Top 6 Best NBA Players Who Are 6’9”

The article highlights top NBA players standing at 6'9", showcasing how they leverage their height for impressive defensive capabilities. Players like Lebron James and Bam Adebayo have excelled in the sport, showcasing that height, paired with skill, is crucial in basketball success.

Height plays an integral role in the basketball game. Except for a few, many NBA players have towering heights.

The post highlights some of the best NBA players who are 6 feet 9 inches tall and their overall performance in the sport. The players use their heights to put up impressive defensive capabilities.

Some prominent figures in the list include Lebron James, Jaden McDaniels, John Collins, and Kyle Kuzma.

Best NBA Players Who Are 6’9”

Lebron James

Weight: 250 lb
Date of Birth: December 30th, 1984
Years of Experience in NBA: 20
Draft: 2003 R1 Pick 1
Position: Small forward/power forward

Talk about the best NBA players who are 6 feet and 9 inches tall, and Lebron James tops the list. The American professional basketball legend has served in the NBA league for 20 years.

And during that time, he has played for several teams; Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers.

His all-around ability in the sport has seen him earn several awards and rise to fame. Lebron joined the NBA as the first overall pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers via the 2003 NBA draft. His current NBA team is the Los Angeles Lakers.

And since then, he has bagged numerous awards. Among the honors includes winning the Olympic gold medal twice and bronze once. Further, he has appeared in the All-Defensive Team six times, 19 times All NBA Star, earned the NBA Player of the Week title 66 times, and NBA Player of the Month 39 times.

The following video best highlights the playing style of the basketball legend:


Bam Adebayo

Weight: 255 lb
Date of Birth: July 18th, 1997
Years of Experience in NBA: 6
Draft: 2017 R1 Pick 14
Position: Center/power forward

Even during high school, Adebayo registered an outstanding performance in basketball. His contribution propelled his team to earn victories against many competitors, including New Garden Friends School, Cypress Lakers, and De’Aaron Fox.

In 2017, Adebayo decided to turn professional via the 2017 NBA draft. That saw him team up with the Miami Heat.

Adebayo’s outstanding awards include appearing in the All-Defensive Team four times, garnering the NBA Player of the Week Title once, and twice an NBA All-Star. At the moment, he still plays for the Miami Heat.

Check below Adebayo in action:


Robert Williams III

Weight: 237 lb
Date of Birth: October 17th, 1997
Years of Experience in NBA: 5
Draft: 2018 R1 Pick 27
Position: center/power forward

Robert Williams III, also known as Time Lord, currently plays for the Boston Celtics in the NBA league. As for college basketball, he played for Texas A&M University.

However, after the team lost the 2018 NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Robert declared interest in the 2018 NBA draft.

And sure enough, the Boston Celtics picked him as their 27th overall in round one. To date, he is still playing for the Celtics in the NBA league. Robert acquired the Name Time Lord since he had problems with keeping time for video meetings and catching flights.

Once he appeared in the SEC and also NBA All-Defensive Team. However, Williams has suffered numerous injuries in his career tenure thus jeopardizing his performance.

Watch below the top highlights of Robert Williams III in the court:


Kyle Kuzma

Weight: 221 lb
Date of Birth: July 24th, 1995
Years of Experience in NBA: 6
Draft: 2017 R1 Pick 27
Position: Power forward/small forward

After graduating from the University of Utah, Kuzma headed for the 2017 NBA draft. In the first round Kuzma was the 27th overall pick for the Brooklyn Nets. Owing to a trade deal, Kuzma joined the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for other players.

Since he joined the NBA, Kyle has scooped the NBA Rookie of the Year award and the NBA championship once. Also, he has appeared in the All-Rookie Team once. After leaving the Lakers in 2021, Kyle signed a four-year contract with the Washington Lizards.

Have a look at the thrilling moments of Kyle in the 2022/2023 season:


John Collins

Weight: 226 lb
Date of Birth: September 23rd, 1997
Years of Experience in NBA: 6
Draft: 2017 R1 Pick 19
Position: Power forward/center

John’s positive contributions saw his college team gain successive wins. That includes a victory over Miami, NC State, Boston College, and Pittsburgh. His profession got a boost after being successful in the 2017 NBA draft.

In the first round of the draft, John was the 19th overall pick of the Atlanta Hawk Team. In the same year, John Collins registered exemplary performance and earned All-Summer League First Team honors.

Since then, he has also acquired other awards including being in the All-Rookie Team, First Team All ACC, and becoming ACC Most Improved Player. In July 2023, a trade deal saw John Collins move to Utah Jazz, his hometown team.

Here is the visual highlight of John Collins in action:


AL Horford

Weight: 240 lb
Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1986
Years of Experience in NBA: 16
Draft: 2007 R1 Pick 3
Position: Center/Power forward

Alfred Horford is a Dominican pro basketball player for the Boston Celtics in the NBA league. Apart from being an NBA All-Star five times, he is one of the highest-paid Latin American basketball players. In college, he played for the Florida Gators.

After being successful in the 2017 NBA draft, Al Horford played for the Atlanta Hawks for 9 consecutive years. Also, he has played for the Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

His outstanding achievements in the game include winning NBA All-Star 5 times, NBA Player of the Week four times, and NBA Rookie of the Month three times. Further, he has formed part of the All-Defensive Team, All-NBA, and All-Rookie Team once.

The below NBA playoffs video displays Al Horford’s best moments on the court:



The gigantic heights, explosive movements, and immense strength of the NBA players who are 6’9” equips them to put up a thrilling play. But height isn’t everything in basketball; you must match it with other skills!

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