Do NBA Players Wear Deodorant; Good Grooming Tips

NBA players wear deodorant before and after games to minimize bad odor, reduce sweating, build confidence, and boost concentration levels. It also helps maintain a high hygiene standard by showering regularly, shaving armpits, and following proper application techniques.

Any NBA game is energy-demanding as it requires a player to crisscross the court for more than 48 minutes. As a result, the sport causes heavy sweating.

Sweating combined with the activities of bacteria on the skin produces a foul smell. And no self-respecting player can stand such a smell.

So, do NBA players wear deodorant? How do they cope with the stench? Read on to know the truth and other good grooming tips.

Therefore, Do NBA Players Wear Deodorant?

There is no written rule that NBA players must wear deodorants and antiperspirants. However, basketball players have their set of unwritten rules.

And one of them is to wear deodorants before and after training or games. Otherwise, the smell in the court would be unbearable. And like everyone else, each player has a brand that works for him well.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Deodorants?

Although there have been several concerns about deodorants, no conclusive research has linked them to particular diseases.

Nevertheless, basketball players use deodorants and antiperspirants for the following reasons:

Minimizing Bad Odor

Straining exercises and sports lead to the production of sweat by the body. And basketball is no different. The intensive sport makes a player sweat profusely.

Sweat doesn’t smell. But when the bacteria on the skin act on that sweat, an offensive odor comes out. The damp armpit provides a favorable environment for the thriving of that bacteria.

A basketball game forces you to sweat more than in the usual circumstances. Players use deodorant to mask the stench or kill the bacteria that produce the offensive smell.

Reducing Sweating

Some basketball players prefer antiperspirant deodorants. Besides, minimizing bad odor antiperspirant deodorant limits the volume of sweat produced by the body.

The armpit has a high population of sweat pores and thus generates a large amount of sweat. If not checked, the sweat can drench the jersey excessively.

Antiperspirant keeps the armpit dry and comfortable. When sweat accumulates in the unshaven armpit, the bad odor lingers there for a long time.

Building Confidence

Basketball games involve the free interaction of players. In many instances, players make body contact with one another.

When your body produces a strong stench, it deprives you of the confidence to interact freely with others.

NBA players apply deodorants and antiperspirants to build their self-esteem and up their game.

Also, when your body smells off, even other players find it hard to keep a close guard on you. Moreover, keeping a hygienic body is a step towards displaying professionalism even in sports.

Boosts Concentration Level

Like all other games, basketball requires quick thinking and swift moves. Hence you have to engage most of your senses towards improving your performance. The last thing you need is a distraction.

But, when your body produces an offensive smell, it distracts your attention from the sport. Furthermore, even other players find it hard to concentrate on their game.

Often, you’ll find those around you covering their noses with one hand. It thus makes sense to eliminate such odor by wearing deodorants.

Other Ways to Keep Off Bad Smell and Keep High Hygiene standard

Besides wearing deodorants and antiperspirants, NBA players also employ the following tricks to keep bad smells away and stay hygienic;

Showering Regularly

Applying deodorants and forgetting about showering won’t do much help for anyone. The efficiency is even worse when participating in sweat-causing activities such as basketball.

Showering before and after a game is beneficial. A deodorant registers lasting benefits when you wear it on clean skin. Because an intense game makes you smelly and sweat-drenched, it isn’t wise to apply deodorant immediately.

Bathing eliminates those accumulated sweat, traces of previous deodorants, and offensive smell. Further, it unclogs the pores and helps you in managing acne.

Shaving Armpits

One of the body parts that have a high concentration of sweat glands is the armpit. A hairy armpit retains much sweat and a bad smell. It also reduces the effectiveness of deodorants.

Most basketball players, therefore, shave their underarms. Such a good grooming act also boosts the appearance. Others go the extra mile in trimming or shaving their legs for the same reasons.

Do NBA Players Wear Deodorant Before or After a Game?

Both ways are possible; before or after the sport. However, the deodorant becomes less efficient if you apply it on sweat-drenched skin.

How to Maximize the Effect of a Deodorant

To reap the optimum benefit of deodorant, follow the tips below:


The initial step is eliminating the sweat stuck on your skin and underarm by taking a shower. Pay attention to the areas prone to profuse sweating. Use a gentle cleanser if need be.

Pat-Dry the Skin

Use an absorbent towel to dry off your skin. When you apply the deodorant or antiperspirant on a wet surface, the moisture weakens its effectiveness.

Use it Correctly

Some deodorants serve on different body parts while others are strictly for underarms. So read the label and follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.

For the best effect on the underarms, you need to cover the entire sweat pores in that area. Thus, aim at making about three up and down strokes on each armpit.

In case you have unshaved underarm, apply a slight pressure during each sweep.

Bring it Along to the Game

If your body sweats excessively, consider bringing your deodorant to the game. In addition, carry with you a cleansing cloth. During breaks, you can wipe dry your armpit and add a few sweeps of the deodorant.

Give it Time to Dry

After applying it to the targeted areas, don’t put on your clothes immediately. Instead, give your deodorant a few minutes to dry.

So Do NBA Players Wear Deodorant?

Many NBA players find it beneficial to wear deodorant before and after training. Doing so eliminates the offensive smell and boosts confidence to interact with others. With the smell taken care of, you can focus more on the sport.

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