take note that there are only certain songs that can significantly increase a person’s physical endurance. That is why you need to be picky when selecting a song that you will play before or after the ball game. 

Music Can Give You More Energy

Energy plays a big role in a basketball game, you cannot run out of energy during a ballgame. Luckily, music can help you to increase your energy or hype you up. There is a piece of certain music that gives you feelings of excitement and confidence that is why you need to be picky about what song you will play. 

Most NBA players listen to music through their headphones while they are practicing or shooting out before a ballgame. They believe that listening to music can give them more energy and they also believe that music can help to improve their performance on the court. 

The Best Basketball Songs: Our Top Picks

Here is the list of our best basketball songs that are essential for you, you can play these songs during practice or before a ballgame. 

1. “Hall Of Fame”- The Script

The song hall of fame was written by the band named “The Script”. I often hear this song in a bar, in the gym, and on basketball courts. This song is my favorite song because this song helps my vigor to rise. 

I am sure that when you hear this song it will surely increase your energy and hype you up. My favorite line from this song is – “You can be the greatest you can be the best”. That line makes me feel so confident and helps me to do more reps on my workout. 

2. “Wings”- Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

Even though this song is about consumerism in America, this song still brings the feels when you listen to it. Macklemore wanted to tell us that we need to dissect our infatuation with logos of shoes, labels, and brands. He also wanted to say that the brands of basketball shoes you wear will never make a difference to your game. It is a hundred percent true because the work will be done by you, not by your shoes. 

The song was played in many NBA mixtapes because of its cool beat and lyrics. Try listening to this song. I am sure that this song will give you the determination to work harder.

3. “Roundball Rock”- John Tesh

John Tesh did a good job, why? Because the NBA used this song as their theme song on NBC from the early 90s until 2002. The song is believed to be a representation of the best performances of the 90s NBA players. 

This song will help your energy to fire up, and will surely help you to stay at the top of your game. Give it a try and try to listen to this awesome song. 

4. “Sweet Georgia Brown”- Brother Bones and His Shadows

The Sweet Georgia Brown became famous since the Harlem Globetrotters performed this song. While performing basketball tricks and spinning the ball, the Globetrotters play this song to make their performance cooler. The fans loved their performance which proves that this song is engaging. 

5. “Winner”- Jamie Foxx featuring Justin Timberlake and T.I

The song Winner was performed by Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake, and T.I. Because of the song title, it is intriguing to hear this music. This song will bring you back to the 2010 NBA finals when Kobe Bryant had an astounding season. 

The lyrics of this song are very encouraging, the beat can give you the feels. I am a hundred percent sure that this song can bring your confidence level from zero to one hundred. 

6. “Battle Scars”- Lupe Fiasco

One line of this song has given deep meaning to me because it was on point, this is the line- “these battle scars don’t look like they are fading/don’t look like they’re ever going away/they ain’t never gonna change”. The line means that every time a basketball player loses a game, it gives him a battle scar. 

The song teaches three things: overcoming competitors, moving on from the losing game, and to get out of the comfort zone that holds you back from becoming a great basketball player. 

7. “Michael Jordan”- Kendrick Lamar featuring Schoolboy Q

Kendrick Lamar wrote this awesome song. In this song, he talked about kids that looked up to Michael Jordan when he was still in his prime. You will love this song if a player like you loves Michael Jordan and wants to be like Michael Jordan. 

Add this song to your songs list. I am sure that this song will boost your confidence and will encourage you to exert more effort in your workout 

8. “Sirius”- Alans Parsons Project

The title of this song refers to the brightest star in the night sky. What do you think this song means to you? Exactly! It means that you are the brightest star on the court. It means that you are the star. Sirius is the song written by Alans Parsons Project and was released in the early 80s. The song was used in many various sporting events, specifically as an opening lineup theme for basketball teams.

9. “Basketball”- Kurtis Blow

From the title of the song “basketball”, you will notice immediately that the song was inspired by the game of basketball. Kurtis Blow wrote this song, and he wrote this song to pay his tribute. He was also a huge fan of basketball that is why he decided to make a song about basketball. 

Lil Bow Wow created a new version of this song last 2002 for his movie, “Like Mike”.

Final Words

Music can indeed affect athlete performance because of some scientific facts about music and the human brain. Now that you have the idea of how music can affect your game inside the court, here are three things you need to do: grab your ball, crank up some tunes and exert every effort for you to be a great basketball player.

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