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Who Has The Most Buzzer-Beaters In NBA History?

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Close games are the most exciting part of a basketball game and buzzer-beaters are the most exciting shots in all of basketball. It is just amazing to see how NBA stars managed to sink in a shot while the time was ticking down and in pressure to win a game. As a kid before, I usually rolled my socks after I used it and put it into my laundry basket. To make it more exciting, I imitate Kobe while doing this. I roll my socks, counting down from 5 to 1 in my mind, shoot the rolled socks and after release, I am shouting “Kobe”! And if I am lucky enough to sink in the rolled socks into my laundry basket, I usually shout out the word “Bang”!

As a kid I wonder how these NBA players sink in a shot with a lot of pressure and time is ticking down. To hit a buzzer-beater requires a lot of courage and practice. The players that are listed below are the players that are capable of winning the game with a buzzer-beater. These are the players that are good when it’s crunch time and can drain a big shot, they are also entertaining to watch for sure.

What Is A Buzzer Beater?

From the word “buzzer” and “beater” probably you know what it means already. In simple words, a buzzer-beater is a shot that occurs as time is running out. Players should shoot the ball before the time runs out for the shot to be counted as a buzzer-beater shot. The simple rule is that as long as the ball is released from the player’s hand before the time turns into 0, the shot is counted.

Remember, the buzzer-beater and clutch shot is different. Clutch shots can happen in the last 10-60 seconds of a game. Check out these buzzer beaters shots that will make your jaw drop:

Who Has The Most Buzzer Beaters?

Who do you think has the most buzzer-beaters in the NBA? Did you know that these 3 goats are the top 3 buzzer-beater shooters? We can call them GOATS just not because of their stats, but also with their awesome ability to sink in a buzzer-beater.

1. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is the most clutch player in the NBA and he was a winner in all aspects of the game. He was a vicious competitor who always wanted the ball in his hands and he always wanted to shoot the very last shots of a game. His memorable abilities are to get open or just make a ridiculous shot even when his defender is guarding him 101%. Kobe just humiliates every defender that is guarding him when he shoots. With or without a defender Kobe can sink in a difficult shot in any part of a basketball court.

Kobe made a total of 26 game-winning shots in his 20 years of playing basketball. Not all of these 26 shots were a buzzer-beater but most of it was a buzzer-beater. All of his clutch shots and buzzer beaters are memorable even if you are not a fan of Kobe. For everyone’s information, Kobe has an average of 7-28 on shots in the last 24 seconds of games and 5-22 in the final 10 seconds. He missed some buzzer beater shots, but most of his game-winning shots made were during playoffs and finals. 

2. Lebron James

Lebron James is the current GOAT in the NBA. Even though he is already in his 30’s, Lebron is still capable of playing with the younger NBA players. Lebron was known for his athleticism, amazing dunks, and great leadership, he led multiple teams in the playoffs and finals. He is also one of the most clutch players in the NBA.

Lebron has a total of 18 game winners and buzzer-beaters and is still counting. For sure Lebron will still sink in many buzzer-beaters in the upcoming NBA seasons. Check out his all-time buzzer-beaters here:

3. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is clutch and probably all of you will agree. If you ask people who saw how Michael Jordan played on who they want to take the game-winning shot to save their lives, they will surely choose Jordan.

Jordan made 25 game-winning shots in his NBA career and most of them were buzzer-beaters. Jordan was 9-18 in the final 24 seconds and 5-11 in the final 10 seconds. He was a game-winning machine in the playoffs, hitting 3 buzzer-beaters and he is 5-11 on go-ahead shots in the last 5 seconds. Jordan is a GOAT and there is nothing we need to argue about.

More Information

To give you more information, we listed down different NBA players who managed to nailed a buzzer-beater in different categories.

Buzzer-Beaters On A Player’s Single Attempt

Player NameTeamDate
Milt PalacioCelticsDecember 28, 2000Nets
Chuck PersonSuperSonicsJanuary 26, 2000Nets
Ed NealySpursMarch 25, 1988Pistons
Barry ClemensCavalierMarch 15, 1974Celtics

Most 3-Point Buzzer-Beaters In NBA History

Player NameShots
Vince Carter5
Gilbert Arenas3
Kobe Bryant3
Kevin Durant3
Moochie Norris3
Mo Williams3

Most Buzzer-Beaters From 30-Plus Feet

Player NameShots
Vince Carter3
Vince Boryla2
Devin Harris2

Buzzer-Beaters That Ended Playoff Series

Player NameTeamSeriesOpponent
Kawhi LeonardRaptors2019 Eastern Conf Semis76ers
Damian LillardTrail Blazers2019 Western Conf 1st RdThunder
Damian LillardTrail Blazers2014 Western Conf 1st RdRockets
John StocktonJazz1997 Western Conf FinalsRockets
Michael JordanBulls1993 Eastern Conf SemisCavaliers
Michael JordanBulls1989 Eastern Conf 1st RdCavaliers
Derrick McKeySuperSonics1989 Western Conf 1st RdRockets
Ralph SampsonRockets1986 Western Conf FinalsLakers
Jo Jo WhiteCeltics1974 Eastern Conf SemisBraves
Tom HeinsohnCeltics1960 Eastern Div FinalsWarriors

Most 2-Point Buzzer-Beaters

Player NameShots
Joe Johnson7
Michael Jordan7
Paul Pierce7
Kobe Bryant5
Kevin Garnett5
LeBron James5


I am sure that you have already heard all the names of these players that are listed. They are the players who are capable of hitting game-winning shots. These players are not afraid and they just don’t feel pressured when the time is ticking down. They are too focused on the game and no defense can bother them if the game is on the line.

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