What Do PPG Mean In Basketball?

ppg meaning basketball

Key Takeaway: Points per game (PPG) is a crucial statistic in basketball, reflecting a player's scoring prowess and value to their team's offense. PPG determines the best scorers and influences MVP decisions, with notable players like Michael Jordan and James Harden showcasing exceptional performance in this category.

Basketball is not just a physical game, it is also a game of statistics. Most sports analysts and fans measure the performance of a player based on his/her statistics. If statistics are low, it is most likely that fans consider that player as a bad player. 

One most important category in the statistics of basketball points. Points are everything because it is the basis of who wins the basketball game. That is why players put effort to practice their shooting.

In this article, we are going to talk about the term PPG in basketball. What does PPG mean in basketball? Well, that’s why you’re here to find out! Let’s go!

What Does The Term PPG Mean In Basketball?

The term PPG in basketball means points per game. Every NBA game, the statisticians count each point accumulated by all players. They record it and add all the numbers each point made by each player of both teams to form the final score of the game. The NBA also counts the points to make a record of the points per game every player made each season. They have the formula to find out the points per game of a player each year and this is how they do it. 

One NBA season has a total of 82 games. As I have said above, statisticians count the points an NBA player accumulated. Each point counted per game will be added together. After that, the total points accumulated will be divided by the number of games a player played. 

Points per game are used to determine the average percentage of the score a player accumulated every season. 

How Important PPG In Basketball?

Points are very important in basketball because it dictates who wins the game. Counting the points per game is also important as it determines the player’s worth on his team offense. It will also help the NBA to decide the most valuable player of the season. 

One noticeable player that has an astounding point per game in one season is Michael Jordan. Jordan is very valuable to his team because of the number of baskets he made every game. He is a scorer and a deadly shooting guard that can hit a shot whoever is guarding him. Jordan put his time and effort to practice his shot because of the total points he made during his entire career.

Michael Jordan accumulated a total of 32,292 points in his entire career. Wow! It’s just wow! Jordan had his huge point per game percentage last 1986-1987 NBA season. His total points per game in that season is 37.09 points per game. Sadly, even though Jordan had his best career in terms of points per game, he didn’t win the MVP.  

I will show you below the top 10 NBA players who had good points per game. They are fearless and good scorer players. 

Top 5 NBA Players With Amazing Points Per Game Percentage

1. Wilt Chamberlain 

Points per game: 50.36

Season: 1961-1962

Wilt is one of the best NBA players ever played in the NBA. He is the first on our list because of his good points per game percentage in a season. Wilt is not just good in points, but he is also a tenacious rebounder and a good shot blocker.

2. Michael Jordan

Points per game: 37.09

Season: 1986-1987

Michael Jordan is considered the GOAT in the game of basketball. He won six championships with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan also received five most valuable player awards in his entire career. 

3. James Harden

Points per game: 36.13

Season: 2018-2019

Harden is one of the best players in today’s NBA era. His shooting skills are just astounding, especially in the three-point line. Harden received the MVP award last 2014 NBA season. 

He is still currently playing right now, and maybe he can earn more MVP awards and surpass his current points per game all-time best in the coming years.

4. Rick Barry

Points per game: 35.58

Season: 1966-1967

Rick Barry is on the list because of his awesome performance in the 1966-67 NBA season. He made a total of 35.58 points per game in that season. Rick Barry won one championship title and one final MVP award.

5. Kobe Bryant

Points per game: 35.40

Season: 2005-2006

Kobe Bryant is known for his nickname Black Mamba. He is also known as the second Michael Jordan. Kobe played for the Lakers for his whole NBA career giving the Lakers five championships. He also won one MVP award last 2008 NBA season. 

Final Words

Learning how to score will give your team a chance to win every single ball game because if you know how to score, then you will most likely score more points. PPG or points per game is the very best way to measure a player’s value and performance. The league’s best players usually have an outstanding PPG each season. 

Who are your favorite PPG leaders? Comment that player below!

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