Standing Tall at 6’6”: Top NBA Players Who Rocked the Court

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The key takeaway from the article is that while height is advantageous in basketball, some of the best NBA players, such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Zion Williamson, have excelled at a height of 6 feet 6 inches, showcasing that success in the sport is not solely dependent on towering stature.

Usually, combining valuable basketball skills and height produces much success in the sport. However, some players have earned a name in the sport despite not having towering heights.

The post highlights the best NBA players who are 6’6” tall. Such stars include Michael Jordan, Zion Williamson, Kobe Bryant, and many more as the post indicates.

Best NBA players Who are 6’6”

Zion Williamson

Listed weight: 284 lbs.
Birthdate: July 6th 2000
Country of origin: USA
Position: Power forward
Draft: 2019 R1 Pick 1

Even at age 5, Zion had shown interest and set his mind on becoming a superstar in the sport. Interestingly, at high school and college levels, Zion displayed an interesting play and came into the limelight.

In his high school days, he played for the Spartanburg Day School and Duke for college basketball. Despite the numerous injuries the NBA superstar has suffered, Zion has managed several achievements. That includes scooping the titles of NBA Player of the Week and Player of the Month once each.

Besides, he has also starred in the All-Rookie Team once. Since 2019, Zion Willam has been playing for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Below is a video highlight of Zion’s best performance:


Shai Gilgeous Alexander

Listed weight: 195 lbs.
Birthdate: July 12th 1998
Country of origin: Canada
Position: Point guard/shooting guard
Draft: 2018 R1 Pick 11

Among NBA fans, Shai Gilgeous Alexander is known by the initials, SGA. At present, he is a professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, way back in college, he played for the Charlotte Hornets.

After playing college basketball for about a year, Shai Alexander decided to go professional. When he declared for the 2018 draft, Shai was picked by the Los Angeles Clippers in round one as their 11th-best.

Even in his rookie season, Shai displayed outstanding performance. For that reason, he was among the players chosen to represent his country in the 2019 Rising Star Challenge.

Despite his few years in the NBA, Gilgeous has managed numerous achievements. Three times, he has been named NBA Player of the Week and appeared in the All-NBA Rookie Team and All-NBA once each.

Since 2019, SGA has stuck with the Oklahoma City Thunder team.

Below is a video highlight of his play:


Kobe Bryant

Listed weight: 212 lbs.
Birthdate: August 23 1978
Country of origin: USA
Position: Shooting guard/Small forward
Draft: 1996 R1 Pick 13

The list of NBA players who are 6’6” can’t be complete without mentioning the famous Kobe Bryant player. Kobe Bryant is a five-time NBA champion and a model for many players. He stands among the few players to have earned more than 70 points in one game.

The American Pro player turned professional in 1996. In the draft, Kobe emerged as the 13th-best pick of the Charlotte Hornets in the first round. And during his career, Kobe stuck with the Los Angeles Lakers.

As an NBA star, Kobe Bryant has garnered many achievements. Some of these include winning the championship five times, NBA All-Star 18 times, being 15 times All-NBA, 12 times in the All-defensive team, and 4 times as the MVP.

Sadly, his professional career was cut short by a Helicopter crash that killed him in 2020 together with eight other people. But his name still stands among some of the top professional players in NBA history.

The video clip below best explains his unique set of skills on the court:


Jaylen Brown

Listed weight: 223 lbs.
Birthdate: October 24th 1996
Country of origin: USA
Position: Shooting guard/small forward
Draft: 2016 R1 Pick 3

Currently, Jaylen Brown plays for the Boston Celtics. Before going professional, Jaylen played college basketball for the California Golden Bears for about one year. However, when he declared for the NBA 2016 draft, he emerged as the third-best pick of the Celtics in the first round.

On the court, Brown plays either the shooting guard or small forward position. The two-time NBA All-Star helped his team reach the NBA 2022 finals. Since his draft in the NBA, Jaylen has stuck with the Boston Celtics since 2016.

Jaylen’s notable contributions include winning the NBA Player of the Week title thrice, All NBA and All-Rookie Team once.

In the court, he displays an interesting performance as shown below:


Cade Cunningham

Listed weight: 220 lbs.
Birthdate: September 25th 2001
Country of origin: USA
Position: Point Guard
Draft: 2021 R1 Pick 1

Right from high school (Montverde Academy), Cade had shown outstanding ability and even earned the national player of the year award. In college, he played for Oklahoma State and received several awards including Oscar Robertson National Player of the Week honor.

When he declared for the NBA 2021 draft, Cade Cunningham came out the first pick of the Detroit Pistons in the first round. And since then, he hasn’t moved to another team in the NBA. In Piston’s NBA history, Cade stands among the few young players to have recorded a triple-double.

After joining the NBA, Cade has earned the NBA Rookie of the Month title once. Further, he has appeared in the All-Rookie Team once. Despite his young age, Cunningham has shown immense ability in the sport.

Have a look at the video clip below:


Klay Thompson

Listed weight: 220 lbs.
Birthdate: February 8th 1990
Country of origin: USA
Position: Shooting guard/small forward
Draft: 2011 R1 Pick 11

Klay Thompson stands among the notable NBA players who are 6 feet 6 inches tall. In NBA history, Klay is recognized as among the greatest 3-point shooters. During Klay’s college basketball career, his contributions made Western State University realize several victories.

Klay Thompson has outstanding shooting and defensive skills in basketball. In 2011, he declared for the NBA draft. And in the draft, he came out the 11th-best pick of the Golden State Warriors in the first round. Since he turned professional in 2011, Klay has played for Golden State Warriors only.

Besides being a four-time NBA champion, Thomson has earned the NBA All-Star title 5 times. Furthermore, Klay has scooped the title of NBA Player of the Weak four times, All-NBA twice, and once in the All-Defensive Team. He has also won an Olympic gold medal.

In the ten years he has been in the NBA, Klay has stood out as a force to reckon with.


Michael Jordan

Listed weight: 198 lbs.
Birthdate: February 17th 1963
Country of origin: USA
Position: Shooting guard/small forward
Draft: 1984 R1 Pick 3

Michael Jordan stands out among the greatest NBA players of all time because of his achievements. His professional career spanned from 1984 to 2003 where he played for two famous teams. That is the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards.

Before turning pro in the sport, Michael Jordan played college basketball for North Carolina. When he declared for the 1984 NBA draft, the Chicago Bulls picked him as their third-best in the first round.

After joining the NBA in 1984, Michael Jordan has registered several achievements. That includes being six times NBA champion, six times NBA Finals MVP, and five times NBA Most Valuable Player. In addition, Michael Jordan has earned the NBA All-Star title 14 times.

Here is a recap of the legend’s best moments:


Take Away on the best NBA Players Who Are 6’6”

Many great players in the NBA are 6 feet 6 inches tall. Possessing a towering height is advantageous in basketball.

But height doesn’t necessarily translate to success. Players who stand 6 feet 6 inches tall have also succeeded in the sport.

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