8 Basketball Shoes Made for Wide Feet

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Key Takeaway: Finding the right basketball shoes for wide feet can be challenging, but key factors to consider include comfort, durability, and weight. Among the top picks on Amazon are Jordan Nike Air XXXV, Adidas Dame 8, and Under Armour Embiid 1, offering ample room, support, and quality materials for optimal performance on the court.


If you are anything like me, you want your footwear for your sport tight and perfect on your feet. I used the same pair of ice skates over my hockey career just because they were perfect, and I wasn’t going through the hassle of finding and breaking in that pair. I know how much of a struggle this is, and I know that my fellow competitors on the court have had similar issues.

Sadly, when I played, Amazon was not much of a thing. So, in the spirit of helping out where I failed, I am here to provide you with eight of the best basketball shoes on Amazon right now for those in wide feet.

Best shoes currently on Amazon

There are so many different kinds of basketball shoes out there, it can be hard to get through the weeds and find the right ones.

When it comes to buying shoes for larger feet, you have to look for the right materials and space in the show itself. Here are some great shoes to start with.

Best Jordans For Wide Feet

Jordan Men’s Shoes Nike Air XXXV DNA CQ4227-001

I will say right now off the bat, these shoes are very expensive, they are almost $$$ a pair. When it comes to footwear, though, you usually get what you pay for. These shoes are designed to hold up both indoor and outdoor, but you get peak performance on an indoor court.

There is ample room in the toe area of the shoe, making it perfect for those with wide feet. They also come with the Zoom Air cushioning and are honestly the perfect basketball shoe. Michael Jordan himself knew how rough it was to find shoes when you have wide feet.

Jordan Nike Zoom Freak 1 GS

Going off the previous statement of Michael Jordan knows how hard it is to find shoes when you have larger or wider feet. Like the previously mentioned shoe, they also have a very spacious area for toes without sacrificing structure anywhere. They are also pretty expensive but much less than the Nike Air, at about $$ to $$$ depending on the size. They are used best on an indoor court and are not very compatible with outdoors or dusty surfaces.

These shoes are great for odd, shaped feet and definitely should be on your list if you’re struggling to find a comfortable shoe.

Other Brands

Under Armour Men’s Embiid 1 Basketball Shoe

In the spirit of being from Philadelphia and him being snubbed, we are going to start with the MVP’s shoes. “Just like Joel himself, these shoes are truly positionless”. The product description says it best, these shoes are perfect for the most aggressive of players, regardless of size.

The name of the game for wide feet is stretch ability in the materials. These shoes have a great, spacious interior along with some great support and a strong base. These shoes are perfect for those with bigger feet. The price is also pretty fair at about $118 a pair.

Adidas Dame 8 Shoe – Unisex Basketball Shoe

These shoes might be the single best shoes for someone who has wide feet. These shoes have ample room inside the show itself and are flexible, comfortable, and very durable on the court. The midsole is made with a lightweight cushioning and rubber outsole.

These shoes are pretty much designed for indoor use only, but that is where they really hit their stride. The “dual-density Bounce Pro” provides the ideal balance between energy return and support. A big seller on these are that they are made with recycled materials. They can be pricey, and on Amazon run from $62 to $230 per pair. Probably not for your casual pickup player.

Puma Men’ Clyde All-pro Basketball Shoes

This shoes are perfect for a player on a budget that is looking for a comfortable shoe to place their foot in. This shoes provide more than outstanding traction. They provide superior cushioning without squeezing in on your foot.

The materials used to create this shoe provide a spacious, lightweight footwear perfect for not only basketball, but volleyball and tennis as well. Perfect gift shoe for a significant other who is active. The synthetic fabric makes a great stretchable shoe for wider feet. This shoe is also pretty affordable at about $$$ per pair (check price here).

Adidas Exhibit A Mid Shoe- Unisex Basketball

These shoes are still pretty new to the market, they also kind of shy away from the signature Adidas lineups. These shoes are 100% synthetic, meaning they are not only durable, but have a little give for some of our larger footed friends.

These shoes are also made with recycled materials, which is also a very high new need in the consumer industry. The sole and outsole are both made of rubber and have a strong ankle support. The perfect utilitarian basketball shoe in my opinion. The price can still be a little pricey at above $$$ a pair on Amazon.

Adidas Unisex Pro Model 2G Sneaker

By far the most affordable shoe on this list, this is the perfect shoe for a player on a budget needs a solid pair without the ridiculous price. The quality of this shoe at the price truly cannot be beat according to reviewers on Amazon. It has an ergonomic fit along with the leather material.

It has a soft cushioned inside with plenty of room for larger feet. These shoes are also perfect for off the course as well, working as casual wear feet. These would personally be my pick as I hate spending more than $50 on any pair of footwear.

Adidas Men’s Own the Game Basketball Shoe

Another great shoe from Adidas, this shoe also has a coated leather material along with a rubber sole. The midsole has a Cloudfoam material for comfort.

What is really nice about these shoes is that they almost mold to your foot. So, you put your foot in brand-new pair, lace them up, once you break them in, you almost have the perfect basketball shoe.

There are some reviews on here about long term use, but if you are using anything for working out or exercise you are going to get some wear problems. These shoes would be perfect for those with wider feet at a comfortable price of $$ (check price here) a pair.

Things to consider when looking for a wide foot shoe

There are plenty of things you need to look for when shopping for a basketball shoe, but there is a dash of something else when you have a wider foot.

You want to look at comfortability, durability, and the weight of the shoe itself. Most shoes are lightweight nowadays, but it is something to consider.

Durability of the shoe

If you have a wider foot, you need something that can stretch a little. People with wider feet are typically bigger, AKA Shaq. Your shoes as a bigger person are going to take a serious amount of punishment naturally.

You want to read reviews on the durability of said shoe, that way you are not buying a new set of shoes every couple of months.

Comfort of the shoe

You may think that if you need a bigger shoe you may need to sacrifice the comfort, not always the case. Look for shoes that are both well cushioned and flexible, the cushioning and padding of a shoe is very important.

You want to look into the breathability of the shoe and make sure your feet are getting the proper ventilation.


The bigger the shoe, the heavier it will be. It is just how it works when you are considering the number of materials that need to be used to make such a larger shoe.

It is something you have to deal with when you have larger feet. Keep an eye out for lightweight materials so you are not wearing anchors on your feet.


There are some brands that really stand out in their ability to make a shoe. For example, Nike is known for their carrying of both wide and extra wide sized shoes. When you are the biggest shoe company on the planet, you can afford to make specialty in bulk.

Adidas on the other hand may not be the best choice in all situations.


Whenever you are shopping for more of a specialty item, it can be a pain. There are a plethora of different shoe companies out there that cater to basketball players with a wider foot.

When it comes to durability, comfort, and weight, you cannot go wrong with Nike. Adidas and Puma make a great basketball shoe that will work fine, but Nike is the best company as they make shoes just for wider feet. Hopefully this list helps out on you next basketball shoe purchase!

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