Steph Curry Shooting Form: How To Shoot Like Him

Steph Curry Shooting Form

Key Takeaway: The key to Steph Curry's exceptional shooting accuracy lies in his unique shooting form, characterized by quick release, one motion shots, and a focus on balance and alignment. By understanding and emulating these aspects, aspiring players can work towards improving their own shooting skills.

In basketball, if you want to make a shot be it a three-pointer or two-pointer, you need to have the right shooting form. However, the technique of scoring the highest points lies in the shooting form of a player.

Out of all the shooters in the NBA, Steph Curry is one of the most accurate shooters. Steph Curry Shooting Form is the most talked about topic in the NBA. If Curry has got the ball, you will definitely hear the swoosh sound of the ball going through the net. However, he is an excellent shooter. 

There are only a few NBA players who are 100% accurate in their shots. There were two former NBA players, Hubert Davis and Steve Kerr, who were as accurate as Stephen Curry. As for the current NBA players, Curry is unbeatable. 

Curry made a record by scoring 402 three-pointer shots in the year 2016. He is not very tall or athletic but still plays better than most of the NBA players. However, it is all because of his technique and unique shooting form. 

He has bought a revolution in the sport of basketball with his shooting form. People are literally crazy over his form. He started practicing from an early age. When he was merely 11 years old, he used to compete with his father (Dell Curry) and other NBA players. 

When he was in eighth grade, he left the match before the end because he scored more points against the opponent and felt bad about them. Do you wonder how he can score so many points in the game? Well, the answer lies in his shooting form.

In this article, we will discuss Steph Curry shooting form in detail. We will also show you how to shoot like him.

Steph Curry Shooting Form

Here we will discuss in detail his shooting form. You have to focus on all the little movements he does with his body, hands, and legs.


Alignment is the most important part of Steph Curry Shooting Form. The weirdest thing about his shooting form is that he doesn’t always keep his elbow, hips, and shoulders aligned. Most of the players align their bodies towards the basket to shoot the ball. All he does is a little tilt with his forearm. By doing this, he positions the ball with the shooting eye. 

Once it is done, he makes the shot. He does all these tiny movements so quickly that even before the opponent can react, he shoots the ball. If he gets an open shot, nobody can beat him. He properly aligns his shoulder with elbow and hips when he gets an open shot. He is a deadly shooter with a killer aim.

Quick Release

He doesn’t hold the ball or position it for too long. He gets the ball, and he quickly releases it. An average NBA player’s release time is 4 seconds. But Curry does it in just 0.4 seconds. He has a different shooting curve. 

The shooting curve starts from SET and ends at release. Steph Curry starts the ball near the waist level. After that, the ball travels continuously towards the shot line. He first gets in the position, gets to the SET, and follows the shooting motion.

One Motion Shot

The best thing about his shooting form is that his shots are always in one quick motion. He doesn’t stop or halts with the ball. He follows the release of the ball in one motion. 

One motion shots are only suitable when you are shooting from a distance. If the shot is made from near the basket, it will get blocked. As Steph Curry mostly shoots from a distance, his form is perfect.


Curry uses the BEEF acronym for shooting the ball. It stands for Balance, Eyes, Elbows, and Follow through. Stephen Curry can accurately throw balanced shots as well as off-balance shots. 

Balance is very important for a shooter. The feet should be apart at shoulder distance. After that dominant foot need to be ahead, and knees should be slightly bent while shooting.

How To Shoot Like Stephen Curry?

You need to learn about Steph Curry Shooting Form in order to shoot like him. Follow these steps if you want to learn how to shoot like him.

Step 1: Focus on the Rim

The first thing you need to do is learn to focus all your attention on the basket rim. Steph Curry follows the rim hooks while making a shot. It guides him to get a perfect aim. 

To do this, you need to get into a different position and get familiar with the hoops facing you. You should know the number of hoops that are facing you from different positions on the court. 

It will take time in the beginning, but your speed will increase as you become familiar with it. Try running to random places in the court and look at the hook, which will help you aim the shot. Do it as quickly as you can.

Step 2: Position your Lower Body

Steph Curry shoots the ball from a low position. You need to know how to position your lower body while shooting a ball. Along with that, you also need to learn how to position your legs. Your lower body positioning will determine the accuracy of your shot. Here are some extra steps which will help you position your lower body.

First, you need to stand up straight. After that, align your feet with the rim. Choose a stance that suits you. However, make sure the stance is comfortable.

Now, you need to push both your feet to the ground. It will help you get the power in your lower body. You can then use this lower body power to shoot the ball.

To get the energy and power, you need to put your knees behind the toes. It will help you get the momentum from your feet.

When you make the shot, make sure you keep your feet apart. There should be the shoulder-width distance between your feet. It will help you get the balance.

Step 3: Hand Positioning

You get the power and balance from your lower body, but you control the ball with your hands. With proper hand positioning, you can easily handle the ball and control it. 

Choose your guide hand and try holding the ball in your palm.

When you hold the ball, make sure it rests on the fingertips rather than full hand.

After that, you need to focus on the rim hoops. Focus on the hoop that is in your direction.

Then, you need to raise the ball. It will keep the ball away from the defenders. This way, nobody can interfere with your shot.

Moreover, you need to align your wrist and elbow with the rim to make the shot.

Stephen Curry Field Goals

Field goals mean the number of baskets scored. It can be of 2 or 3 points. However, it does not include any free throws. 

The highest record of a field goal is made by Kareem Abdul Jabbar. He scored 15,837 field goals in NBA. 

  • Steph Curry has scored 5, 682 field goals in the NBA.
  • He has scored 2,495 3-pointers field goals in the NBA.
  • His Free Throw percentage is 93.4. He broke Ricky Barry, a former Warriors player’s record.


This is all you need to know about Steph Curry shooting form. If you follow all the techniques and practice enough, you can easily improve your shooting form. Moreover, you can try exercising and practicing yoga, as well.

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