How To Dunk A Basketball?

How To Dunk A Basketball

Key Takeaway: Dunking a basketball is a highly coveted skill that can elevate a player's game and provide an exhilarating experience. By focusing on improving your vertical jump and following proper techniques, dunking can become a reality for any basketball player willing to put in the effort.

While you were watching a basketball match, there was a player who stole the ball and was ready for a fast break. You hype up like there is a butterfly in your stomach because you know that there will be something incredible that will happen. The player has a wide vision on the court and no defender could catch him. He then made a 360 windmill dunk! You shout and wonder how you can do what the player did. 

Learning how to dunk is the skill that most basketball players wanted to learn. Every player feels that knowing how to dunk will make them cool inside the court. Fans also love dunks. They love watching every basketball player slash the rim with a two-hand jam or a windmill slam dunk. It was proven that dunks are loved by many players and fans that are in love with basketball. Let me show you a clip and after watching the clips tell me that dunks aren’t entertaining. 

What do you think? Dunk is impressive, right? You think I am right, don’t you? Today is a good day if you are reading right now. Because today I am going to teach you how to dunk!. This article will take a look at the history behind dunk. We are also going to discuss step by step the simplest way to dunk a basketball. If you are ready to slash the rim then let’s go!

History Of Dunk

The first dunk that has been documented happened last 1936. It happened in Madison Square Garden and was executed by Joe Fortenberry. The name “dunk” became more popular because there was an article written about Fortenberry that was featured in the New York Times. One statement was written there that made the word dunk popular was this, “….much like a cafeteria customer dunking a roll in a cup of coffee”. At first, It was called “dunk shot” before Los Angeles Lakers announcer Chick Hearn started to call it a “slam dunk” during a broadcast at a Lakers game. 

Dunk is an impressive move in today’s basketball era but before it wasn’t. In the 40s, players who couldn’t dunk thought that the dunk is a showoff. Dunk was even banned by NCAA college basketball from 1967 to 1976. The organization thinks that dunk was not a skillful shot and because they speculated that dunk could lead to injury that is why they have decided to ban it. 

The NBA slam dunk contest was inaugurated by the American Basketball Association (ABA) at their all-star game in Denver in 1976. In that same year, the NCAA legalized the slam dunk. Because ABA and NBA merged, there were no dunk contests that happened later that year of the merge until 1984. The very first slam dunk contest winner after the ABA-NBA merger was Larry Nance Sr. of the Phoenix Suns, and it happened at the 1984 NBA All-Star Game. The tradition of slam dunk contests have been adapted by today’s NBA era, and it always happens during NBA All-Star week.

You can check the videos below. It was the first dunk contest and the best dunks in the history of the NBA.

Different Types Of Dunk

Before I teach you how to dunk, I will first show you different types of dunks so that you can choose which one you would execute after learning to dunk.

1. Double Clutch Dunk

This can be done by one or both of your hands. The player will jump and while in the air the ball must be brought in the chest level. After that, the player must quickly thrust the ball downwards and arms should be fully extended. The player must then bring the ball below the waist. Finally, the ball must be brought above the head and slash it on the rim. Above is the clip of Derrick Rose doing a Clutch dunk.

2. Tomahawk Dunk

The tomahawk dunk can be performed with one or both of your hands. If two hands were used, it is called backscratcher. The tomahawk is simple, and it is a dunk that I suggest for beginners. It works like this. During the jump, the ball should be raised above. After that, the ball will move behind the player’s head for a wind-up before slashing the ball down into the rim. Because tomahawks demand less skill, basketball players of all size can easily.

3. Windmill Dunk

The windmill is one of the hardest dunks to be employed. This is how it is done. The player will take off, and while takeoff, the ball must be brought to the abdomen. The windmill motion is started by moving the ball from below the waist. After that, the player will move the ball in a circular motion. It is like moving the ball from the front towards the back and then slashes it to the rim.

4. Elbow Hang Dunk

The elbow hang is simple from the word itself. You have to hang your elbow during a dunk. The player will run towards the basket and leaps for a generic dunk. The twist is, instead of dunking the ball with one or two hands, the player will put their forearms through the basket.

What Is The Key To Dunking A Basketball?

The main thing that you wanted to improve to be able to dunk is your vertical jump. A vertical jump is an act of leaping up in the air. Your vertical jump is the measurement of the height of your leap, and if you want to measure your vertical jump, go through this link. 

Improving your vertical jump is the best way you can do so that you will be able to dunk. The higher you jump, the easier for you to reach the ring. The easier to touch the basketball rim, the easier for you to slash the ball into the rim. Having a high vertical leap could also help you to learn different types of the dunk.

We have written a highly helpful guide and methods that you can use to improve your vertical jump. I suggest you check that out to get more details. But if you wanted to go for the fastest way to improve your vertical jump, go through this link.

How To Dunk A Basketball

Dunking a basketball is not like learning to throw a pass or dribble the ball behind your back. Dunking requires athleticism and perseverance that makes it impossible for any person to execute it properly. 

I suggest to every basketball player out there to put some effort into learning how to dunk. Dunking a basketball is the best feeling that you can feel throughout your basketball journey. Let’s take a look at the steps of dunking a basketball into the rim:

Step 1: Run 

Some skillful players can dunk the ball from a standing position, but as a beginner, you start first on running and building momentum before jumping to dunk. You have to run, increase your speed and have good momentum. 

Step 2: Have An Perfect Take Off

As a beginner, you must first mark the location where you will take off. You can put a mark on the basketball floor that will symbolize your take-off location. This will help you to know where you will stop and jump for a dunk. You can put a piece of tape (X mark) on the spot where you will take off. 

Step 3: Touch The Rim First

There will be a chance that you won’t be able to dunk the ball on your first attempt. But don’t worry, there’s a first time for everything. Before dunking a basketball, try touching the rim first with your fingers continuously. Once you have completed that, try dunking a lighter ball. You can use a volleyball, ping pong ball or a tennis ball, make sure it is lighter than a basketball. I also suggest that you start from a smaller ball like a tennis ball and gradually increase the size of the ball until you can dunk a basketball. 

Step 4: Destroy The Rim!

Once you have increased the height of your vertical jump, take the ball and destroy the rim!


Many of you may think that dunking a basketball is impossible, but the truth is, it isn’t. Every player can dunk a basketball as long as they work hard to increase their vertical leap. Dunking will elevate your game and can put you on the list of best basketball players in your high school, college league, or pro league. Dunks can also increase the excitement of the crowd and can hype your teammates up. 

Who is your favorite all-star dunker? Which of the types of dunks are you most likely to execute? Let us know in the comments section below!

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