Do Basketball Players Take Growth Hormones?

Do Basketball Players Take Growth Hormones

Key Takeaway: Not all professional basketball players take growth hormones to increase their height; most are tall due to genetics. Growth hormones can help with muscle strength, energy, recovery, and heart function, but there are natural ways to boost HGH release, such as through a balanced diet, quality sleep, high-intensity training, vitamin D intake, and weight loss training.

All professional basketball players that you see on your television or mobile screens are tall in person when you meet them. That is why there is one question basketball fans used to ask. What is that question? The question is, do basketball players take growth hormones? 

Well, this question is a good question. However, no one ever answered it properly on the internet. Yes, it is safe to say that professional basketball players, including women, are taking growth hormones because of their tall physique. However, is this true? Do all basketball players take growth hormones which is why they are tall? Let us find out!

Do basketball players take growth hormones? No. Not all basketball players take growth hormones. But still, some basketball players take growth hormones to increase their height. However, usually, most professional basketball players are tall not because of growth hormones but because of their genetics. 

Today, we will talk about the reasons why some basketball players use growth hormones and I will tell you the other ways you can do to grow taller without the use of growth hormones. Not only professional basketball players are the ones who use growth hormones. Simple people who love to grow taller also use growth hormones. 

You will learn lots of new things about this topic and it will surely be helpful to you if you desire to grow tall without taking growth hormones which can be dangerous sometimes. Now, if you are ready, let us move on!  

Why Do Some Basketball Players Use Growth Hormones?

Growth hormones are responsible for human growth. It can make you grow taller. This hormone has an anabolic effect on the muscles, liver, and bones of an individual. This leads to increased absorption and processing of amino acids, which are known to have many vital functions in the body of a human being. As a result, some basketball players usually take these growth hormones. 

In today’s generation, there are lots of aspiring basketball players that are taking a keen interest in growth hormone because of the results it gives to an individual. The reasons why some basketball players use growth hormones are listed down below.

To Have Strong Bones

Growth hormone deficiency can make an individual’s muscles weaker than normal. It is another way of saying that maintaining a sufficient amount of growth hormone in the body can help a basketball player to build strong muscles or bones. 

Growth hormones also improve the bone mineral density of an individual, which is related to the height level of the body. When the bone-forming cells increase, the basketball player who uses growth hormones will see an increase in height. 

To Build Muscle Mass 

Another reason why basketball players take growth hormones is that it helps build lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat. This is one significant reason why it is so popular among these athletes today. 

To Improve Energy And Physical Performance

Growth hormones are also reported to boost the energy and physical performance of an individual, especially basketball players. People with low growth hormone levels are usually weakened and can get tired after doing a little effort. Growth hormones can increase the intensity of training and the amplitude of repetitions of basketball players. 

Better Recovery

Another reason why basketball players take growth hormones is that growth hormones promote faster healing or recovery of wounds, burns, and fractures. This is the reason why basketball players want it. It encourages faster bone consolidation by stimulating bone regeneration. 

Improved Heart Function

Growth hormones are good for the heart. It protects the cardiovascular system from debilitating attacks. The fact that it helps control the number of fat means that it reduces cardiovascular risk, which can be fatal for basketball players. It shows that people who are deficient in hormone growth are more likely to have higher levels of triglycerides and lipids predisposing them to cardiovascular disease. 

How To Promote The Release Of HGH Naturally?

I know some of you don’t like to take growth hormones because we all know that growth hormones have side effects. Some of these side effects can be lethal to us humans, especially if we take growth hormones too much. So, how can you promote the release of HGH naturally? Here’s how.

Have A Balanced Diet

First, to promote the release of growth hormones naturally, you must have a balanced diet. It is essential to add protein foods to each of your meals. This is valid because the amino acids it contains tend to boost the production of growth hormones. Also, it is better if you cut down on carbohydrates and processed foods. You should avoid too many sugars too because sugars promote the storage of fat masses and decrease the secretion of growth hormones. 

Sleep More

Sleep is very essential for every living thing. Resting or sleeping will help us to regenerate any broken or damaged cells inside our bodies. When you sleep, this is where you grow or increase your height without you noticing it. So, if you want to grow tall or promote the release of your growth hormones naturally, you must sleep at least seven to eight hours at night. You must be on your bed between eight to ten at night. 

Practice High-Intensity Training

Researchers have shown that our body increases HGH production when we do intense training. Training for shorter periods with high-intensity exercises is more effective than longer workouts that are less intense. High-intensity interval training promotes health and wellness. Also, it stimulates HGH secretion among basketball players. 

Take Some Vitamin D Foods 

There is one study that showed that for people that have a growth hormone deficiency, vitamin D has increased their IGF-1. It is a marker of the state of growth hormone secretion produced by our pituitary gland in response to growth hormone secretion. So, if you want to increase your growth hormone secretion, you should take some foods that are rich in vitamin D. 

Do Weight Loss Training

The next thing you must do is to do weight loss training and lose some of your excess weight. By relieving your body of a few extra pounds, you are on the right track. By doing this, it will boost growth hormones as a basketball player. If you are overweight, you would be more resistant to insulin, which makes it hard for your body to shed excess weight. The poorly you eat, the more insulin you usually produce. So, if you want to grow some inches, do some weight loss training. 

Final Verdict

So, to conclude this article, some basketball players take growth hormones while other basketball players do not. Basketball players that are tall even though they are not using growth hormones are tall because of genetics. If your mother and father are tall, then you will be tall too. Otherwise, you will become short. However, if you want to increase your height by at least some inches, you can take growth hormones or do it naturally. 

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