How To Play Basketball Overseas? (3 Basic Tips)

How To Play Basketball Overseas

Key Takeaway: Playing overseas basketball provides a valuable career opportunity for aspiring professional players, offering advantages such as easier selection processes, potential for fame and recognition, good salaries, chances to prove oneself, opportunities for championship wins, extensive travel, tax-free income, and participation in prestigious leagues like EuroLeague, Spain's La Liga ACB, Turkish Basketball Super League, and Russia's VTB United League.

Do you ever wonder how people make it to professional basketball leagues overseas? Overseas basketball is an excellent opportunity for people who plan to make a career as a professional basketball player. 

Almost every rookie basketball player dream to make it big and play professionally. Getting paid while playing your favorite sport is a dream come true. However, not every high school player can make it to the NBA. 

NBA and WNBA are the two most prestigious basketball associations in the word. The chances of getting in are quite slim, and even if you make it there, it is quite challenging to shine among all the top players.

But not all is lost. If you still want to play professionally, there are many options apart from the NBA. The best option is to play overseas. There are many overseas basketball leagues where you can start your basketball career.

If you are looking for options in basketball, you are in luck. This article will show you how to play basketball overseas and discuss famous basketball leagues overseas.

Why Do Basketball Players Play Overseas?

Although overseas basketball is not as popular as the NBA, it is a good career option. The best thing is that you can play professionally and get paid for it.

Many NBA players previously were a part of overseas basketball leagues. Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobili, and Luka Doncic are few examples. All these players were a part of overseas basketball leagues who later joined the NBA.

Basketball players play overseas for a number of reasons. Each individual has their own reasons. While some do it for money, others do it for fame.

Easy Selection

The selection process is quite simple compared to the NBA. If you have played in a college basketball team, you can simply appoint an agent. They have contacts with different overseas leagues. They will prepare a profile for you and pitch it to the team. 

While in the NBA, you need to be an exceptional player to make it to the team. The draft selection process is callous. If you can’t make it to the NBA, you can try for overseas basketball.

Fame And Recognition

If you want to make a name from yourself, playing overseas is the best choice. It is quite challenging to make a name for yourself in the NBA. You need to be the best amongst the best to earn fame and recondition. 

Most of the rookie or low-level NBA players only get a few minutes to play. However, if you play for an overseas team, you can easily earn fame and recognition. 

You can even become the best player on the team. The best part is that when you travel to the city you play for, they will treat you like All-Star NBA players. They will ask for your autographs and pictures.


The pay is quite good. In the NBA, your salary depends on your skills and performance. Legendary players make more money. However, when you play overseas basketball, you can earn good money.

Prove Yourself

Millions of people try for the NBA, but only less than 1% make it to the official team. If you don’t get a contract with the NBA, you can try your luck with an overseas basketball league. 

You can play in the league for a few years to show your worth and prove yourself. It will help you to qualify for the NBA.

To Win Championships

Even if you make it to the NBA, winning a championship is not easy. There is a cut-throat competition in the NBA. So if you want to win a championship, you can switch to overseas basketball. You can play with new players and win the league championship.


When you play overseas basketball, you can travel all around the world. You can travel to many popular cities. Overseas basketball players have to travel from one city to another constantly. Moreover, it will give you an excellent opportunity to travel around the world and learn about new cultures. 

Travel Expenses

The team pays all the traveling expenses. You can travel for free and stay in many places. The entire round-trip is covered. Moreover, the company will pay for your housing as well. 

Tax-Free Salary

There will be no tax on the salary that you will earn while playing overseas basketball.

How Do You Play Overseas?

As we have seen, there are many advantages to playing overseas basketball. After the NBA, the best career choice is playing for overseas basketball leagues. 

So, how to play basketball overseas? Well, there are certain things you need to do and the steps you need to follow in order to make it to the overseas leagues. 

The steps differ for every player. You can either follow this approach or any other approach. 

Here are some places where you can start your research to play basketball overseas.

Highlight Reel

Highlight reels will help you to display all the key parts of your games to the scouts. It was basically made for high school kids who wanted to play for colleges.

It is a proactive approach. You don’t have to wait for the scouts to notice you. Instead, you can make a reel of all your best plays and send it to the overseas teams. 

Exposure Camps And Academies

If you want to play basketball overseas, you need to enroll in a camp or academy. Most of the scouts and coaches visit these places to find basketball players for their team.

The camps are the same as when you were kids. You have to stay in the camp and play basketball. Your main aim should be to get a job, consequently. You need to search for the best camps and academies. 

They plan your schedule, arrange for rest times, and arrange for food and stay. The camps and academies will charge you, so choose wisely. 


If you want to play basketball overseas, focus on networking. Networking is not just for basketball but for every type of job in the world. If you have useful contacts, you can easily get any job you want. It is essential to build good relations with your college coach. 

They have a connection with scouts and coaches in overseas leagues. If you have a good rapport with them, they can mention your name to them. 

Even if you are already playing overseas, maintain good relations with your teammates and coaches. They will help you move ahead in your career.

Famous Basketball Leagues In The World Outside The NBA

There are different professional basketball leagues in the world. Almost every country has its own team. However, these leagues don’t get enough recognition because the NBA steals all the limelight. 

But still, overseas basketball is a big thing. Most of the leagues are held in Europe. Here are some of the famous basketball leagues outside the NBA.

Euro League

EuroLeague is the blend of all the top teams in Europe. There are various European clubs. Each club play against each other. Out of all these clubs, only the best teams make it to EuroLeague. 

It is like a basketball version of the European Premier League. EuroLeague takes place on weekdays. The regular season start from October to April. There are nearly 16 teams, likewise.

Spain’s La Liga ACB

This is the best basketball league in Spain. There are two teams which dominate this league, i.e., Barcelona and Real Madrid. There are many famous players from this league who were also a part of the NBA. 

Gasol brothers, Pau and Marc, are few notable players. Recently, Luka Doncic made it to the NBA from this overseas league. He also won rookie of the year in 2019.

Turkish Basketball Super League

Turkish BSL was established in 1966. However, the first match was played in 1904. This league is known for its high-quality players. The country invests a lot of money in this league. 

This league has fantastic talent and potential. Moreover, some people say that it will beat the popularity of La Liga in the coming years.

Russia’s VTB United League

It is a top Russian basketball league. Various teams participate in this club. There are clubs from Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, and Kazakhstan. The season starts in October and lasts up to April, likewise. Currently, there are 13 teams in this league.

Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga

This is one of the top league in Europe. Although it is a midtier league, it is quite popular. Many people attend this league. Most of the people in the team are young German players. Moreover, this league starts in September and lasts until May. 

Italy’s Lega Basket Serie A

It is one of the oldest overseas basketball leagues in Europe. It was established in the year 1920. They use two formulas to select the team. Moreover, it starts in October and lasts until May.

France’s LNB Pro A

It is a famous basketball league in France. It was formed in 1921. The season starts in September and lasts till May. 

Adriatic League

It is a regional league. There are many teams in this league. However, it was established in 2001. NBA players like Jokic, Nurkic, and Saric are former players of this league, likewise.


If you don’t make it to the NBA, don’t lose hope. Overseas basketball is a fantastic opportunity for a player who is looking for a professional basketball career. Although it is not as popular as the NBA, it is a decent career option.

You can make money doing what you love. If you want to learn how to play basketball overseas, you can follow the tips we gave. Moreover, it will help you to get a decent place in one of the top overseas basketball league.

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